Eye damage from pet tarantulas
Rise in diabetes limb amputations
Home drinkers 'over-pour spirits'
'World's best job' man is stung
Farmer possessed 'smokies' meat
Teen depression 'linked to sleep'
Scientists turn wood into artificial bone
Children's alcohol risks warning
Man who set co-worker ablaze gets probation
G-spot 'doesn't appear to exist'
Roaches, rats, then arson used in strip club feud
New year bug strikes German cards
'Grow your own' strategy unveiled
Man killed 'wetting baby's head'
Ministers lining up behind Brown
Woman 'poisoned ex-lover's curry'
University heads tackle extremism
Student kicked seagull to death
Methane release 'looks stronger'
Safeway buyer to plead guilty in tomato scandal
Nevada brothel gets final OK for male prostitutes
Bow sheared off boat in anti-whaling clash
Kraft offers kids chance to blow up stadium
Women 'too busy' for smear tests
Darts fan found dead in icy lake
First quadriplegic yachtsman to cross Atlantic completes voyage
Website was 'large-scale rip-off'
'Shorter' get more lung disease
Mind chemical 'controls choice'
Male fish that nibble parasites punish females that get 'greedy'
Military jets escort flight to Colorado after intoxicated passenger locks himself in bathroom.
Hope for spine-fusing arthritis
Urine test for dangerous snoring
Neanderthal 'make-up' discovered
'Wet computer' project kicks off
Tribute to frozen river death man
Man guilty of meat cleaver murder
Botched castration 'vet' jailed
Ice plunge boy remains 'critical'
Chlamydia test kits in party bags
Curlers playing baby grand match
Man cleared of killing new father
Belgian politician criticised over 'drunken' speech
Turkey calls for Israeli apology
Big bum and thighs are healthy, experts say
Chopstick removed from toddler's brain
Science explains the wrinkly dog
Italy 'to open transgender jail'
'Plump pouted' women look younger
Hong Kong 'milkshake' appeal
Rape investigation of David Copperfield closed
SA condemns World Cup stab-vests
IMF head in 'double-dip' warning
Birds 'breathe like alligators'
Computers down at all DMV offices
Mercury levels of whale-eating town's residents 10 times average
Priest accused of shoplifting butter, sofa cover
Doctors amputate wrong foot of Peruvian man
John Travolta to pilot plane to Haiti
New bid to turn Mt. Diablo to Mt. Reagan
Cell 'surfing' aids virus spread
Running 'improves memory'
Bed sharing 'drains men's brains'
Most car drivers 'feel superior'
Monkey chat is 'short and sweet'
I will not go, says climate chief
'Hypothermia' may help save lives
Life for back-stabbing murderer
Arsenal of weapons at party house
Cannabis crop guide for landlords
Large number of dead owls found
Car stuck on wall after accident
'Bone-crusher' handshakes rile MP
Judge sums up in pole attack case
Achos darn o fetel: Barnwr yn crynhoi
Pig head find at Malaysia mosques
New Zealand jails German underwear gecko smuggler
Jewish prayer sparks US air alert
Spanish hairdressers rebel over music tax
Artist fined over 'Turkish PM as dog'
McDonald's loses hamburger case
IGrow: Walmart of weed opens in Oakland
Fire in Houston blamed on inflatable gorilla
Groping dentist to lose license
Murder defense: I didn't need his pot
How to whip up a frothy frog nest
Body parts accused admits murder
'Bad mood' killer jailed for life
Jailed for 'vicious' pin attack
Calif. hunting dog sends bullet into master's back
Male breast ops 'increase by 80%'
Plan to halve smokers in 10 years
Rotting fish yield fossil clues
Jigsaw killer cut up other bodies
Injured woman found on road dies
Monks reject crime link to wine
Swimming lessons backlog revealed
'Gwr yn cysgu adeg y lladd'
Former oil rig yard for Quo gig
UK ticket machine operates in German
Feng shui master denied Wang cash
Living room in tank tests floods
'Human errors' caused pool death
Beatrix Potter art for blind people
Farm cows given beer and massage
Moors wind farm plan goes on show
Indonesian man loses six teeth when cigarette explodes
Fujitsu unveils its new humanoid robot PALRO.
Trial begins for Pa. woman who pierced kittens
Wolverine numbers 'melting away'
Corfu death children 'felt dizzy'
Stabbed youth 'savaged by dogs'
Child suicide blast killed troops
Gallery staff 'stamped on rats'
Car fire footballer says thanks
Baby rhino ventures outside
Lost parrot suffering from a cold
Man admits park underage sex
Elderly snails forget where the lettuce is
'Crackpot' pheasant terrorising residents of North Yorkshire village
Sledder, 62, hurt; improvised rocket blows up
China finds 170 tons of tainted milk powder
Backless hospital gown redesigned
Brain injury linked to gambling
Transplant first in kidney sister
Secret of sperm sprint uncovered
Insects migrate in wind highways
'Flying rucksack' in climbing bid
Naked rambler's longest sentence
Dog Shoots Hunter: 53-Year-Old Man Suffers Non-Life Threatening Injuries After Setting Down Shotgun to Retrieve Decoys
Vonn to train after 'a bunch' of painkillers
Man 'ordered dog to kill officer'
Woman jailed after dog injunction
Arrest over children river plunge
Skirt ban after pupils flout rule
Fine of £35,000 for arm crushing
Google acquires Aardvark
Nobody seems to feel 3.0 temblor near Gilroy
Olympic rules or not, get ready for Miller Time
Grandparents 'boost obesity risk'
Lung sufferers offered sex advice
Gene clue to early dementia speed
Denver police arrest Robin Hood
Men 'need better-fitting condoms'
Stockton no longer most 'miserable' city
Dolphins have diabetes off switch
Sean Penn to be charged with battery
Rat couple caged in auto-repair fraud
Napa State Hospital head arrested
Pentagon study to review sodomy ban
Ben Spies grateful for Stoner advice
NorCal man gets nearly 8 years in cheese theft
Lords force online piracy rethink
'Fake pilot' arrested moments before take-off
Lost Jewish tribe 'found in Zimbabwe'
Elephant research 'washed away'
Stirling Moss hurt in lift plunge
Radiation 'did not kill' teenager
Mayor attacked over sex card plan
Premature brain 'wash out' hope
Ex-whaling ship crew denies meat embezzlement in Greenpeace trial
Mona Yamamoto blows Jon Foo away with her iron fist
Teacher's suicide recognized as accident during duty
Saga man arrested after police find 265 items of women's underwear in truck
Chili finger lady apologizes for Wendy's scam
Devotees of Fla. man drank snail mucus in ritual
Marten the culprit in Sado's ibis deaths
Kissel's 'milkshake murder' conviction overturned
Asians will sleep with anyone, mostly on buses and trains
Tony Chan loses battle for Wang fortune
Anna Umemiya chosen as celebrity with best eyebrows
Hospital rap over medicine errors
Huge meat-eater plant prefers poo
Half-cock chicken mystery solved
Turkey ban on insemination trips
Reindeer body clock switched off
Hungry dog eats $20,000 diamond
Hailing the arrival of alien predators
Device allows blind soldier to 'see' with his tongue
Brown leads Foot funeral tributes
Balls criticises Bulger comments
Balls criticises children's commissioner on Bulger view
Pie attack roils anarchist-vegan world
Black people must leave, Walmart announcer says
Pooch rescued by copter walks back on ice
Leprechaun-garbed holdup suspect shot dead
Canines offer clues to self-control
Octopuses like high definition TV
Women seek neck muscle 'lip job'
Monkeys learn more from females
Crimean ship found off Balaclava
Cloak of invisibility takes a step forward
Off-duty cop arrests student for stealing bag to buy White Day present
Bees swarm 2 Phoenix women out for evening walk
Ellen presents $30K to Miss. lesbian in prom flap
Huge shark-filled aquarium in Dubai cracks open
Dead children in 'video farewell'
Germany warns against Firefox use
Japan young's whaling apathy
Here's hoping Formula One gets even more boring
Police union: NYPD towing its own unmarked cars
Brits link Facebook use to syphilis rise
Wanted: 'Purple squirrel' employees
'Dark Prince' charged in condo scam
'Muscular' UK Space Agency set up
Exercise 'key' to weight loss
Court: Krishnas barred from LAX solicitation
Snack food heir made suicide look like murder
Aliens keep up their dominance
Triads thrive in Ho's casinos, US report says
Stolen Henry Moore sculpture found in Toronto
General: Gay Marines would get own rooms
Maine man gets 10 years in fatal sex game shooting
Dan Brown confident new book will intrigue Japanese readers
Winter vomiting 'at high level'
Confused cuttlefish spotted laying eggs on seahorse
Children 'must use body scanners'
China 'poisoned dumplings' arrest
More than a ton of gum stuck to Mission's streets
GOP to recoup $1,950 spent at topless club
Chinese boy plucked from pipe
Call to end boozy student clubs
Easter eggs 'may be healthy'
Police stage 'pretend' burglaries
Drink makes actor 'aggressive'
Police appeal over roadside man
Tribute to garden wall crash pair
Commissioner enters alcohol row
Calif. woman gets 6 months for fake breasts heist
U.S. admits difficulty in getting Japan to fully open beef market
Tagged pet shop owner 'stunned'
US apology over Dutch 'gay army'
Court: Lame pigs can't be turned into meat
Protest at Saudi sorcery sentence
'Heroin tsunami' sweeping Russia
Condoms 'can help tackle poverty'
Magnets 'can modify our morality'
Your Black Muslim Bakery torture trial wraps up
Mystery monkey 'loves bamboo'
Kyrgyz protests greet UN head
Red-shirts blockade Bangkok shops
Lawmakers: Karzai threatens to join Taliban
Graduates buying wristwatches again to assist in job hunting
No light sentence for 'No Face Bandit'
Space's female population soars
`Super-Shenzhen' Octopus out soon
Vietnam rejects hack accusation
'North Korean software' revealed
Women try to take body on plane
Fire alert over Blairs' breakfast
Dubai kissing Britons lose appeal
Mexico partygoers die in attack
Jordan fooled by 1 April 'aliens'
Canada's unstoppable insect man
Grenade throw backfires on trainee
Tasmania's wombat poo paper a hit
Officers hide in closet for six evenings to nab coin thief
Anti-psychotic pneumonia warning
NHS left with 34m swine flu jabs
Actor Day guilty of weapon charge
Tube death teenager in court
Slap father must pay baby son £50
Scooter pensioner could lose home
Artwork 'handed over in car park'
Memorial plan for Tobin victims
Satanist made Celtic bomb threat
Vilsack stresses need to restart Japan-U.S. beef dialogue
New human-like species found
Prostate test 'causes distress'
First baby treated with xenon gas
Earthworms make 'group decisions'
Sushi may 'transfer genes' to gut
Flat fire couple 'sorry for loss'
N Korea 'freezes Kumgang assets'
Malaysian faces cane for drinking
Kennel housed almost 400 bullets
Marwolaeth: Carcharu dau ddyn
History buff Anne wishes she could join Kyoto Defenders
Robot hand will allow 'touching' over the Net
Airbus tyres explode on Chek Lap Kok taxiway
Woman 'raped by Tweed as door held'
Pigs transporter overturns on M4
Alleged drunk driver hits judge he faced in 1998
Family appeal over canal murder
Peanuts to trap badgers in cull
Photo shoot for regimental goat
Britain releases Japanese insects to combat weed
Ancient creature's skull probed
Pirates quit Turkish cargo vessel
Senate probe finds fraud rampant in WaMu lending
Frog tadpoles 'scream' underwater when attacked, say scientists
Three-person embryos offer hope
Neglect' boy council criticised
Don't walk alone plea after death
Tributes to woman found strangled
Python backs Colwyn theatre revamp
Police back Facebook panic call
Video: 3-year-old walks tightrope over tigers
Larry King files for divorce from 7th wife
Police: SC motel guest uses snake to hit man
Nose-dwelling leech species found
Zoo fights to save snail colony
Farm Dogg: Snoop, Willie Nelson and Faithless to play Glastonbury
Mephedrone retail stocks sought
UK extends ash air restrictions
Watch what you tweet - Library of Congress is setting up archive
Benazir Bhutto murder 'avoidable'
Brain 'splits to multi-task'
Somali ban on 'Christian' bells
Japan displeased by U.S. paper column calling Hatoyama 'loopy'
Head found floating in Fukuoka bay
Human skull found on Fukui golf course
Toxic dust families agree pay-out
Buncefield staff 'blown to floor'
Heads' ballot backs Sats boycott
Murder conviction not so 'awesome,' court says
Anytime is fruit time
Police: Raid turns up guns, pot, baby alligators
Sharon Osbourne to give breast implants to Ozzy
'No tolerance' rule for ash
Microsoft debuts 'fix it' program
Greek borrowing cost at new high
Foetuses 'found dumped' in India
Testicle was 'cut off by mistake'
UK holds first cherry tree census
Bin man killed in freak accident
Facebook killer attacked in jail
Male robbers wear dresses in raid
Row over paedophile vote leaflet
Spare tyre health risks 'ignored'
Happiness is... a celebrity tweet
Baby P killer loses rape appeal
Corpse undiscovered for 10 years
Tweed 'unaware of friend in room'
Dying man sells advertising space on his urn
Man on hunger strike near Diet against base relocation within Okinawa
Crocodile forces Australian aerobics class to wait
Light shed on orchids that offer bees false promise of sex
Tracks left by two-metre prehistoric 'sea scorpion' found
New arrest in takeaway shooting
Charity boss tortured prostitutes
£40m robbery hostage 'petrified'
Brass band beats off competition
Cat tipped out at recycling plant
Bereaved boy beats ash flight ban
Video system for kidney patients
Softball players 'not gay enough'
Police: Man in feud placed fake orgy ad
Police find suspect neck-deep in liquid manure pit
1st cloned pig in Japan euthanized
Nabokov, Couture lead Sharks to 5-0 win over Avs
Sea lion pup found on Newport Beach rooftop deck
Banana gin 'kills 80' in Uganda
Baby Peter sacking ruled lawful
Duke of Edinburgh injures ankle
Drunk sportsmen 'not role models'
BNP to 'end Muslim immigration'
Man murdered 'divorce party' wife
Wildcat postal strike hits mail
Men guilty of Blackberry killing
Chimps 'feel death like humans'
Sony signals end for floppy disks
Sausage solution to toad invasion
Tweed not guilty of raping woman
£20m pay-out over 'toxic sofas'
Facebook lead in fatal fire probe
Teacher 'shouted die and hit boy'
Markets hit by Greece junk rating
People who eat lots of chocolate 'are more likely to feel depressed'
Kyrgyz ex-leader's zoo discovered
Tory suspended over gay comments
Testicle error surgeon struck off
Jockeys died 'in revenge attack'
Wind farm 'harm' to autistic boys
Baby outgrowing smallest mother
Police say man wrapped in toilet paper robs store
SFPD moves to curb attacks
SoCal youth dies apparently from 'choking game'
'Leftover' veins yield stem cells
Space balloon wipes out car
'Andy Griffith Show' actress robbed in 'Mayberry'
Record cocaine haul sent to HK by mistake
Monkeys are filmed feasting on a swarm of locusts
Brown 'to dig deeper' before poll
Rapist caught by web role jailed
Jab girl had undiscovered tumour
Woman arrested after fatal fire
'Vegetarian' water voles get taste for frogs' legs
Evacuation over suitcase device
Surgery for puppy put in a microwave
Scientists bring mammoth blood back to life
German man 'weds' his dying cat
Press freedom 'predators' named
Japan police hunt 'bee rustlers'
Seventies pop music threat deters litter bugs
Party urges better rape support
Bill responding to Richmond rape passes
Paedophile recalled after appeal
Driver denies causing taxi death
Charity do for dead firefighters
Tests continue after 300 fish die
Attacked man's face to be rebuilt
Sloths' bizarre 'toilet habit'
Caterpillar confirms 300 new jobs
Nightmare slays film competition
Grenada man hauls bucket of human heads to police
Boxer demands release of hikers
Oakland cops kill 'Bambi'
France to return 15 Maori heads
Inflatable art deaths accidental
Secrets of fruit appeal
Dick sci-fi journals to come out
Escort girl cloud over French football
About 40 cows killed as rig flips on SoCal freeway
Tsunami alerts 'confuse public'
Herschel pierces huge star bubble
Doctors 'raise blood pressure'
Pound see-saws on hung parliament
Golf fan Tasered at Players Championship
College not amused by genitalia spelling prank
More moms cheat the day after Mother's Day
Turkey party head quits over 'sex' tape
Meningitis C vaccine 'wears off'
Could a robot in the home prove lethal?
Street killing man 'heard voices'
Mystery surrounds bullet in brain
Cave death flood 'unprecedented'
Ryanair admits ash in jet engines
Boy found in pond dies
Man guilty of Twitter bomb threat
Man badly injured at stag party
Lollipop cameras to trap speeders
Surprise guilty plea in suitcase slaying
Kirin's Free beer campaign targets baby-raising women
Agent: Dead golfer was packed for tournament
Courtney Love begs daughter to get in touch
Man who made bet on beating cancer dies
Call from mother 'as good as hug'
Access to technology linked to female happiness
Lasers scan future possibilities
Anthrax heroin 'still on streets'
Animal cruelty horse man absconds
Fans want Golden Girl to present little golden men
Operation Condor suspect charged
Libyan plane crash kills 103; Dutch boy survives
Sugar drops 'ease baby jab pain'
Cigarette butts 'block corrosion'
Surprise walrus attack filmed
Pub warned over taped-man prank
Haddock 'hit victim with hammer'
Convent drug ring busted in Italy
Sausage a day 'raises heart risk'
Urine infections 'turn resistant'
Poor weather halts Venus mission
Memo to new government - "There is no money"
Dog rescue girl killed by train
Alcohol ban woman in breach fine
Magistrate warned for 'scum' jibe
Dead police stop cyclist is named
Internet groomer jailed for rapes
Murder 'may stay unsolved'
Man admits dumping of head-in-bag
Bowel disease funding concern
Custom treatments for hepatitis C
Exercise to prepare for huge fire
Glue stick 'used to injure pupil'
US 'to revamp' drilling watchdog
Travolta's dogs 'die in airport'
Morales urges Pope scrap celibacy
Female insects prefer hot males
iPhone app to help rare gorillas
BBC apology for Queen death joke
Woman tells of head-in-bag find
'Wrong dog poo' fine scrapped
Turtle 'super tongue' discovered
Smallest man-made pump built
Sex attack man left free to rape
Curry bomb hoax woman is jailed
Toyota, Tesla teaming up in California, governor says
Dog hero in Berkeley shelter fire that kills 15 cats
Heart attack survivors 'fear sex'
Japan despatches probe to Venus
Supreme Court: NFL is 32 separate teams
Police: Slipknot bassist found dead in Iowa hotel
Bill ensures 'happy cows' are indeed from California
Nokia hopes to take on Apple in the US with new Yahoo partnership
Dutch try Somalis for piracy
9/11 'link' to male foetus deaths
HIV risk for men during pregnancy
Mix-up leads to cremation of wrong baby in Ohio
Apple partner Foxconn says it's not a 'sweatshop' as suicides mount
UK Therapist: Two Hours of Gaming Equals a Line of Cocaine
Arcata police see 'bad trips' spike for LSD users
15 babies left at Kumamoto baby hatch in fiscal 2009
Titans hope to meet with unhappy Johnson
Alcohol prescriptions on the rise
Locust brains swell in size when they join 'the swarm'
Man guilty of head-in-bag murder
Escaped bald eagle lands on 10-year-old girl
Rollercoaster man saves reindeer
Killer chef 'acted like scumbag'
Beach burns baby out of hospital
BMX bandit strikes at bookmakers
Lorry shunt driver keeps licence
Man 'threw pit bull' at cab driver
Mom's suit over dead son's heart is tossed
Gerbil in casket among stuff found in Lake Merritt
Dumbbell attack teacher loses job
Mobile uncovers child porn ring
Robbers distract victims with feces
Prison health 'not good enough'
'Success' of heroin on prescription
Stripes may not be bees' defence
Sex charges organist found dead
Immigrant laundry director jailed
Death cab driver is spared jail
'Sat nav' for brain surgery hope
Sock sales raise funds for bees
Dumfries ready for Big Man visit
Spill kills GOP drill thrill
Serial cat abuser ordered to receive treatment
Chiefs look for more sacks under Crennel
Dolphins being cautious with Pennington
White 'confused' by release from Seattle
Second company pulls Greece drugs
Farmer seriously injured by cow
Road-fear dog tackles M1 motorway in bid to get home
Brothers charged with pond murder
Ex-Colo gov had missing moon rock worth $5M
Nuns under fire over Tesco plan
Volunteers to begin 'Mars exile'
Puts voodoo hex on prosecutors, still gets jail
Cops: Man calls 911 about mom taking his beer
Police: Man accidentally shoots self in testicles
9 hurt when lightning hits Old Faithful viewers
Voodoo hex on prosecutors doesn't work
Romanoff confirms job discussions with W. House
Kirk apologizes for misstating military record
Calif. high school ends 'Beat the Jew' game
Porn actor charged with murder in sword slaying
Manga artist encourages kids to get off Internet and into the real world
Twin babies injured after fox attack
3 dead in massive Texas gas eruption
California worker dies in wood chipper accident
Smart clothes offer emotional aid
Killer whales visit 'social clubs'
Stink of corruption at 'giraffe stadium'
Japan asteroid probe headed for earth
Troubled teens 'sent to Siberia'
Cable theft youth found 'on fire'
Humpback whales form friendships
Cockroaches 'recommend food'
Met probes 'homophobic' pub
Tree cat rescued after six days
Hero catches escalator fall boy
Spiritualist tennis pro charged in 4 hit-runs
How to move a nest of angry bees
World Cup warning for sex tourists
Poland brings in castration law
Woman jailed over methadone dummy
Feeling grumpy 'is good for you'
Mental illness research warning
Snakes in mystery global decline
High Scots NHS spend 'no benefit'
Football fan gets pitchside feeling by laying turf in lounge
Twins attack fox caught on camera
World Cup Willie song roars again
Mechanic left petrified after finding 4ft snake in van
Shanty festival not given licence
Alexander tells of busy workload
Lennon unveiled as Celtic manager
Scientist's 'super bee' hopes
Plea to parents follows rat alert
Murray beaten by Fish at Queen's
Top kill 'failed spectacularly'
Child porn professor avoids jail
Toddler died after methadone dose
Cannabis warning after stabbings
Hospital ethics panel approves plan for heart transplants from children
Big pecker - prehistoric pelican had big beak
2 mountain goats killed in Glacier study
Boy Scout battle over gays, rent goes to Pa. court
Windscreen water infection risk
Darts player highlights fitness drive
Gunman's mother promises letters
Warship cocaine pair found guilty
Life sentence for giggling killer
Artist Thomas Kinkade arrested for alleged DUI
Man who tried self-amputation thought of MacGyver
Being short 'raises heart risk'
Whale poo helps oceans absorb CO2
Osborne to give Bank more power
Boris has enjoyable 'parp' on vuvuzela
Driverless Tube trains proposed
Grandmother jailed over WWII gun
Gulfs remain after climate talks
Researchers set up database of 'yokai' monstrous beings
School girl says she 'waited for right time' to stab classmate
Baby and child robots open eyes on learning
Human Heads Confiscated On Plane Bound For Texas
'Pornographic' ad makes way for rubber duck
Man dies after being stung over 500 times by bees
Arrested woman suspected of breaking legs of another baby girl
Whole Foods removes kombucha drinks
Oakland Zoo welcomes new sun bear
Utah AG defends tweeting about execution order
Illegal bushmeat 'rife in Europe'
Morphine deaths GP is struck off
Private funeral for gunman Bird
England labour to lacklustre draw
Bollywood actor pulls out of India Hitler film
Man jumps onto semi as bet, then calls 911
Court dumps seat-belt violator's Taser suit
Nurses chief challenges Whitman to forum
Miley Cyrus: 'I'm not trying to be slutty'
Italians alarmed by discoloured mozzarella
Ant head balancing act revealed
Apology over 'Pedo File' letter
'Large' man removed from flight
Man, 36, jailed for killing goose
Paxman presses Balls on hung parliament
Pink balls set for one-day trials
Balls found inside 'rattling' dog
Balls used to plug Java mud flow
Balls to debate with opponents
Tory 'castration strategy' for Ed Balls in Yorkshire
Morris tells Balls to reform Sats
Balls to hold agony aunt 'summit'
'Balls' artwork too hot in heat
Balls 'not reckless' over Baby P
Rainbow error makes Balls blush
Clarke launches attack on Balls
Happy Days for birthday boy Balls
Toddlers 'in danger from balls'
Unicorn Gag 'Apology' Roasts Pork Board
Sharks will let Nabokov leave as free agent
Jamaica 'arrests drugs lord Coke'
Loss of bees a blow to UK economy
Sound of 'God particle' simulated
Oil spill 'making dolphins drunk'
Cornish fort 'rewrites history'
Fine after man trapped in machine
Sex charges ex-teacher in court
Liquid attack burns victim's face
More Afghans addicted to drugs
'Food boom' for emerging nations
Cup violence shuts Dhaka college
Australia's race law reinstated
Peru tops Colombia in coca league
Breast is best slogan 'outdated'
Cash pledge for 'massacre' police
Drunken farmer's tractor seized
Sake increasing presence at diplomatic banquets
Thick starch syrup retains strong popularity
Belgian Catholic offices raided
Jewish dancers stoned in Germany
Obama Twitter hacker avoids jail
'Horse-boy' on Google Street View
Dolphins prefer high-energy fish
Spider scare led to cyclist death
Cockle deaths 'not water quality'
Broad inspires England to victory
'Touch' affects decision making
'Oldest swingers' are spreading sex diseases
Dead baby link to Roman 'brothel'
New ocean developing in Africa
Racing boss 'dies at sex club'
Devon hedge daisy chain explained
Funeral for fatal fire children
Housework cuts breast cancer risk
Woman falls out window, lands on car, sleeps
Cancer takes Cal coxswain
Fans hold Tokyo Tower sleepover in honor of Michael Jackson
Unclear if tropical depression will hit oiled Gulf
Wedding relief for leg-theft man
Kung fu empowers Nepal nuns
Anger over Riesling road scheme
Bionic flying penguin at science show
Australia PM picks 'stable' cabinet
RSPB moves to allay fears over 'gull attack'
Project to reintroduce 'flying barn doors' to the east coast
River danger head teacher warning
Women freeze eggs for 'Mr Right'
Tate unveils fighter jet artwork
UK scrambles to keep 'dozen eggs'
Mexican male fish sports sexy 'moustache'
'Coconut' row councillor guilty
TV advert to tackle rape 'myths'
Teenager death 'not predictable'
Firm says hosepipe ban 'unlikely'
Porter jailed for stealing wine
Reward after child ride 'arson'
Dog helps finance World Cup trip
Nitrate 'key to beetroot remedy'
India vulture births are hailed
Boris Johnson defeats peace camp
'Loud sex' woman spared prison
Trial date set for ex-Mr Gay UK
Large dogs at breeder's funeral
Bird table 'threat' to squirrels
Eigg on toast watch as lack of rain threatens energy supply
Maggots force plane back to gate in Atlanta
BP accused of torching turtles during oil burns
Internet posting leads to group suicide in Kobe
Manslaughter on the table in Mehserle trial
51 freed from 'fairytale' castle
Huge China bank flotation begins
Rape attempt schoolboy to appeal
Brazil's Christ statue re-opened
Three-legged dogs aid robot study
Broadband 'legal right' for Finns
'Wrinkled cookies' were earliest complex life
Israel renews Shalit swap offer
Would Russian 'spies' have learned more from blogs?
Playful approach to youth obesity
Italy seeks to end crucifix ban
No EU ban on buying 'dozen' eggs
Colombo denies 'rump Tiger' deal
Police back Facebook panic call
Maoist maps from space
Faster clean-up mooted for Wales nukes
Girls 'scarred for life' by fox
Fans 'gutted' they will not see Twilight stars
Dogs ban follows grandson's death
Japan confidence at two-year high
Colorado police seek leprechaun
Increasing number of gangsters seeking welfare benefits
France probes sub link to sinking
'Cookies' point to complex life
Scientists peer inside a python
Abercrombie bitten by bed bugs, shuts 2nd store
Fun at S.F.'s 'top' cougar bar (video)
Grandmothers link orcas to humans
Russian spaceship 'fails to dock'
Square peace protesters reprieved
Meat cleaver attack rapist jailed
Rare chicks born at secret nest
Poison killed protected red kites
Soldiers' blast deaths 'unlawful'
Drug 'revenge mission' duo jailed
'Rise' in male forced marriages
Wacky Worm rides again following accident
Yellow-jacket swarm attacks fairgoers
Learning to defuse bombs in Kandahar
Super squid sex organ discovered
Nigerian held with 70 dead babies
Swine flu drug hand-out concerns
Vibrating gloves and air puffs - plans for a car for blind drivers
Beer-chugging gunman shot dead by cops
Lord Mayor's trousers fall down at children's educational event
Cairngorm relaxes funicular rules
Man faces 'intelligence' charges
'Nut' kiss lands girl in hospital
Black hole blows huge gas bubble
Methane measured with a 'burp gun'
Baby P GP failed in duty - GMC
Fairfield man allegedly fires cannon at own home
Moat threatens members of public
World Cup replica made of cocaine
Moaning workers 'are ill'
'Grim Sleeper' murders: man held
Earthquake meeting to be held in Walnut
Huff, Posey homer again in Giants sweep
Pfizer spies find Spanish villa in fake-Viagra bust
NH priest to look for Jesus in water park flag
Paul the octopus picks Spain
Delhi study suggests women unsafe
Earliest evidence of pet tortoise
Camel spiders are sticky killers
Armour made from 'bullet proof custard'
Ban after dog trapped in air vent
Fatal revenge fire boy detained
Woman who taped dog to fridge is sentenced
Mexican schools teach 'duck and cover'
Red tape may render scrap-wood dino extinct
Facebook agrees to UK 'panic button'
Bolt snubs London over tax laws
Despicable film eclipses Twilight
Balls: Cuts pledge was a mistake
Balls on 'things we got wrong'
Tags reveal puffin food 'hotspot'
Shot Pc 'bears no malice' to Moat
Gove faces MPs' school axe anger
Man, 75, hurt in 'tombstone' dive
Trust sued over broken toe death
Man cleared of Celtic fan attack
Gov't will not save stud bulls in Miyazaki
Seagull that 'thinks' it's a cat
Russia says Iran 'nearing bombs'
Police seek car in rape investigation
Corruption trial stopped by judge
Watchdog's warning over council
Family's pride in soldier killed by blast
Schools 'recycle' poor teachers
Pa. dog trapped in hot car honks to alert owner
Celebrity shoe endorsements 'affect women's brains'
Growing your own knee cartilage
Red hot seeds arrive at 'Doomsday' vegetable vault
Oakland cops probe 2 councilwomen
Akina Nakamori celebrates second pachinko machine
Japan ranks poorly in global 'quality of death' index
Men accused of beating Porky Pig at theme park
Big hips 'impair' women's memory, researchers say
Moose on the loose in Norway shops
Syringes beat spoons for children
Acid attack woman sets up foundation
PM accused of 'ditching' NHS cancer targets
Huge German delegation heads east
Firm lacked permit for trench that collapsed
San Jose police rough up, arrest wrong man
Vatican 'speeds up' abuse cases
Noisy knee prototype unveiled
Ryanair sorry for 'Pinocchio' ads
Workmen paint white lines around dead badger
Methadone baby death pair jailed
Alyssa Milano tweet-flirts to save Gulf
Midsized, small firms take crack at electric vehicles
Jumbo squid survive 'dead zones'
Funeral for burned teenage girl
Sunday ferry opponents 'not the Taliban'
Web ban for child porn ex-soldier
Oil stoppage going well, BP says
Finding Exxon Valdez oil 21 years on
Malaria-proof mosquito engineered
Forces and turbines 'can co-exist'
Cameron in leak talk with BP boss
Kazakh warning for tobacco giant
Sex offender nabbed while brother is executed
Porn actors accused in sledgehammer killing
Well test results less than ideal
Vaginal gel 'slashes HIV risks'
'Hit team' kills Greek journalist
Anti-aircraft laser makes debut
Contador exploits Schleck mishap
US must drop Iran 'cowboy logic'
Bangladesh bans school beatings
CAR army 'beats back rebel raid'
Protesters rally over school axe
Laser liquidation sale made £767k
California lawmaker seeks to drop 'toxic' state rock
Environment quangos 'to be cut'
Pair charged over golf ball riot
Tram man in 'be courageous' call
Badger cull warning as show opens
Noisy knee prototype unveiled
'Monastic' bat mystifies experts
Faldo joy after return of watch
Black targets Hearts silverware
Castle cliff safety is discussed
'Sham marriage' vicar 'doing job'
New housing residents 'not local'
Severely beaten terrier recovers
Man's city sex attack and assault
Lawyers seek hair reanalysis for curry poisoner on death row
Suzanne promotes her line of water bottles
Car crash kills chief of VW joint venture
Expert warns of `mommy's boy' dangers
Set-up blamed for rat-war reverses
Samaras fires as Bhoys break tour duck
Couple hit back at clamp on family trade licenses
Angry Gillian fan in porn disc flap
Drink hit for Fok after BMW crash
Count us out, says Ho
'Electrocuted' at wax museum
Parasailing donkey sparks cruelty probe
'Nervous' man at Mexico airport has hidden monkeys
Cricket star's book to contain drops of his blood
Glenn Beck: Doc says disease could blind me
Volcanic ash team return to ocean
'Tome Raider' jailed over thefts
M-way crash teen 'already dead'
Man's groin 'Tasered by accident'
E. coli controls call from victim
Ex-N Korean spy and jet bomber Kim arrives in Japan
New organ eyed to set budget, tax reforms
Cleanup after unnoticed death now a growing industry
Patients offered ice-cream on tap
Vibrations 'to replace batteries'
Two men 'steal' Neil Armstrong's customs form
Doubts over elephant chilli balls
Parents 'did not see son in pond'
Mother's fury at attack sentence
Life restriction for sex predator
Crime spree most wanted in court
Schwarzenegger compares Mel Gibson to oil leak
App launched for Patriot missile operators
Chile bishops seek army pardons
'God particle' lab eyes reprieve
Second henge found at Stonehenge
UK government axes green watchdog
Welsh find forces Roman rethink
Family's battle to reduce noise
TV criticised over gay coverage
Conductor pulls out of BBC Proms
Gay soldier honorably discharged
India's puppets fight bleak future
Is it possible tio inhale fruit?
How black parents have a white baby?
Ex-conjoined twins reunited with mother
Fog from peat fires covers Moscow
Dark matter hunt eyes deeper home
What happens when 1,000 particle physicists collide
Government announces quango cuts
Pigeons end Kings of Leon concert
'Cancer plaster' firm raises cash
Girl airlifted after 'beach fall'
Asbestos hospital to get revamp
Freed stabbing woman speaks out
Iowa teen known as 'Deer Magnet' after hitting 5
Cops: Man in clown pants, fake breasts robs bank
France declares war against al-Qaida
Priest sorry for canine communion
Alcohol can 'lessen' arthritis
Profits rise 98% at British Gas
Family deaths man in cash crisis
24-hour drinking culture 'failed'
'Sailing blind' yacht man warned
Murray splits from coach Maclagan
Deafblind numbers 'to explode'
Trident cut urged to save money
MP Rory Stewart branded 'a pompous idiot' over Cumbria remarks
India welcomes Burma junta leader
Yahoo Japan to use Google search
Meditating man 'beats up group'
Police in Mexico find human heads
US 'heat ray' gun fails final test
Beating the heat with classic unagi
Unmanned van attempts to drive from Italy to China
Boy, 12, offered cash to have sex
Spain deaths man denies child sex
Rapist 'thought girl was aged 16'
Cable 'to work with' Forgemasters
Swim coach quits in pool despair
Man in sex attack recalls ordeal
Zoo shows off new baby porcupine
Pitino says extortion suspect unzipped his pants
'Media gagging bid' by death GP
Oil firms' profits almost double
'Nazi' Kunz may be tried as minor
Toyota announces fresh car recall
Pampered pigs 'feel optimistic'
'Mocking' toddler killers jailed
Woman 'killed by crossbow bolt'
Review of 'happy-slap' sentence
Hunger striker wins burger claim
Dorset speed cameras may face axe
Anger over urinating taxi drivers
Breeding hope for new beaver pair
Tokyo's 'oldest man' was a corpse
'Sniff code' device controls wheelchair
Mayor defends Asda mutant comment
Bacteria forces care unit to move
Family stuck in beach mud rescued
Execution chamber to open to media as early as August
Drunken man kills 11 in China tractor rampage
Herpes virus used to treat cancer
Most jurors eliminated in Anna Nicole Smith case
Yousuf recall isn't the answer, says Butt
Crisis skills needed in Octopus tussle
Octopus chief tight-lipped as public says time to go
Toilet surprise leads to runaround
Killings panel backs tighter law
Democrats in Macau no-go flap
Thieving dwarves cause supernovae
Fire inside atomic weapons centre
Dryer death boy's mother arrested
Jazz-dancing fraudster sentenced
Rare lampreys spotted on island
Fog horn silenced after two weeks
Pet rabbit has ears 'burnt off'
Action over 'dead animals smells'
Cuffed man in police attack claim
Nuns reject school rescue deal
Six-foot wasp nest found in pub
Puppies found dead on American Airlines plane
Clinton talks over BlackBerry ban
Ovulation makes women choose 'sexy' clothes
Dung Beetle: No flies on poo-power car
The Moon 'too dry to have life'
Public invited to trail a snail
Tree bondage death was accidental
Oil giant blackmail man jailed
Death mother 'wanted to care alone'
Dismay at lack of Miss Guernsey
Pigeon deaths fire was deliberate
Four tonnes of bronze bars stolen
Lakes plan letters for landowners
Pub evacuated after shell found
Army officer died avoiding pothole
Iran stoning lawyer now in Turkey
Taco Bell launches 'street tacos,' foodies recoil
Mexico baby declared dead revives inside coffin
Gay powers past Bolt in Stockholm
Woman shown her own rape on phone
Beaches 'should lose top award'
'Legal high' leads to coma and tag
Council leader in gay snub denial
Tax apology over 'dead man' error
Fewer Scots are taking own life
Letter threat 'Satanist' jailed
Drunk boy, 14, pulled from river
Scientists begin worldwide search for lost frogs
Lawyer: Dad froze daughter's body out of love
Angry newspaper opts for Roy of the Rovers stuff
Police helicopter on Twitter feed
Thief sorry 'for making lady cry'
Contractor search for tower block
Man critical after square attack
Underwater search for best man
Police vow to solve more crimes
Warning over bath salt 'net' drug
Incinerator rethink bid rejected
Formula fear as babies grow breasts
Grieving family at a loss to explain beheading tragedy
Speed for sofa maker
Mud horror smothers town
Humboldt deputies kill rake-wielding man
Brains 'wired like the internet'
Warning over stud risk to teeth
Pond skaters 'bully females for sex'
'Bloodgate' saga doctor faces ban
Farmer unknowingly tends 300 pot plants
N.Y. police find live cat 'marinating' in car trunk
New global 'superbug' warning
Dozens of bodies in Bosnian lake
Orangutans show talent for mime
Cloned cow probe finds third case
Five chairman leaves in shake-up
Rum bottle cocaine killer jailed
Donkey trek to test public's kindness
Woman killed by flesh-eating bug
The Fat Duck comes out top again
Probe into flesh bug death error
Man sentenced for faking seizures at restaurants
P&G told to change bare-bottom bear ads
The Bella Twins bring 'Broadway with body slams'
Calif. to tighten standards for metal baseball bats
iPad winning over elderly
iPhones become ice-breakers at gokon dating parties
Russia fires reach Chernobyl zone
Woman banned from all Sainsbury's
Horror film set paedophile jailed
First arrests by new fraud body
Schwarzenegger calls for same-sex weddings
Dirty Sanchez stabbing man guilty
Baby batterer jailed for 12 years for 'unspeakable' act
School with no pupils 'bonkers'
US Senate hopeful on porn charge
Blackberry replies to India ban
'Pasta is like live worms'
Home computers discover rare star
Owl man told not to walk by road
Woman guilty of memorial sex act
Sex attacks boss faces jail term
Man seen approaching children
Wife found with injuries to neck
Cancer found after women recalled
Baby boy welcomes home commander
Police in hoodies watch offenders
Australian finds body after 'hunch'
Senator seeks Lockerbie leakers
German singer 'sorry' for HIV sex
Mosquito hunters comb Mumbai
Mammoth-killing comet questioned
Bacteria 'have a sense of smell'
'Drink-driving' Swann blames cat
Dr Kelly death 'not Cluedo game'
Runaway Tube train probe launched
Golfer 'sold Iran missile parts'
Boy held over 500 cannabis plants
US warning over 'Lady Gaga' eyes
Fiancee blames drug for sea death
Ex-wife killed for Facebook posts
Police patrols ride tiny trains
Moat's ashes scattered in river
'Amateur birth' of recycling baby
Ringo home's new bulldoze threat
Appeal against Duch sentence
Baby babble at US bases upsets Japanese
Sehwag douses no-ball fire as hosts say sorry
Drooping smokers get stiff warning
`Ghost tree' comes back to haunt officials
Socialite spared jail over breast lie
Lovelorn `Spiderwoman' lands in jail
Home-alone plunge boy on the mend
Thanks as Russia nuke peril fades
Teen accidentally shoots self to death
Pigeon Pt. 'Jaws' tries to eat kayak
Fla. mom arrested after pic of baby with bong
Stephenson knows Bird is upset by arrest
Stoner evaluates new forks
Treasure Island handover deal signed
South Sudan plans animal-shaped cities
Milner completes move to Man City
Blast proof pants to protect soldiers
CAA told of Kiss Flights concerns
Plant grows eight metres in two months
Bay Area longshoreman want to legalize pot
Squinters 'refused party invites'
Bat and moth arms race revealed
Criminals' walk 'could trap them'
Urine could be renewable source
Man held over 'squirrel drowning'
Regeneration schemes hit by cuts
Arrest after snake seen in canal
Painted dog mess trial 'working'
States considers cow embryo trade
Millions of dollars worth of meth seized in Gilroy
Strippers weigh in on ground zero mosque
Doctor arrested over prank calls to medical association head
Dinosaur bones in Canadian sewer
Beer bugs live 553 days in space
Gandalf's homing instinct kicks in
Taxi driver arrested after death
Call for fewer Jersey politicians
Three released over toilet death
Garage converted for barbecue boy
Biker saved 28 times after crash
Boy killed in dyke plunge named
War memorial plan splits village
Liver bird gates return request
China traffic jam stretching 100km enters ninth day
Filipino farmers to get crop advice via mobile phone
Kin of dead man face pension fraud rap
Hunt starts for newly divorced Tiger's heart
Abandoned 'pet' alligators roam US streets
German doctor's gagging bid fails
Memorial urine woman avoids jail
Cat bin dumping woman apologises
'Starship' death driver 'insane'
Golf club victim was decapitated
Appeal for dyke crash witnesses
Swan knocks motorcyclist off bike
Attack man barred from every pub
Police: NY cabbie is asked if he's Muslim, stabbed
Cuba ends elderly smoking subsidy
Tiger cub 'found in stuffed toys'
Female scientists 'are forgotten'
Dolphins 'cough' up DNA secrets
Facebook child porn leader jailed
Phone stolen from infant's pram
Viking longboat crew on standby
'Murder' police seek suitcase man
Man is trapped under fallen tree
Call to scrap fire control centre
'Flying boffin' seeks recognition
Fishermen admit illegal landings
Dirty Sanchez stabbing man jailed
Rapist removal man jailed
'Angry young man' jailed for year
Motorist's sledge death offences
Maine climber found after 21 years in Canadian ice
Stricter checks for climate body
Electricity 'pulled from the air'
Supermarket food mileage 'bonkers'
'Runaway cows' on A303 not found
Meeting held to tell 'tall' tales
DVD tackles anti-social problems
Church has zero carbon ambition
Pakistan sends cricket probe team
Wind 'blows' girl, 15, under car
Teen who zapped nipples during shop class sues
Killer space blast 'off the hook'
'Lord of Death killer' arrested
Gaddafi in 'black Europe' warning
'Brisk walks' to prevent cancers
Copycat octopus impersonates fish
Frog skin could beat 'superbugs'
Anger after cat 'lost' at airport
Football ban over Toon boss tirade
Accused 'drowned sex abuse vicar'
Violin 'must have airline seat'
'Rogue trader' given prison term
Doctor gets stuck in chimney, dies
Earl takes aim at North Carolina
Cougar killed near Gourmet Ghetto
Softbank cashes in on Nippon Ham
Old star wallows in 'steam bath'
Killer whales 'evolving rapidly'
Goat's horns ripped out in attack
Sark School closed by infection
Hunt on for missing 'tiny people'
Lollipop staff shortage revealed
Elderly pair 'inhaled substance'
More than 10,000 vehicles stuck in new China jam
Surgery rules Onions out of Ashes
Whirlwind Beijing trip fans rumors Tang's moving in on top job
Princess Diana bra ads find little support
Manila raps HK police over bullets in luggage
HK beefs up Manila bloodbath probe team
Compost sparks Legionnaire's fear
95 snakes found in burst bag at airport
Mont. teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot
Six men jailed for Portugal abuse
School in gay kookaburra song row
Former head guilty of sex abuse
Higgins cleared of snooker fixing claims
Call for morning sickness action
Reading Arabic 'hard for brain'
Secrets of good dancing uncovered
Fungus threatening film history
Gravity probe 'caught the cold'
House giant enters administration
'Sponge checks' for cancer risk
New baby weighs 13 stone - but it is a rhino
Students injured by ceiling tiles
Hawks used to scare away pigeons
Shuttle 'ready' after nut problem
Cattle's eyes may help detect BSE
Sports star in gay bar entry row
Men 'made £250k from sperm site'
Boat girl 'died of leg injuries'
Family's home shot after egg row
Boy, 5, goes into wrong class, prompts lockdown
Famine baby brains 'age faster'
'Bloodgate' physio is struck off
Children aged 10 'given' firearms
Sperm website pair 'named donor'
Mao Kobayashi launches new burger
Schwarzenegger praises Japan's bullet train technology
It's party time for explosive Chiefs
Devils made to pay for illegal deal
Primus to appeal Taiwan rejection
Aussie can't wait to roar in Lion City
One in four Scots still smoking
Restraining order Sharpe faced withdrawn
Prosecutors: Woman stabbed man over feet insult
Alien threat 'needs swift action'
'Thinkers' have different brains
Internet sperm pair found guilty
Escaped cobras give villagers toilet fright
Death 'zap' for food criminals
Ho gears up for a splash
Rusal keeps bullish tone on metal
Chad border force hunts kidnap engineer
Tiny cow becomes a record-breaker
Ex-master 'abused boy in lay-by'
Police gun and road teams merge
Bedbug attack closes Nike flagship store
Patients' details lost on train
Naked cricketer in gay magazine
Man killed in tractor collision
Crime crackdown to use drugs dogs
Triad's New Speakers To Go Into Hiding At CEDIA
Irving in Poland for Hitler tour
Cooking smoke 'kills two million'
Seagulls 'may spread superbugs'
Divorce battles 'damage' children
Plot thickens over 'lettuce head' suspect
Empty phone box becomes 'library'
Paris Hilton holed up at Narita hotel after immigration officials question her
Malaria 'caught from gorillas'
Children 'miss dog danger signs'
'Lost' frogs found after decades
Flashing glasses may treat trauma
Cable in attack on City 'spivs'
Security sector quango faces axe
Bramble arrested over rape claim
Phone sex sting teenager jailed
Man killed hamster in microwave
Mice to make home in tennis balls
Girl's 'shock' at Facebook party invite
Cup supporters in 'brick ambush'
Andrew Marr 'sorry' over book lorry-spill
Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan
Man arrested after picking fight with pet parrot
Meisa and Meisa enjoy a Kit Kat
Mont. woman fends off bear attack with zucchini
Head in museum noose, man blacks out, survives
Queen tried to get UK poverty fund to heat palace
Alert issued on danger supplement
Neandertals were 'keen on tech'
Knife removed from Brazilian's head after 3 years
Sonoma backyard deerslayer sentenced
Texas ed board adopts resolution limiting Islam
8 police stung by hornets in park
France's Dati confuses inflation with oral sex
Australia boy 'whale rider' probed
Trapped miners 'unhappy with food'
'Tough' mackerel stance welcomed
New Vauxhall car creates 300 jobs
Moat play creator in show defence
Roof fall pupils 'had drunk beer'
Cars to 'park themselves' at Cube
Butt retracts 'match-fix' claims
Aggers on Butt's climbdown'
Tube station reopens after smell
Pint of vodka 'prank' killed man
Head guilty over school roof fall
'Paedophile' killed 'after touch'
Rail death basket 'poorly welded'
Fake dentist woman 'faces jail'
Anti-social crime force faces axe
Shiga police receive reports of kangaroo on the run
Ebi-chan confesses to Creap-licking
Nearby 'Goldilocks' planet could foster life
Parasitic worm strikes Alameda beach
Congress breaks up with Stephen Colbert
Giants yank free-sausage promotion after snafu
Radar showed U.S. balloonists plunging at 50 mph
Chile miners request female trainer
Guatemala head attacks US 'crime'
Taser company man 'kills himself'
Primaries 'face heads shortage'
Cat critical after shotgun attack
Compensation for boy's hip error
Men identified after feet found
Force joins sex offender scheme
Jail for sex assault garage boss
Choke death boy 'was very happy'
Hamasaki achieves dream of appearing alongside canine father in Softbank ads
Robotic seals 'help comfort elderly'
How skier froze to death and lived
Crackdown on internet sperm providers
Damages for false Moat game claim
Team 'told to avoid' death river
School staff taught how to speak
Fishermen admit 'black fish' scam
Inquest into Segway head's death
Winger booked for dead mole find
Police pilots targeted by lasers
Penguin to serve as conductor on Shimane railway
Miniskirt Police recruit new members
Hungary fights deadly sludge leak
Meth, blowtorch, gunpowder -- a bad mix
Electronics recycling at prisons under fire
Indian language is new to science
Paedophile 'guided by girlfriend'
Dead man lay on roof for 30 days
'Porn' council to check computers
Birds beat it Jacko style
Rat attacks woman, 97, in flat
Tycoon bats for pro-poor measures
Hope for women after long dry spell
Car GPS nabs typhoon gang
Domino's Pizza launches English website
Ohio woman pretended to be boy to date teen girl
Girlicious singer pleads guilty to cocaine charge
White House rejects oil criticism
Schoolgirl victim of urine attack
Judge carpeted over Nazi comment
Nuns leave home after 180 years
'Nosey' officer finds drugs farm
Cows hold up motorway commuters
Giant pumpkin ready to be lifted
Teens held over dead baby
Norse god cooks in S.F.
Oakland to pay $1.2M in grenade-burn suit
Renho apologizes for posing for fashion magazine inside Diet
Frog restaurant a total loss
Hungary toxic spill boss arrested
Deaf people 'can rewire brains'
Men 'more efficient at sweating than women'
Pessimistic dogs 'more anxious'
Royal Navy launches warship into Clyde
No action against Moat Taser firm
Girl held over nursery snatch bid
Chicken 'poo' to generate power
US asks judge to delay gay ruling
Horse is actually a dog, says vet
List of axed quangos is published
Rape accused 'freed to kill' demo
Forgemasters loan 'unaffordable'
Bid to stop drunk people drowning
'Catastrophic decline' of shags
Superman stumps up half a billion for fund
Cabbie held on shunt tragedy
Make way for the Butt Police
Plan to build 'steam-powered PC'
End of the road for runaway pig
Oboist loses WNO dismissal claim
Jaguar's plants in Midlands saved
Woman on fire dies in back garden
Biting squirrels blamed for broken brakes problem
Woman's car 'did not save life'
Why isn't Timberlake on Facebook?
Stones' Keith Richards: Mick 'unbearable'
Group angered by politician's remarks that women like being at home
World's largest toddler kicked out of preschools
Minister's 'genital prints' slip of tongue is internet hit
Drug addict has vasectomy for cash
Tobin drops Vicky sentence appeal
'Fat drivers' dispute talks begin
Fire-hit pupils taught in church
Fraud sub-postmistress sentenced
Migrants found in bird seed lorry
Octopus slips off the hook after data privacy breach
Investigators bite on a seizure mystery
Goat turns killer after bumping into hiker
Depression gene 'fixed' in mice
'More pay' call for sperm donors
Violent images 'boost aggression'
Toads evolve into super-invaders
Osborne wields UK spending axe
Otter surprises coffee shop staff
Malaria man in sex attack inquiry
Tin helmet councillor reinstated
Force saves £24,000 on radio use
Police: Man in clown suit threatens Bell official
James not affected by racial tweets
Odor gripes halt work at Richmond sewage plant
Science trick with hand and a hammer
Will cuts change the role of women?
Row over 'zombie' unitary plans
Canal snake man avoids court case
Spiderlings to descend on broads
Crash man died of natural causes
'Bionic' driver dies after crash
Force threatens to axe all PCSOs
No action over Bramble rape claim
Manx teenager grows giant pumpkin
Day-trip heroin dealers sentenced
Crufts runner-up given animal ban
Cricket legend receives doctorate
Binmen crush landslip man's sofa
Portsmouth 'likely to close down'
Coroner sits on desk to reenact fatal blaze scene
Cop trap alleged in lawyer bra theft case
Snoods a hot item for both women and canines
Book: Ben Johnson is a reincarnated pharaoh
Couple find escaped buffalo in swimming pool
'Hiccup girl' charged with murder
Amber yields ancient bug haul
Elephant damage 'good for frogs'
Shoe mystery at 'car crash' site
Raped woman hails advances in DNA
'Pumpkin patrols' crime crackdown
'Twitter' was almost named 'Jitter'
Drag queens for World Series ball dudes
Cops: Man likely shot himself while sleepwalking
Beating malaria 'impossible' now
Lethal cancer 'grows for decades'
Tall men risk testicular cancer
Formula One helped my broken neck
Clever crows go to 'tool school'
Assassin bugs lure spiders to doom
Taking DNA from world's fiercest bear
Witness denies 'kinky fling cash'
Flasher is bitten by victim's dog
Cat-drowning woman sent to jail
Worker trapped in pumpkin machine
Witness plea for skull-crush man
Inquiry call over acid girl death
Mother's attack over lake death
Butt payday cleans city
Bid to tame zoo chiefs
Floating body in red bra baffles police
`Whackers' on our trail, say fleeing Quaids
Friend faces assault charge over penis tattoo
Octopus looks for a second chance
Boer powers up big plans
Four legs are better than two for punters
Rats rampage for charity
Jury recommends death in Fla. ninja slaying
Spend a day with the dead at Colma
Cal Poly: Frat blindfolded, branded members
Melon-sized kidney tumor may set world record
Call for mandatory salt curbs
Freeze ovaries to boost fertility
Rapist loan shark stripped of £1m
Hammer man denies murder
`Clowns' have the last laugh
Rapist jail sentence 'satisfying'
University offers course in Lady Gaga studies
Harry Potter 'link' to owl deaths
'Balloon head' dolphin discovered
Boys banned from football grounds
Man charged over reservoir rape
Fans rally to help attack victim
Parents' 'right' to bully facts
Vikings drop axe on mercurial star Moss
Dinner lady fired 'due to outcry'
'Anthrax heroin' kills drug user
Released red kites "doing well"
Charges over plane laser incident
Hospital plans to cut 300 posts
Schoolgirls in tight trousers ban
Disabled boy's bubble tube stolen
Yam fears US easing fallout
Man lives 28 years with chopstick in gut
Tang trip leaves lawmakers out in cold
Auction price hit by curbs
India axes coconuts to protect Obama
N Korea to give torpedo sample‎
How ostriches run faster than humans
India elephant racket discovered
Butt and Amir attack ICC ruling
Ireland has 'severe difficulties'
Dell buys Boomi cloud computing
How it feels to fly an Airbus A380
Cow app wins African competition
Banksy film wins documentary gong
Argentine head tells of her grief
Croatia editor murder convictions
Raccoons attack Georgia baby in her crib
Mom happy that her 10-year-old gave birth
Daylight-saving cat fight
AKB48 team up with 7-Eleven on Macaron Christmas Tree Cake
'Herbivore' men misunderstand what marriage arranging parties are all about
Fla. man arrested in diaper: Teens taunted me
Confused party-goer convicted
Probe sweeps past 'space peanut'
Lions kill showering Zimbabwean
Electric current to the brain 'boosts maths ability'
Bendy idea for invisibility cloak
Europe simulates total cyber war
Alien plants invade River Lagan
Tumour tiger needed armed escort
Boy survives swallowing scissors
Water blanket to cut brain damage
Beeping smoke alarms taken down
Radioactive rabbit trapped at nuclear reservation
China says leaked video 'cannot change the truth'
Cops: Fla. woman tried to sell grandson for $30K
Convicted killers compete in rodeo
Doctors hail snail fever advance
Luftwaffe reveals garden secrets
Shop worker told 'remove poppy'
Training for mistake radiologists
Flat death accused to face judge
Owner loses dogs seizure battle
Seibu Railways to introduce 'maid trains'
3,000 pairs of stolen panties found in home of underwear thief
Car-struck deer flies through windshield, out back
Obama raps Israel building plans
'You will be assimilated' Slavemaker ants target strongly defended colonies
Cat blamed for starting fire with toaster oven
Man arrested for throwing oranges at planes
Cricket earns big testicles title
Super squid sex organ discovered
Uglier fish have 'better sperm'
Bra introduces Japan to foreign visitors
Pentagon: 'Mystery missile' probably airplane
Girlfriend guilty of manslaughter by margarita
Porpoises back in bay, but why now?
Taiwan bids to castrate
`Concrete rain' leaves woman injured
Trainer Roach sweats over Pacman's changing priorities
Raider quits over dog sex prank
Wang left out as mainland look to future
Drowning in money not good way to die
Babies start show
Rotting body fails to stop jokes
Japan to join bull relay
Paper plane launched into space
Science of how cats get the cream
Demo police 'got balance wrong'
'Stoning tweet' councillor arrested
7/7 man trapped under Tube doors
Cow is rescued from swimming pool
Axe victim thanks armed raiders
Radioactive dump risks 'very low'
Nostalgia grows for old East Germany
Bon Jovi rocks on in cup noodles commercial
Eyeless Larvae 'See' With Full Body Nerve Cells
Ride on the axle of growth
Boffin shares reward of her bright idea
`Low' fines for deadly shaft plunge slammed
Concerns over increase in rickets
Arrest over rare bird skin theft
Impaled woman dies during storms
Gay pensioners 'fear' care homes
Gingerbread people revert to men
Rok in talks with city council
Study: Lesbian moms never abuse their children
Man says he was forced to eat beard in spat
Is America succumbing to the 'British disease'?
'Dead man' arrested after US hunt
Overweight people 'better at smelling for food'
New large species of squid found
Huge antenna launched into space
Roll-out for paedophile support
Eroded Kinder Scout to be fenced
Bulgarian puppy marks Russian gas deal
Noodle maker serves up net treat
Man in possession of marijuana locks himself in his own car in Ginza
Pacman `greater' than Ali
Rio has utmost faith in new boys
Germany warns of planned attacks
Thames voted 'worst river'
Rescue flare sparked gorse blaze
Royal Armouries set to axe jobs
Prison makes 'execution' faux pas
Tory voices gay actor visit fears
Pig slurs fly as Taipei defends taekwondo athlete
Brain cancer 'trojan attack' hope
Passenger train slides for miles
Man jailed over rape girl's baby
Plan to axe 25% of senior posts
Cancer boy's last photos stolen
Residents warned over dyke care
Blood-spray hospital man in court
Bangkok temple foetus find probed
Woman: Debt collectors harass me on Facebook
Chinese woman sent to labor camp for retweeting
Rabid bat warning in Los Angeles
French farmer fed ducks cannabis
Spanish political 'orgasm' video criticised
Chefs bake world record biscuit
Thief returns cancer boy's laptop
Store installs CCTV in abattoirs
Accident blackspots tally halves
Telegraph pole ice crash warning
Minister hits out at scallop ban
Berlusconi replaces penis on ancient statue in office
Italy PM replaces penis on statue, angers experts
Over 300 die in stampede at Cambodian festival
Car thief yells at mom who left toddler unattended
Crackdown begins on illegal urn operations
`Scintilla of hope' in pope condom retreat
Pentagon: No gays were discharged in past month
Does wi-fi kill trees?
Dairy in dung-ho power plan
Facebook bishop 'suspended'
Gordon Brown like 'a snow plough'
Care man denies 'whacking' child
Kittens left on industrial site
Groups fight over 'confusing law'
MP calls for pornography 'opt-in'
Man 'wanted to be shot by police'
Bin-hit-by-train men plead guilty
Conker match world record smashed
Jeweller attacked in axe raid
Kidney delays naming Ireland team
Family warn of helium dangers
Violent customer advice for shops
Toddler fell in septic tank as sitter hung lights
NYPD: 'Ugly Betty' actor killed mom with sword
Artillery shells rattle markets
Woman trapped in Paris bathroom for weeks
Dark energy flattens the Universe
Malaria nurse in sex assault charge
Breast photo U-turn by Facebook
Man quizzed over stabbing in neck
Vertical pier plan gets go ahead
Peg working wonders for Hong Kong
Tickle is what the doctor fish ordered
Super Girl death during surgery probed
Shot at HK revival excites Butt
Clue found to penis birth defect
EU bans chemical in baby bottles
Dino death made mammals 'go nuts'
Man held over elderly man's death
Bosnia rape victims to complain to UN about Jolie
Virtual karaoke dates, courtesy of Konami
Exorcism rapist locked up for 11 years
Man fights for life as flesh-eater attacks
Author thanks nation for 'bad sex' gong
Toddler cut free from washing machine
'Potato man' ends 60-day experiment
Badger vaccine cattle TB promise
Police seek man on 26 sex charges
Fatal stabbing 'not preventable'
Baby boy death 'not preventable'
Axe killer kept in state hospital
Safe bet for Ho as kids get shares
Egypt resort hit by shark attacks
Prostate cancer clue in fingers
Bruni praises Pope over condoms
Katie Price was 'a woman driver'
London mayor to gain new powers
Does J-pop really suck?
3 teens arrested in school chicken chokings
Denver police investigate case of towed baby
'New form of life' found in California
Mercury 'turns birds homosexual'
Phone abuse man murdered baby boy
E-fit of river death man released
Hospital treats river arrest men
Burst pipe led to water 'river'
Football club to upgrade ground
'Outrageous' gang steal road grit
Snow causes England travel chaos
Church blasts `vending machine' births
Drunken squirrel to scare Russians off vodka
Virgin Mary will ride LA Metro to save cash
Ship carrying canola oil adrift in the Bering Sea
Axing Johnson a `big call'
Vomiting bug hits hospital wards
Alert over liquid nitrogen theft
Wildlife man stays with hedgehogs
Warning over contaminated heroin
Cake containing unicellular organism aimed at health-conscious
Hornets powered by 'solar energy'
'Sexy' child products face curb
Clarke scraps knife crime pledge
Criminals used to grit pavements
Woman hurt in Bingo win mugging
FBI cyber crime alert for Barbie Video Girl doll
Giant bird found on hobbit island
President of Botswana: No fat ladies for him
Brothers with rare disease get drug nod
Super Dan off to flier in bid for SAR glory
Women 'anxious about dentists'
Bizarre hairy fly is rediscovered
Sandwiches poisoned 47 officers
Patient 'caught fire' in her bed
Scaffolding on windscreen of car
Woman stabbed partner unlawfully
'Butt drag' causes wrestling controversy
'Left-handed' snails foil snakes
Starfish goo 'could help asthma'
Royal car attacked in fees demo
Call of Duty cyber attack arrest
Horse 'killed by secret feeding'
Bananas help birds fend off cold
Womble man's silent song 'scam'
Ron Paul to lead Fed panel
Czech gay asylum 'phallometric test' criticised by EU
Monster Teams With Disney For Tron Headphones
Lithium Tech helps companies thrive online
Alleged boy hit man in Mexico is a U.S. citizen
3 Oregon deer attack and injure barking dog
Broncos' Cox arrested for sexual assault
Gas pump prices flirt with 2-year highs
Compost fires in Chino generate a lot of smoke
Hang Lung boss calls for land boost
`Spot-fixing' cash all allowances, insists Butt
China unearths 2,400-year 'soup'
Dog electrocuted on town street
Plastic pig m-way mystery solved
Chernobyl opening to tourists next year
Blatter laughs off gay 2022 fears
Extreme sexual 'anime' face curb
Drinking buddy on tap from Kind Fairy
Sudan arrests over flogging march
Blatter sparks Qatar gay furore
Obama administration tackles obesity
Police handed toddler to stranger
Swearing judge storms from court
Man arrested over house explosion
Welsh cat summons police by dialling 999
Wales unveil Speed as new manager
US helicopters 'keep crops warm'
“What Women Want” Remake Helmer Discusses Bona IPO and China’s Need for “Big” Movies
Boat hits rocks off Australian island; 28 dead
'Suicide bomber' cocktail apology
What to do if a dog attacks
Black travel alert may be lifted
Irish eyes on lead
Israel downs atom site 'balloon'
French king's lost head 'genuine'
Snails flash a green alarm light
Lollipop man's 'dangerous' festive hat banned
Officers hunt 'hot tub burglars'
Soldier ashes in firework tribute
Police seek 'grim sleeper' women
Haiti cholera 'almost impossible to contain'
Johnson burst ignites Australia
Teenagers guilty of walls killing
Head-cams to tackle town disorder
Cox faces life sentence for sexual assault
Dog gives birth to 17 puppies
Bear recaptured in S Korea after week on the run
Fire injured boy died from virus
Women made homeless by explosion
Tortoises stolen from outbuilding
Snow gritters blessed by bishop
Icicle misery for rail travellers
No action for shot mistake farmer
Fingers pointed at oil thieves as 27 die in Mexico `rivers of fire'
League's Yum unbowed despite rape claim
Pope urges abuse 'shame' lessons
When the Diagnosis Is ‘Dead Butt Syndrome’
Death plunge after wife stab frenzy
Wang case sparks slander claim
Yum arrested on second sex rap
Obama signs US gay military law
Tribute paid to 'beautiful boys'
Villagers unhappy with Sili name
Ryan won't discuss foot-fetish report
Waiter, there's pig stomach in my fattening Four Divinity soup
Acclaim for pupils' bees research
Too much bread kills petting goat
Beach walkers ignore seal warning
Tarmac announces 550 job losses
Dog left to die in freezing alley
Curbs have yet to hit home, say experts
Moscow airport ice chaos protest
Football lasers anger Indonesia
Bath death boy tests inconclusive
Lurgan houses flooded with sewage
Dog stuck in pipe for eight hours
Kate Middleton to join wax royalty in 2011
Rare blood boy's 'full recovery'
Man held over fuel station fire
People with diabetes give advice
Loans for ailing Vietnamese giant
Animal 'lifestyle choice' warning
Tyre tunnel being built for bats
Dog attack boy suffers nightmares
Clubber stabbed in bottle attack
China to crack down on official partying
Wild boar boom is hard to control
Bon Jovi are top earners of 2010
Africa's rising phenomenon of 'Klingon' elections
Police: Arizona strip club shooter fired at random
Police: Man killed outside Utah temple had machete
Police: Calif. man tried to register taxi he stole
Police: Man stole video game from boy's casket
Police hunt crossbow robbery pair
Three men arrested after a crying goat is found tied in car trunk
New law covers children
'Octomom's' home may be sold to porn king
Video: Navigating the tiny bathroom on small boats
US forces 'lure Iraqis with bait'
Bugs More Dangerous in Space
'Pumpkin' handed to grandmother
Noriega: Too hot to handle?
Australia targets jobless surfers
Blue Peter says 'sorry' over cat
Kenya rejects gay bishop move
Iraqis untouched by US surge
Fourth bluetongue case hits farm
Gay bishop move rejected by Kenya
Shock at archbishop condom claim
Argentine boy sex change approved
Sir Elton owns Porn Probe photo
Young Aussies spiking drinks 'for fun, sex'
Minister's state funeral cancelled under 'child-sex cloud'
Paris bomb trial upsets families
North Carolina pair feud over leg
Blackwater boss grilled over Iraq
Climate film allowed in schools
Sussex foot-and-mouth suspected
Gerrard's gifts for hospital boy
The women who kill for babies
New suspect in pond death probe
Call for debate on children's TV
New search in missing Vicky probe
Can the squirrel problem be solved?
Leapfrogging mayor injures woman dressed as tomato
Jogging your way to saggy breasts
Gun victim shot 'phoning sister'
Worker sacked for stud reinstated
Teacher Fired for Buttocks Art Sues
Man donates sperm for grandchild
Ruling favours Iraq deaths marine
The women who kill for babies
Pope's story through eyes of cat
Man in coma after mosquito bite
Sputnik 'was force for peace'
Pilot sacked after Savage visit
Dog collar clergy 'risk attack'
Police put knife warning in cells
Pensioner rapist back in custody
Disk technology takes Nobel Prize
Internet names for Asia launched
New York opens slave burial site
'Dirty War' priest gets life term
Space station ma'am gets a whip
Hair ends ICC discrimination case
Dino print could be T. rex mark
US man seeks change for $1m note
Polish police end nun rebellion
Street drugs make children sick
Bid to end family detentions
Low birthweights linked to 9/11
Mexican Arrested in Dismemberment Case
Canada rues foreign takeovers
Bug hospital chief pay withheld
Love Ulster drops Dublin rally
Ambulance boycotts bug hospital
Babies - don't go gaga over them
Canada diocese for gay blessing
New effort to boost school meals
Bug trust chairman leaves his job
Nigeria leader says honesty pays
Black monster memorial plan upsets Boris Yeltsin's family
Satanist guilty of vicar killing
'Special bullets' killed Menezes
Vatican yields Templar secrets
Pylons would 'deflower' mountain
Chinese party unveils new leaders
Australian row over TV 'worm'
'Explosives' caused Manila blast
Hairdresser denies 'deal' claim
'Pilot error' caused Java crash
Man, 24, loses 82-year-old wife
US woman guilty of 'womb theft'
Science chief urges badger cull
Turkey in tense border stand-off
Grocers 'still not green enough'
Search for murder suspect body
Toxic gas 'may help transplants'
Bush flying over California fires
New eBay site helps finance poor
'Missed chance' on smacking ban
Hotel girl 'may have been pushed'
Bereaved mum injected baby girl
Dutch smash 'voodoo' child trade
Troops move into Swat valley
Mexico 'needs US action on drugs'
Toilet conference opens in Delhi
Airline bans A380 mile-high club
Australian Laments Ear Wax Eating Video
Mexico in record cocaine seizure
India to step up guard on tigers
Australian killed in hosepipe row
School literacy scheme attacked
'Evil' conman builder is jailed
The Exotic Jellyfish Of Utah
US 'to help Turkey combat rebels'
Most ready for 'green sacrifices'
Seven Europeans quit Chad jail
Foot-and-mouth surveillance ends
Church seeks shop watchdog
Police: Students Used Cookies to Torture
Further delay for Skynet launch
Body found in 1991 teenager hunt
Bus stop victim 'still suffering'
UK 'landfill dustbin of Europe'
Fury at poppy day fines
Teacher charged over teddy row
School gives vegetarians priority
Death doctor can practise again
Paedophile to be sent to England
Pavarotti's widow suing friends
Ex-Hayward cop evaluated after child sex
Crab feast triples the pleasure
Sri Lanka Bus Attack Kills At Least 15
China installs Pope-backed bishop
Pig farmer verdict pains families
Canoe wife charged with deception
China firm cans toxic tinned meat
Fish scammers must pay back £1m
X-ray missed 'drug mule' cocaine
Immigrants trigger Irish rethink
Officials: Turkey Withdraws From Iraq
US denies backing Turkey raid
Bolivia head praises reform plan
Illegal immigrant at Home Office
Coastguards judge strike feeling
Chad sets date for kidnap trial
Gaddafi visit splits French press
Massive fish kill blankets Arkansas River
Spider-girl, 14, needs rescue
Donald Duck 'groping' case upheld
Fiat eyes larger Chrysler stake
Mont. boy recovering after impaled while sledding
'Rest break' death man keeps job
Gun found by metal detector girl
Japan’s sexy izakayas battle deflation
Boehner grabs gavel, Pelosi snubbed
Nothing to beef about as cheap meat scores
`Virgin' frees asylum man after 14 years
'Toilet God' song makes a star of songstress
Nipple-sucking doctor fined for `diagnosis'
Cause of male baldness found
Saudis hold Israel 'spy vulture'
WATCH: Demi Moore In A Teeny Bikini
Florida Professor Arrested for Having a ‘Suspicious’ Bagel on a Plane
Animal foundation takes spay, neuter to next level
Attorney held in pole rampage at SFO
Wrong house razed (video)
Large pig hogs Victorville street
LA resident wonders where building's angels went
New documents: Hitler-mocking dog enraged Nazis
'Kidney sisters' leave US prison
'Opening the door' to cure baldness
Grooming gang ringleaders jailed
6 girls arrested in Facebook teacher attack invite
Her tears may send sex message
Portuguese TV star found slain, castrated in N.Y.
Bullets sent to Celtic pair
Police: Ex-boyfriend dismembered Vegas dancer
Police: Man says he traded meth for stolen car
Naples gunshot victim sneezes out bullet
'Classic paedophile' sent to jail
Rapist Pc jailed for sex attacks
Pig schools launched in the UK
Straw abuse comments 'are true'
Doctor struck off over child porn
Mother to freeze eggs for toddler
Nurse and earthquake dog reunited
Carcass photos force park changes
Stray pony and horse cases soar
Torture murder police search wood
Flooded area in Queensland now the size of Texas
Drunk scientists pour wine on superconductors and make an incredible discovery
Assault victim's bloody bathrobe given as gift
Octopus leak probe call rejected
Hyenas persuade friends to help
Ginger 'irresistible to beetles'
Birds 'died from binge drinking'
'Grow a beard for Belgium' appeal
Plea to attack victim's helpers
Sex crime accused 'almost cried'
Prince Harry to tackle North Pole
Meerkat's body discovered in bin
Basshunter denies two sex charges
Scottish salmon leaps into China
Unexplained death arrest is made
Hospital bug visitor ban relaxed
Five held in Irish pork inquiry
Racy story teacher 'innovative'
Turkey alcohol curbs criticised
Mullet hater destroys Mario Lopez urinal tribute
Man to sue for 'rodent bite to penis' in jail
Meat Loaf set for US Apprentice
Swine flu electro-pop star dies
Snake 'with attitude' is dumped
Monster Launches Youth Initiatives
Consumer picks face fight
Back from extinction: boffins plan to clone mammoth
Deepest part of ocean gets probed
Lord made false claims, jury told
Catholic group 'won't be ghetto'
Berkeley taxpayers may pay for sex changes
Surf shop apologizes for black-themed MLK sale
Ambulance, rescue crews summoned for increasingly ridiculous reasons
Tuna man makes Celestial catch
Boy George returns Cypriot icon
German guilty of US spider smuggling
Starving amoebas 'pack a lunch'
Canada children 'not exercising'
Colombia police nab narco-pigeon
Nature's lessons for bank crises
Cash boost helps bustard project
Woman 'strangled during bondage'
Garden tree crushes man to death
Police use hotel room as new base
Post to dog attack street stopped
Tennessee Democrat stands by Nazi remarks
Ozawa refuses to attend Diet ethics panel
MP sorry for musical tie outburst
Taiwan looks at missiles rerun
Fireworks keep killing
Mainlanders bus to HK in blitz on malls
Our military blast-proof undies show Afghan bombs are pants
`Phantom' wine auction promises scary prices
Phone keeps ringing in crocodile's belly
Tethered teen shocks Netherlands
Live chicken thrown at KFC staff
Cancer women 'should breastfeed'
Birds post 'no trespassing' signs
Taser launches 'bear stun gun'
Johnson police officer suspended
Patient left with two dead bodies
Toilet birth mother was 'ignored'
Stampede death fireman not jailed
Couple witness '70 car accidents'
France warned over rare hamsters
'Rubbish hotel' opens in Madrid
N.D. aims to scrub constitution of 'paupers, idiots'
'Wife Swap' antics tough to live down
Jawbone Kicks Off New Era
Violent monkey escapes from cage in Shizuoka
Japan's 'convict' monkey stages daring cage break
Leno named Hasty Pudding man of the Year
Mortgages feel bite of curbs
Ho slicing off stakes for extended family
Cathedral takes ex-judge to court
S.C. woman kills dog because it chewed Bible
Time to make a clean breast of your cash pool for the taxman
Wang denied entry for funeral
Wales warned about amorous toads
Dog found 18 miles out to sea adopted
Professor charged with peeing on colleague's door
Wang's smart move rings in rich rewards
Body clock 'is druggable'
Scrapping Nimrod fleet 'perverse'
Joust death man 'in wrong helmet'
BBC dog mess experiment condemned
Thieves hack off rare goat's horn
Report: Arizona fugitive planned suicide by bear
US to begin gay troops training
Curbs fear fails to reach home
Beijing sounds fireworks alert
Donald's rabbit message punches home
'James Bond volcano' erupts again
Dogs can sniff out bowel cancer
Shoe plea over building site body
Knife amnesty mobile bins on tour
Four suspected of hare coursing
Internet runs out of 'phone numbers' for websites
A waste plant, a dead baby and a fight for justice
'Underground governor' wielded the real power
Dad who killed tot felt boy was evil
Super Bowl brings influx of under-age prostitutes
Congressman's claim cocaine haul was for personal use doubted
Natural eel eggs found for first time
Mexico celebrity prisoner's Botox prompts sackings
Extra pancreas hope for pregnancy
Grenades on Potrero Ave prompt closures
Ex-nanny admits spiking sex shop magnate's soup
Patients 'too fat for ambulances'
Extreme Pizza boss held in paint attack on rival
Escaped boa rides Boston subway for a month
New rape centre opens in DR Congo
Rwanda planning vasectomy drive
Cambodian toilets improve health
Fire death baby staff disciplined
Toddler wall death council fined
Safety camera team set to be axed
Lollipop man knocked over by car
Jason Priestley found superfan in his bed - wearing his underwear
Hello Kitty sandals lead to arrest of suspected burglar
Chilean makes bomb threat to keep her man home
Sticky end for ex-husband in dairy double act
Security guard Playboy Choy Chi-wai was yesterday sentenced to eight months in prison for firing a shotgun during a scuffle with a colleague.
Italy's mafia 'runs tomato trade'
Visions of Sun's great 'belches'
California man killed by armed bird at cockfight
Man's body discovered in toilet following apartment fire
Aguilera fluffs Super Bowl anthem
Church approves iPhone confessions
Curbs starting to bite as mainland home sales fall
Octopus `villain' lands top job at TVB
Ho wealth war rumbles to restart
New rocket could lift astronauts
Vomiting bug closes hospital ward
Cash strapped golf club faces cut
Paramedic 'did nothing to help'
Alabama shop swaps sex toys for handguns
Lost opportunity in Wang visa row
Nixon, girlfriend welcome Max
Woman quizzed on 'buttocks' death
Pioneering surgery for moon bear
Moat phone threat played to court
Farm inquiry into duck 'cruelty'
'Super head' Dame honour revoked
Baby murder review to take place
'Legally dead' man pleads not guilty to killing
Artist forced to remove camera from head
Spice drug fights stroke damage
Harrier jet taken off eBay
Cork Airport resumes its services
Surface-to-air missile handed in
Bike helmet man robs bookmakers
Wang works with genius
Experts think sick whale may have scoliosis (pic)
Police: Stepmom admits giving antifreeze to kids
CBS says reporter fine after on-air incoherence
Boy Scouts run off with `royal bride'
Shisha-smoker in blowtorch blast
Fire children 'vanished in smoke'
WSJ: The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Shut up, put out and do the dishes.
Italians slam orgy-bent Berlusconi
Emperor feels up to Diet library trip
Court dismisses Tony Chan's 'totally dishonest' appeal
Aviator fighting discharge under gay ban to retire
Scientists build first anti-laser
Gov. Brown bans swag
Peru potatoes head to ice vault
Ancient Britons drank from skulls
'Crab Kong' goes on display
Mosquito-eater spider likes socks
£275 disappointment at 'rubbish' Lapland
Sex abuse ex-nursery man jailed
Big Fat Gypsy man 'attack victim'
Forty sheep are mauled to death
Balloons tribute to tragic family
Tale of pastry-pinching Asians at baby hospital takes biscuit
Error blamed for Vietnam sinking
Killer loses unfair sacking case
Chippy in 'terror target' warning
Rhino head stolen from auctioneer
'Mad' Frankie grandson is wanted
Man dies in docks boat jump bid
Rail driver 'lay burnt on ground'
Judge tosses suit against Obama health care plan
'Heart Stealer' comes of age in ball pay dirt
Octopus finds value in lost cards
Dinosaur named 'thunder-thighs'
Apple beats off succession query
Probe throws up planning concerns
Gaddafi blames Bin Laden, druggies
Boeing wins US air tanker battle
Voodoo ritual, sex gone awry caused fatal NYC fire
Fiat to make vehicles in Russia
School trip drinks teacher banned
Councillor in 'retard' tweet rant
Being with Moat 'like video game'
Public raise swan deaths reward
Head challenges best school claim
Epilepsy alert dog goes missing
Roach's hat-trick destroys Dutch
California man dies after fall into meat grinder
HK bourse set to launch yuan pool
Love - and germs - in the air at Playboy Mansion
Safety fears over fish pedicures
Man shoots sister's donkey dead
Credit card borrower 'tortured'
Author Pratchett offers swan reward
Trust sacks whistleblowing doctor
Thieves steal 10-tonne footbridge
11-year term for beating that blinded woman
Mom may have had 12 beers before fatal crash
Wandering spider leads Mazda to recall 50,000 cars
How orcas hunt in 'stealth mode'
Brazil court gives dam go-ahead
Hunt widens for 'killer shrimp'
Diabetic Ore. man 'doing fine' after dog eats toes
Danish children moved to Somalia
Flight attendant stuffs baby in overhead bin
Drinking preceded soldiier's Russian roulette death
Pets warm up to the ironing chore on cold day
Riot baptism for kids
Mother in murder leaflet appeal
Brother stabbing 'not forseeable'
Body parts victim 'was drug user'
Huge load delivery goes to plan
'Flatulent' dentist is struck off
Hoodie tribute to stab death boy
Great tits also have age-related defects
New Instrument for Analyzing Viruses: Sensitive 'PING' Device
How Do People Respond to Being Touched by a Robotic Nurse?
How humans got big brains, barbless penises
How man 'lost his penile spines'
Australian Moran guilty of murder
Dark Satanic mills?
Ferdinand tackles prostate cancer
Coma brain techniques developed
Robotic moth offers bat-nav clue
Difficult decisions ahead on Mars
Blind dog and owner get their own guide dog
Man 'devastated' by Batman death
Successful date for lovelorn swan
Man 'may have shot wrong house'
Police chief takes upright position
Pelosi presses Boehner on DOMA litigation costs
Gunman interest in extreme porn
Turkey singing star Tatlises shot
Buffett does $9bn lubricant deal
HP CEO: We will build a cloud
Health Net loses sensitive data for 2M people
City opts not to name building after Harry Baals
Aflac duck dumped over tsunami tweets
Drunken fight among parents at school auction
Arizona man gets probation in bloodsucking case
Bird rampage paramedics delayed
Demand for nuclear radiation pills grows
Fishermen launch incinerator protest
Merced cops arrest mom, daughter in school fight
Police: Pa. man, 70, stoned to death by friend
Utah names official state firearm
Hygienic sharks go to cleaners
Wearable scanner maps rat brains
Bird 'chatted' to shooting victim
Police 'lost' Bird in roadworks
40,000 bottles of cough syrup stolen
Police: Angry Taco Bell customer fires at officers
Stoner's season off to a flyer
'Worst song ever' gets 29 million views
'Drugs to the brain' breakthrough
Apology over donkey-botherer jibe
Baby shake death trial collapses
Force launches sex record scheme
Husband mourns 'pocket princess'
Cat stuck in engine for 30 miles
Twitter marks 5th birthday with star-studded video
Huge dump to be sited off Brothers
Aliens `plugged into' me, says rocker
Cow 'rear-end machine' helps vet students
Gunman Bird acted for 'revenge'
Rail ferret 'took London train'
SF discovers its firefighters are highly paid
Wake up and smell the coffee*Overset by 10.*
'Weakness' in Bird 999 response
Cheeky Tennis Girl model is revealed
Fears over third gay man killing
Cow manure fetish man is jailed
Two guilty of 'thumb sever' death
Tea lady 'saved blood leak woman'
Murder police seek men in woods
Cannabis mayor released by police
'Duck' inventor wins wave power prize medal
Primary head banned over website
Neutron beam observed 13 times at crippled Fukushima nuke plant
Dez Bryant ejected from mall over pants
Clown arrested in 2002 rape of girl, 12, in SoCal
Court: Tilt didn't justify meth search
Police: Dog defecating in yard leads to shooting
Curry spice 'can spot explosives'
Bird coroner critical of delays
'DNA rapist' monitored for life
Roman burials found under garage
Body parts police probe van's use
Boy sinking in mud was 'horrific'
Woman dies after coming off bike
Thieves take 277 sheep from field
New York judge jails man for lugging beer to drunk driving hearing
Lords reject plan to scrap quango
U-boat death diver 'sadly missed'
Bird police 'weakness' criticised
Girl quizzed over dead hotel baby
'Dead' cash scam dentist jailed
Thames torso Nigeria link probed
Teen pistol-whipped mom to buy her a car
375-pound shark leaps into Texas fisherman's boat
Big ray collides with woman, pins her to boat deck
`Gandhi a gay' book hot stuff
Entertainment giant Tang found dead at home
Action plea after 'Facebook brag'
Noisy pussy hits purr-fect pitch
Happy ending for van-plunge pair
Brits flap over fake bomb in flying cake
Males make pregnant horses abort
John Mellencamp, Stephen King work on a musical
Tents erected for drug school pitch
Sorry out of question as Ho lauds enforcing rule of law
Gravity probe shows 'Potato Earth'
Death crash blind man sentenced
Sex offender twins 'most wanted'
Merseyside helicopter is scrapped
Swan Hunter is back in business
Metal thefts threatening churches
Sex trade 'halved' by clampdown
Pickles criticises flood caution
Bus firm fined over punctuality
Police name woman found in broad
Sheep killers turn out to be cougars
Hundreds of corpses believed irradiated, inaccessible
Police shoot vicious dog; it runs home to pot grow
First dog lobbies for special Calif. election
Legoland stunt performer injured
Cars damaged by bridge missiles
Laser 'attacks' lead to arrests
New beach sewage warning website
Hotel staff avoiding 'baby chair'
3 mil gallons of radioactive water pumped into sea
'Bring your gun to work' movement picks up support
Autistic brains work differently
Spider webs cocoon trees after Pakistan floods
Fine over dishwasher fluid death
Toddler killed in blinds tragedy
Royal teeth X-rays axed from sale
Man dies after being hit by wave
School soup 'poisoned by porter'
Ocean life can handle radioactive leaks, say experts
Coroner overwhelmed by scale of carnage
Man in pot-stuffed wheelchair stopped at border
Bieber fever sets mom's hair on fire
Walking dead people who lead charmed lives are a rare breed
Be prepared for sex, British scouts told
Chemical 'makes bone repair skin'
Toddler's plug death 'avoidable'
Naked soldier prevents car theft
Donkey honoured for saving sheep
Twenty firefighters help save cat
Mother 'scans' heart-swap toddler
Man charged in severed arms case
Richmond cops allegedly hired, armed teen Explorers
Fears after Milk Dad's online plea
Branson to journey to ocean bottom
Japan plugs reactor leak into sea
Loan shark took 719,000% interest
'Murdered' wife 'wanted more sex'
Army ram mascot promoted for 'good behaviour'
Breast group opposes health plans
Fatal collision motorway reopens
Nuclear submarine visit to city
Woman with spade shuts down Armenia's Internet
Europe 'losing' superbugs battle
Cursor controlled just by thought
Gas pumped to prevent Japan blast
Squirrel chef on 'ultimate ethical food'
Zoo panda man suspended
Prince Harry stranded in Arctic
School disco rape teacher jailed
'Rambo' knife-murderer imprisoned
Monkey gang stealing sunglasses
Arms-in-lake police find remains
Woman is banned for horse cruelty
Lead thieves close primary school
Cancer 'fuelled by extra drinks'
Child, three, found drinking beer
'Fantasist' skins burglar sentenced
Heads tell parents to fight cuts
Man accused of grooming 22 girls
Nuclear submarine man shot dead
Woman dies after botched butt enhancement
Europe's future lies under Africa
Thief 'gets away' with burglary
Police admit stalking 'failures'
Applebee's serves margarita to toddler
2 more sets of bones found on N.Y. beach
Sheriff: Girls robbed of $150 at lemonade stand
Judge OKs school 'boobies' bracelets
Police: Twins lived with dead mom for 3 months
N.J. man admits sex assault on Continental jet
Pa. students: Ethics seminar had exotic dancers
Pickled penis steals the show
What's in Gov. Jerry Brown's wallet? (Video)
Kids react to Rebecca Black's Friday
Games cost overruns bring audit blast -
New gender rules for athletes
Ducks' bill colour gives STD clue
Fake supply teacher review call
Woman stabbed with girls is named
Call to cut 'status dog' numbers
Left-to-die puppies are reunited
Council allows first Travelodge
Complaints about smell and dirt
Manuka honey 'could help fight superbugs'
Stale beer's chemistry examined
Lambs found in cars on motorway
Dubai tourist 'choked on vomit'
Five accused of body parts murder
Upright gorilla video star is 21
Gulls tackled as nesting begins
Baker of Nazi cake tries to make amends
Drunken man on stolen boat arrested
Branson's lemur plan raises alarm
Police 'too focused on kettling'
Scott 'uncomfortable' with Tories
Job fear after cross put in van
Forty tonnes of scaffolding taken
Teenager suffers facial injuries
Box of teeth and hair discovered
Beer drinkers raise lifeboat cash
Artists to mark Cuckmere changes
Robots detect dangerous spike in reactor 3 radiation
Higher rent cap for CE hopefuls flayed
Chinese man appeals death sentence for 116 rapes
Chicken John seeking pukers this Saturday
Planets 'may have black plants'
Cancer breath test 'moves closer'
Lamb trapped in wheelie bin rescued by nurse
Drunk man jailed for stamp attack
More tests needed over naked man
'Dangerous trees' to be replaced
Pothole death road 'repairs due'
Pub-kiss men 'should have left'
Police: 20-25 teens storm Ga. train, attack riders
Privacy not cheap in billionaire boltholes
Teacher probe after child, 5, roped to chair
Ozone hole 'has dried Australia'
Woman denies biting off testicles
Disabled woman headbutts mugger
Brick charge boy held in custody
Bird forces emergency jet landing
Father 'shattered' over body find
Vomit threat won't stop food carts
Woman is raped after losing phone
Lizard Point choughs under guard
Easter bunny 'think twice' plea
French riot police whine over booze ban
Spanish football trophy run over by bus
Blackmailer in a clown suit gets 3 years
Jail for man in OC water bottle semen case
OC man charged with impregnating girl, 11
Moors victim DVD appeal to Brady
Boy's EMA speech gets NUT ovation
Vulcan goes on display at airport
Woman trapped under grass cutter
Warning after dolphins 'harassed'
Mosque helps hepatitis research
Glazing starts at train station
Veteran cop shoots himself in foot
Tsang bump man charged
Facebook 'sluts' slur Tory quits
Asylum protesters sew their lips
Lighthouse wrapped in giant scarf
Tree chop supermarket boycotted
Public invited to run libraries
Kung Fu hit sparks 'race' arrest
Man in Lollipop man crash charge
Hospital food tasters taken ill
Fire school's head in dual role
Tribute to zip wire death child
Student essay leads to teacher sex arrest
Hamster torture sickens deputies
19 turkeys slaughtered at Calif. high school
Men act stupid when talking to beautiful women, study shows
Amazon apologises for cloud fault
Pigs have 'evolved to love mud'
Hearing impaired men stabbed over sign language
Teacher shaves for first time since Sept. 11, 2001
U.S. doctors hit Tokyo radiation limit for kids
Double escape for bulbul caught in flutter
PlayStation users await hack probe
`Unpaid toilet time' adds to $28 bitterness
Turkey plans 'project of the century'
Parents begin ketamine campaign
Londoners urged to count kestrels
Asbestos - tsunami's other hidden danger
Rie Hasegawa launches 'Smile and Run' event for tsunami victims
Rick Springfield arrested on suspicion of DUI
Huge pot farm found in seniors' home
Bullying blast for McDonald's in wage rumpus
Teacher struck off roll for desktop nudity
Carpet comes up, so does neighbor's leather sex
Police: Man high on bath salts kills neighbor's goat
Japanese invention simulates kisses over Internet
Teen caged for holiday mom slaying
Finger cannibalism was `plea for help'
Eggman charged on dole fraud
Funeral gnomes story falls short
Man: Attackers tattooed 'RAPEST' on forehead
Police 'correct' to Taser gym man
Acid attack on school-run mother
Three-legged cat gets own photographic exhibition
Five-year fire truck delay over
Penguins 'frightened' by break-in
29,000 animal cruelty complaints
Wasps to part company with Powell
Bluebirds respond to allegations
Fire crews stop 1,828 gorse fires
Barmen plead not guilty to death
Boxer donors raising money for Boehner
Report: Austrian lawyer drops his trousers
Modesto college prez quits over 'Auschwitz' song
Dewani 'accused of sissy crime'
'Curry crisis' tackled by college
CCTV of penguin break-in suspect
Whale eats 10 lbs. of plastic bags, dies
Jail welcomed after web suicides
Man disguised as a woman arrested for beating up his date
Big kids riding in strollers: Does that bug you?
Bells toll for Sichuan road giant amid rebound
Warning letter burns hopes over bun sales
Face transplant man 'can smell'
Chimpanzees' 66 gestures revealed
Teenager charged over injured man
Archaeologists on sewer standby
Baroness Newlove praises tenants
Women to be accepted as freemen
Man stabs himself to death in row
Murder accused said 'weird stuff'
Bees stolen from research project
Pumpkin sculpture group's apology
Tories hunt for new Welsh leader
Vandalism causes school flooding
Man in trash bin survives after getting compacted
Mom charged with shooting family on Mother's Day
Triumph unveils 'Support Japan Bra' printed with worldwide messages
Biz honchos press Sacto for budget fix
Female joggers in Livermore have pants pulled down
Cats `horror' sparks gun warnings from police
DR Congo: '48 rapes every hour'
Chick sex swayed by farm grazing
MPs say UK needs 'snow supremo'
School's cornrows ban 'critical'
Pilot died 'after wings fell off'
Boy is approached by man in car
At-risk tortoises found on plane
'Killings' trust admits failings
Lady Gaga to debut songs on online game FarmVille
British woman beheaded in Tenerife supermarket
Botox mom loses custody
Aussie planking fad gets warning after fatal plunge
Woman's cell-phone use halts train
Workers killed in massive truck-wheel blast
Goose/swan 'error' leads to fine
Virgin pilots plan strike ballot
Double death police seek suspect
Family of eight swans shot dead
School mom guilty of stealing for Legoland trip
Pot patient sentenced for pants-down airline uproar
Vatican slams new pope John Paul sculpture
'Adult baby' investigated for Social Security fraud
Bay Area man is World's Sexiest Vegetarian finalist
Pansy Ho talks of partner power
Random drug tests for all horse handlers after fiasco
Octopus car park cheat hits skids
Wiggles throw name into hat for royal `toilet seat'
Mom gets life term in baby's microwave death
'TV' sold in San Leandro parking lot was piece of wood
Larry Flynt evaluates GOP presidential field
Smoking curbs win Chow WHO award
Sony to report Y260 bil loss
Watchdog eyes possible gifts to pension fund staff
Man held in Japan's 1st crackdown on film posting on video site
Mom tries to sell daughter's virginity for $10,000
Agencies choke food street
OK, I'll pull them down now
'I have to sit on plastic bags'
'I have no common sense at all'
Inca secret of success: Llama dung
Man's legs trapped in car-crusher
School appeal to 'pyjama parents'
Caterers in rat infestation fined
Alert as three girls approached
Bronze sculpture for Blade Runner
'Whisky' power plant work begins
White Americans indicate surge in anti-white bias
S.F. supervisor channels Bob Dylan
Canadian couple won't reveal child's gender
Compressed air turns NZ trucker into human balloon
Rape attack lies girl sentenced
Dairy consultation has 21 replies
Pickles backs Kirkby revamp plan
Crush death firm fined £180,000
MEP's blog causes fresh rape row
Tonnes of Tattoo girders stolen
Swans fans issued alcohol warning
Elderly heavy drinking 'epidemic'
Human brain's 'bat sight' found
Nose attack dog was 'lovely pet'
No warning for ovary-error doctor
Hospital will use 'super' nurses
Calf stabbed to death through eye
Firm fits alcometers to coaches
Pony put down after hit and run
Teacher attack Muslims are jailed
School hot meal trial 'a success'
Japan's poncho potty saves face during disasters
Forget Palin, Michele Bachmann ready to run
Baby P boss wins sacking appeal
Wheelchair protest police cleared
School bans hugs and handshakes
Police hunt 'Goldilocks' burglar
Heinz fined after finger torn off
Dog stabbed 13 times seeks home
Man jailed for cat 'swing' death
Freeman gong for 55-year service
Unofficial cheese roll 'concern'
Axed libraries may no longer shut
Water voles back in the Trossachs
Search for missing moor rave man
Barney song calms students during gunfire (video)
Egyptians decry 'virginity tests' on protesters
Study: men rewear their underwear on vacation
New policy after crews watch man die in SF Bay
China cans giant gets green signal
Mongol requests `reasonable'
It's an iPad for an iPad should there be mass circumcisions
Psychiatric check for chop-threat groom
Spanish anger at cucumber blame
'We have a major problem' - pilot
Railway races to remove rubbish
Fish jumps in boat in Florida, breaks woman's leg
Texas dragging death killer gets death date
Despite earthquake, Japan makes it to Spelling Bee
Mom says smoking when pregnant helps baby
Pacman drops suit as accusers say sorry
Big Sam on board for Hammers revival
Global war on drugs has 'failed'
Ancient cave women 'left home'
Eighteen birds beheaded in park
Rape centre 'encourages reports'
Homeowner urges change to bat law
No release for spineless hedgehog
Child burnt from glue on toilet
30ft-long shark caught in creels
S. Bay home invasion suspect posed as bug man
Police: Mistaken ID led to baby slaying
Japanese astronaut plans to grow space cucumbers
Woman recovers home taken by phony bishop
Blogger claims Weiner in X-rated photo
Blogger says he has X-rated Weiner pic
Triple-amputee doctor understands pain
No bodies found in Texas home after psychic tip
Man with dead weasel accused of assault
Stewart cuts wrist during taping of Weiner skit
Shark horror film targets kids
Mascot sacked for underwear pose
Girl held over micro-piglets theft
Tribute to laser party death boy
Cat badly hurt in crossbow attack
Morrissey masterclass for pupils
Yarn firm fined for crush death
Hundred piglets die in shed fire
Post office success amazes owners
Vandals hit Harry Potter church
Brain-damaged teenager given £4m
Police arrest 'Lenin' in Moscow
Is Utah man world's most embarassing dad?
Stewart cut in mocking ex-roomie Weiner
Grasshopper tacos off the menu
Court: Dad OK to put daughter's face on porn pix
Brian Wilson likes bootie shorts (video)
Gaddafi mass rape probe
Urinating chimp 'replays fable'
Rovers' Donny Dog lingerie U-turn
Warning over amputee fetishists
Soldier calls for sperm freezing
Machete robbers raid Blockbuster
Top Democratic women dodge tough call on Weiner
Hayden enjoys "Big, Long, and Fast"
Police: Officer kills armed parolee in Manteca
Weiner says online contact with teen not indecent
Chimp attack woman gets new face
Turtle spotted off Scottish isles
Simple slime seeks downer kicks
Mint balls boss honoured by Queen
Concern over champagne for school
Man, 71, hurt in buzzard attack
People vote for Cuckmere defences
Weiner won't quit; new photos surface
Police called to Longleat estate after fight between Lord Bath's 'wifelets'
Miss USA defends pole-dancing, partying
Berlusconi accepts nuclear blow
Obama says in Weiner's position he'd resign
Nearly 800-year-old relic taken from Calif. church
Rapture predictor Camping in hospital after stroke
The missionary position: Does Mormonism have a foreign policy?
Blimp pilot saves passengers, dies (video)
Tanker truck explodes on San Mateo Bridge (video)
Grieving man arrested for sagging pants on plane
Measles cases rise as parents refuse vaccines
Ala. senator unsure why he called blacks 'aborigines'
Macau tops on homes, says Wang
No joy for Godfrey as motion on probe fails
Life term for garage paedophile
Human leg found in bag in river
Bridge girl 'had care fantasy'
Nine crews tackle wood chip fire
Manx film industry loses millions
Snail crawl marathon man sacked
Thieves steal thousands of trees
Weiner resigns over sexting scandal
iPhone as sex toy for the road? Try these apps
Record as Bauhaus net tops $115m -
Beijing welcomes `genocide' leader
Nova Scotia told to buy marijuana
Parents 'influence teen drinking'
Nuclear watchdog wants new checks
Dame Judi glad to drive sheep over London Bridge
'Small pea' filter to clean water
Horse bolt death woman is named
'Have an affair' sign criticised
Racism charity in funding crisis
Chip litter killer found hanging
Dutch cookie law may lead to online exodus
Nevada passes law authorizing driverless cars
Computer camp recalled as 'dork heaven'
Mom could face death penalty in baby microwaving
Ray guilty over fatal sweat lodge
Women turn to leeches in Tbilisi
Wasp turns ladybird into 'zombie'
Scotland tops world cocaine use
'Sacked driver' Tube strikes off
Tennis champ in Tweet meet treat
Mother calls for cardiac audits
Judge tells boyfriend to remove abortion billboard
Authorities: Live bullets fired at Old West show
Official: Ruse about storage unit lured Bulger
FBI ruse nabs accused boss Bulger
'Watch out for adders this summer'
Plans for child-shaped bollards dropped
Bulger father at Venables hearing
'Doctor Who' child bollards prompt Plymouth rethink
Police say toilet suspect may be bathroom peeper
L.A. Unified ditches homework
Shark jumps over Florida surfer (video)
Knox appeal hears witness was offered sex-change cash
Traces of cannabis found in Shakespeare's pipe
Texas passes weakened airport groping bill
Pope praises Jesus in his first tweet
Bangladesh turtle racket exposed
Man arrested over rabbit torture
Chinese lanterns 'must be banned'
Horse bee sting deaths 'horrific'
Task force to stop child grooming
Bridge girl care move 'surprise'
Mackerel action 'taking too long'
Escaped cattle take over street
Moldova 'uranium smugglers' held
German police vulture falls flat
Boy killed over 'bin humiliation'
Moat 'bang' jibe woman sentenced
Hull KR suspend Cockayne & Watts
Bats to be given eviction order
Weir could be new source of power
Man is sought over tights assault
Tsang pays kuk call as homes row boils
Emotions on rise as I bake cookies
Chopper tail rotor fell off, report says
Police: Palo Alto woman rams her own car
Police: Man Charged At Cops With Bayonet
Collies clean up Midwest beaches
Train rolls over woman - she survives
Principal probed; hypnotized 3 kids who later died
Stewart vows to keep wrecking drivers who block
Kin: CHP shot unarmed man 55 times
Go Daddy to Sell Itself to K.K.R. and Silver Lake
'Cars for sterilisation' campaign
Conker tree threat's story recast
Dinosaurs were 'top head-butters'
Peer jailed for fiddling expenses
Moss wedding shuts off villages
Heart op mix-up 'almost farcical'
Stomach bug forces hotel to close
Tessa Munt MP wins pylon debate
Hungry 'on the run' boa is found
Reactor jellyfish swarm cleared
Fierce storm surprises Wis. campers, child killed
Watermelon 'doctor' gets a month
Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry
Fury at India minister gay sex remarks
Sky apologises for boxing glitch
Duke lands helicopter on water
Partner tried to save cobra man
Attenborough skull riddle solved
Australia police get burka powers
Bulger pleads not guilty on 19 murder counts
Woman charged with putting antifreeze in smoothie
Male black widow spiders sniff out cannibal females
Sats marks rile hundreds of heads
Slashed pony found in Kent street
Police uncover 'Aladdin's cave'
Fish fingers 'best of UK' says MP
Trapped woman speaks after arson
Court 'likely over curry burns'
Blind runner wins taxi dog case
Ding murder police in Manchester
Cab drivers 'urinating in close'
Alert: Terrorists look to implant bombs in humans
Leno's Casey Anthony jokes bomb
Clue to pain of sunburn found
Polar bears have Irish ancestors
Asbo for goose-stepping pensioner
MP fumes over fake Twitter 'wife'
Slave police inquiries 'flawed'
Six-year-old to open new museum
Snare man's fine and ban welcomed
'Bizarre' chicken bone car crash
Nude woman wielding gun enters motel lobby
Vacaville motel clerk calms gun-toting nude woman
Wen puts meat into war on inflation
Showstopper as `Uncle Ba' gets 3 years
Parasites make sex worthwhile
Suicide 'link' to money problems
Window crash owl leaves imprint
Chainsaw man almost severs head
Electrocuted student trial opens
Three tonnes of church lead taken
Hyperbaric chamber funding pledge
Hooves left pony in 'great pain'
Thomas could miss rest of season
Still no interest in Vetch site
Tainted cocaine may lead to rotting skin, Calif. doctors say
San Anselmo resident, 44, falls from rocky Nakalele Point on the coast of Maui and vanishes into a blowhole.
Radioactive beef already sold, eaten
Cops: NY man in custody; boy's remains in fridge
Japan wary of 'Swedish legs'
Video: Marine asks Justin Timberlake on a date
'Ching Chong' food delivery accused of racism
Lawsuit says grandma illegally downloaded porn
Bee swarms plague Calif neighborhood, kill dog
Is North Dakota actually a state?
Elephant alarm call warns of bees
Lizard has problem-solving skills
'Courtesy act' in Segway death
Three fire blast dead Lithuanian
Airline drops salads from Europe flights
Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas
Dim sum bonds to hit 250b yuan
Mole extra thumb mystery 'solved'
Spinal repair restores breathing
Illegal vodka made at blast unit
Daly City man guilty of burning young son in oven
Ritalin and Prozac -- a bad combo for kids?
Cain: Mormon Romney can't win South
Smoke meth with blowtorch near gunpowder, get jail
Mother tries to sell baby at Taco Bell
'War criminals' hiding in Canada
Gas-soaked wife set ablaze in moving pickup
Skinnier wife equals happy marriage, study finds
NASCAR pastor thanks God for his 'smokin' hot wife'
Florida man tries to siphon gas from girlfriend's car with electric leaf blower
Sex in the family bed: Does it happen?
SWAT team looks for open-space sniper near Moraga
Mozilla is building an operating system
You Can Bring A Goat To The Apple Store
Head bitten by bear, teen planned to die
Chechen head goes on sacking spree
Man guilty of Zuma whisky assault
US bank chimney bones identified
Monkey experiments 'can be improved'
Demand up for 'obese ambulances'
Ear op cures man of eyeball noise
Vomiting bug outbreak at hospital
Eight dogs died from mole poison
Train delayed by man on carriage
Mystery speed limit set for road
Americans' verdict on debt impasse: 'Clowns. Chaos'
Swazi HIV patients 'eat cow dung'
Dog bites eyelid off two-year-old
'Britain's fattest orangutan' loses a fifth of her weight
Pouches aim to stop butt litter
Man held over sex attack in wood
Discarded socks spark fire alert
Manx condolences sent to Norway
Tsang deflects Wang criticism of SAR team
Clinton pegged back on tour
Pa. man jailed in drunken, hoe-wielding ordeal
Bay Area liberals vote on 'satan sandwich'
Octomom to take more punches in boxing match
Warning over nasal tanning spray
Cycle boy dies after deer crash
Four hurt when taxi mounts kerb
M6 open after lorry landed on car
Tangled bras foil record attempt
Dogs Trust opens 'greenest' home
City sees carbon footprint rise
Farmer concerned about dry spell
Zombie Brad Pitt a Cornish boost
T-shirt sought by murder police
Sex assault on woman on wasteland
Whose to blame for anorexic kindergartners?
Man caught trying to split atoms at home
Ajisen feels heat over soup claims
Hairy spin spurs police manhunt
Mom faces murder charge over meth breast milk
Cornish ale to benefit sea pool
Suit: High school's 'Wigger Day' mocked blacks
Police free woman from pig swarm
Dog Helps Young Rape Victim Testify
More than 40 people are arrested after rioting saw police attacked
Child finds flaws in mobile games
Blade Runner in SA athletics squad
Obama fails to halt market panic
Soldier 'cut fingers off Taliban'
Bear attack leaders return to UK
Cancer patients 'must exercise'
Schools of fish help wind farms
Spermless mosquitoes hold promise
Expert kayaker dies while paddling in Calif. forest
U.N. chief asks Japan for frank input at nuclear safety summit
Turkey presses Syrian president
Freak bin accident kills US woman
Teenage pregnancy is 'contagious'
Danger signs `ignored' at death flats
New order as Wang keeps mum
Porn shop to display nude Bieber, Gomez statue
Call to chop `holy pigs'
Anonymous hackers vow kill-Facebook vendetta
Chinese man in 'dancing carrots' proposal
Semi-identical twins discovered
Computer sex check officer guilty
Minister allows Drax biomass plan
Liver plane crashed in thick fog
Japanese TV show invokes Hitler as motivator
Police: La. man decapitated disabled son, 7
Mozilla to remove Firefox version numbers
F1 team grants teenager hand wish
Cancer spreads with sharp elbows
Depression risk for abused kids
Fat 'affects sensors in diabetes'
Animal's genetic code redesigned
Man finds 37 dumped guinea pigs
Sprinkler U-turn at student block
Woman bailed over dangling child
Suspended death sentence for dog
U-turn over ex-PC gastric band op
Rockers AC/DC launch wine range
Corey Feldman: Biggest problem in Hollywood is pedophilia
Fukuura delivers big hit to ignite Marines
Pedometers to help cow breeding
Machine takes over village shop
Protective cordon for conker tree
Ostrich conman absconds from jail
Coroner blast for death flats owner
San Diego police want to talk to Kobe Bryant
Yale: Machine that killed student met standards
Stolen tombstones found during Calif. meth raid
Water amoeba that enters brain kills 3
Sniffer dogs detect lung cancer
Cannibal tadpoles eat competition
Shark widow 'remembers screams'
Man loses his 'sausage dog' claim
US military invents 'bigger bang'
Man killed in abattoir accident
Asbestos deaths at all-time high
Sex attack in wood did not happen
Man threw cola over teenage girls
Giant cannabis plants discovered
Gorilla fan completes epic cycle
900 suspect vodka bottles seized
Mai Satoda releases book on best ways to eat rice
Gut's hospital bug defence found
Team to build orangutan bridges
Kim Kardashian wedding prompts 22 calls to police
Jail term for piggy bank burglar
Sewage plant odour under scrutiny
Scottish mummies body part jigsaw
Cab driver jailed for 'sick' rape
Beach volleyball sand is reused
PETA's XXX site to feature sex with veggies
Divorcee splashes acid on ex-husband in court attack
Men 'celebrated rape like goal'
Fire-hit Branson moved by support
Polar bear man home from hospital
Tourist relives broken neck dive
Murder police arrest pensioners
Bull semen forces closure of interstate ramp
Clark Gable's grandson charged in laser incident
Greek police smash violent doughnut ring
Italian friars pray for diarrhea to afflict church's Bible thief
Moscow’s Wild Dogs Ride Subways To City Center In Search Of Food
Mexico may issue samurai bonds again
Rise in number of 'Neet' youths
Coasteering man 'near drowning'
Stab man Tasered by police dies
Patient abuse nurse is struck off
Teenager named after fatal crash
Cash machine attacked with a shoe
Tripoli 'must not be another Baghdad'
Police: Newlyweds shoplifted reception food
Album found: Did Gadhafi have a crush on Rice?
Ikea founder's Nazi ties 'deeper'
Police: Texas child dies after being punished with 5 days of "no water".
Fox News guest to parents: 'Beat kids with love'
Designer vagina 'not NHS service'
Paintball ruptures breast implant
Dolly scientist in wildcat move
Turkey murder funerals take place
How about a hot bath … in sawdust?
Pat Boone headlines Napa Tea Party lineup for Sat.
49ers offensive linemen watch film, cringe
Beyonce's baby bumps Twitter to new record
Ark. man in plane spots his home being burglarized
'Porn granny' suit dropped by firm
Body 'liquefaction' unit unveiled
AZ man describes shears impaling eye socket
Jack White collaborating with Insane Clown Posse
Kernel.org has been hacked (see site news)
Crash witnesses make off with spilled marijuana
Gator tries to drag 90-year-old into canal
Police did not err by fatally shooting rapper
Cops put squeeze on alleged Sacto python biter
Blowgun killer hunts ducks in Santa Clara
Fairfield man kills wife, self with kids
Green Day singer kicked off plane for sagging pants
Jeff Bezos' spaceship fails
Pole man Stoner first in warm up
Alien worms 'threat to forests'
Men in court over 'Lennon bombs'
Boy rejected by same-road school
Mine link road 'HGV hell' claim
Food plea to Cornish supermarkets
South Korea suicide toll doubles
Hazmat team sent to McDonald's; 9 hospitalized
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- An Arkansas weatherman is being questioned by police after he was found sleeping in a hot tub next to a naked dead man who detectives say was wearing a dog collar.
Drunk Swedish elk found in tree
Dark matter hunters see 67 hints
Giant crabs make Antarctic leap
Gypsy wedding star wins Brother
Unit leads huge lung cancer trial
'Kettled' children lose Met case
Man injured in freak cow accident
Sixty pigs die in building fire
Man held over cannabis 'factory'
'Gerbil' suspect to stand trial
Mum killed after garlic bread row
Force catches Darth Vader robber
Eagles taking children 'nonsense'
Police: Dallas mom glued daughter's hands to wall
Woman injects hot beef fat into face, dies
The power of spiders in rural Japan
Obama jobs plan eyes taxes on rich
Flowers power cancer 'smart bomb'
Moon twins to make gravity maps
Jelly batteries break the mould
Glowing cats shed light on Aids
Gunman Moat 'lived on dead mice'
Baby death hospital given warning
Fresno teacher charged with carrying meth, knife
Bad outcome for man's eel-bath spa treatment
Two 'Gumby' suspects surrender to San Diego police
Chinese man has an eel enter his penis, then bladder after spa treatment
School board candidate once abducted children
UK government declares healthiest cartoon
Woman 'called man 65,000 times'
Toe replaces man's severed thumb
Manchester hosts mood experiment
Dolphin baby given 'ticking off'
Moat Taser 'used for first time'
Senator hustings dates confirmed
Murderer allowed to go to wedding
Man in wheelchair stung by bees 60 times
2 accused of running up tab on corpse's debit card
Police: Skydiver shed chute midair to kill self
New sparrow species pinned down
Nurses face 'monkey noise' claims
Face attack club licence revoked
Collapse shop exclusion extended
Milk float overturns in collision
Police: Hare coursing a 'problem'
Donkeys raise more than £58,000
I'm the victim, says sex-rap 'master'
Helmets call for cyclists after deaths
Jogging man offers $400,000 for stroller baby
Gay teen in 'It Gets better' video commits suicide
Death toll in cantaloupe outbreak rises to 8
Couple from '16 and Pregnant' arrested in Ark.
Lawyer calls Amanda Knox an enchanting witch
'Robo legs' for stroke patients
Coffee-powered car in speed bid
Hunt apologises for alpaca attack
Cops: Parking ticket prompted spit assault
7 bears captured in Yellowstone mauling probe
San Mateo cops shoot 2 dogs
Man with 4,000 pounds of explosives charged
Official sorry for public meeting bra trick
Onion's hostage spoof raises eyebrows
Crash scene overwhelmed by bees in Turkey
Samoans stranded in road switch
Women rescued from Turkey TV scam
Policewoman turned escort jailed
Japan death row 'breeds insanity'
Obama tackles UK PM on Lockerbie
Bomb in anal cavity raises new airline concern
Seaweed suspected in French death
Giant rat found in 'lost volcano'
Second liner hit by vomiting bug
Minister frees control order man
Transsexual wins prison transfer
Sudanese 'trousers woman' jailed
800-lb. man dies after 8 months in recliner
Mammoth dung unravels extinction
Pee to help make your garden grow
Lab worms are stunned by 'phaser'
Alcohol 'protects men's hearts'
Police: NY woman said man paid her to kill him
How Squaw and Alpine can combine slopes
Girl wakes up to masked man molesting her
Holy Smoke loads cremated ashes into ammunition
Woman Pleads Guilty in Christian Rock Ponzi Scheme
Lone Protester Launches Occupy USC Vigil
Real Estate Agent Squatted in Laguna Beach Home
Ex-model who ate husband's body parts still a threat, D.A. says
Mountain lions lounge on residents' lawn
Silver is no longer most popular car color
Japan looking for attacking balance without talisman Honda
U.S. men are lazy, immature, love their Xboxes
Mumps outbreak rages at UC Berkeley
Woman, 80, trapped between bed and wall for days
'Black ops' Wilson chases chalupas
S.F. police break up Occupy SF camp
Facebook status feud results in Texas man's arrest
Crab Pulsar blazes on high beam
Monkeys' thoughts run virtual arm
Big Scots bill for 'asbo bambi'
Namibians flock to welcome skulls
Lord Sugar: Steve Jobs 'a real icon'
Expert team at 'baby death' unit
'FarmVille: The Motion Picture'?
Dead pal left in car: Let's run up his bar tab!
Is Occupy Wall Street the start of a new protest era?
14 injured in tug-of-war accident
Insane Al Davis tribute tattoo (take a look)
Pilfered pelican perplexes police
Wal-Mart's pork probed in China
Gonorrhoea 'becoming incurable'
Ocean trawl reveals 'megavirus'
Six-foot wasp nest found in shed
Fake monk gets 16 years for molestation
Ex-Miss Iceland was FBI's Bulger informant
Half Dome survivors wish they had taken heed
'Occupy' comparisons rankle tea partiers
Beyoncé’s prosthetic baby bump folds and collapses on TV
Microsoft says most malware is your fault
Feds: Wieners and guns sold at hot dog cart
Napa bust turns up monster marijuana plants
Probation for dad who put tot in oven
Israeli court backs Shalit deal
Relationships connected to 'pill'
Piranhas 'communicate with sound'
Model of 1,000mph supersonic car is unveiled
Jockey fire deaths probe goes on
Noxious substance school reopens
Sewage fear for Blue Flag losers
Hirano under fire for calling tsunami victims 'idiots'
'Waving' goat Darren dies at farm
Launch of wheelchair sports club
Driveway man 'unlawfully killed'
'No interest' in butcher position
Inquest into crossbow siege death
Barely any interest in public nudity hearing
Support for marijuana legalization hits all-time high
Lingerie Football wants to start a youth league
New Apple iOS fails to impress
Burger King to offer all-you-can-eat Whopper campaign for two weeks
Cadaver dog 'hit' at missing baby's home
Lindsay Lohan cleaning toilets, emptying trash at morgue
Thieves steal 2-ton bell from S.F. church
S.F.'s nail-in-head hawk eating rats, doing well
Man has to get cut out of kiddie swing
Gas pumps are the most germ-infested places
Washington Post to attract youth online
Stolen St. Mary's church bell found by homeless man
Man claims he was pushed off train by six drunk cops
Bee swarm escapes from US lorry
Japan nuclear radiation higher than estimated
Mormon H'ween bash bans 'cross-gender' costumes
Doctor apologizes for his 27 fat jokes in surgery magazine
'Fatty apron' fuels ovary cancer
Scots getting fatter, survey says
Naan bread factory jobs face axe
Father backs Tabak porn decision
Dave Winer: Why I stand up for Stallman
Bangkok splits as wet people rage
Suit: T'loin landlord hosting gang, bed bugs
McRibs have same ingredient as yoga mats, shoes
Naked woman climbed inside gutted dead horse to 'feel at one'
Lou Reed - "Metallica's fans are threatening to shoot me"
Anonymous Cancels Operation Cartel as Los Zetas Track Hacktivists
Nail gone from skull, hawk is freed in S.F.
Queen's big pants fetch £10,000
Fracking 'likely cause' of quakes
Police: 83-year-old male prostitute arrested
Someone stole the seeds from Marketbar’s 1,400-pound pumpkin
Jackie Chan: I want to be a woman
Kids bawl when told 'I ate all your candy' (video)
Man denies golf beheading murder
Bluebird replica 'disrespectful'
Arrests over racist Ameobi tweet
Duchy loses battle on oyster farm
Butt family suffering - sister
Butt's sister speaks of stress
Understanding the no-ball law
Rioters 'discouraged' by shotgun
Police: Bieber sexual tryst may be investigated
Girl, 3, eats leftovers for 2 days after mom dies
Greece's PM nears knife-edge vote
4th accuser: Cain reached for genitals
Sex With Animals Linked to Penile Cancer
Man allegedly bites cop in front of kids
'Cyborg yeast' run by a computer
Quad bikes probe police find body
Hairy crabs lead way at `canteen'
Tokyo trends: Deflation cutting hand-job prices to the bone
A Lady Gaga signed urinal is up for $ 460,000
Missouri woman found fused to recliner in home
SF wife who tipped kin to mergers sentenced
Friend: Man accused in Iranian plot is more 'Mr. Bean than 007'
Mike Tyson plays Cain in parody ad (video)
George Clooney talks about losing his virginity
Zynga CEO wants workers to return stock
Rick Perry trying to raise $$ from brain freeze
Calif. prosecutor commits suicide during traffic stop
Anschutz company sells Examiner to Canadian firm
Mishap freezes 800 rare New Zealand snails
The weirdest pregnancy craving ever: roadkill
Warning over raw sewage discharge
Already a large global aviation hub, Dubai now plans to become home to the largest airport in the world
Conviction upheld for marital dumbbell killing
Valuation may take shine off Chow Tai Fook float
Club death bouncers 'used feet'
Incinerator plans still on table
War stories boy rapes pensioner
'Speed up' riot killing inquiry
Grossman 'devastated' at botulism
Woman's bed sore 'rotted' to bone
Fleeing suspect found in Michigan leaf pile
Artist who shot dog gets unexpected backer
Scientific analysis of 400 YouTube videos of dogs chasing their tails
Turkey in Davis still alive with arrow through its body
Piranhas take toes at river beach in Brazil
Brady surprises young fan with ACL tear
Benetton yanks pope-imam kiss ad after protest
AKB48 fans to get to 'lick' their idols next year
Lady Gaga Terrifies a Baby
Trans Woman Wants Ruling After Topless DMV Fiasco
World's most popular lab mouse is an alcoholic
Rattlesnakes force closure of Calif. high school
Newt Gingrich: Child labor laws 'truly stupid'
Hooters server speaks at school career day
Fake doctor arrested for dangerous butt injections
Tire sealant, superglue used in butt surgery
Creamer in the pink after 1-stroke victory
Samoan rugby manager fined 100 pigs
Neo-Nazis adopt a highway in Delaware
Seventh abandoned puppy disovered
Pat Robertson: Is mac 'n' cheese 'a black thing?'
Tech startup founders turn to chocolate
Barack Obama seeks new 'body man'
Fire crews free student trapped in clothes horse
Buzzard rescued from mine shaft
Stolen baby Alpaca in death risk
Beheaded mum family meet minister
Seized vodka laced with de-icer
'Not gay enough' ballplayers settle suit
Utah prof denies viewing child porn on flight
Burning Man presale begins today
Wrong twin aborted in Australia
S Korean president dons thermal pants
Engineered avian flu strain could kill millions if released
Toilet games offer relief from urinal boredom
Cow shot dead after town rampage
Christmas bauble gang say sorry
Facebook groomer facing jail term
Snake infestation hits California high school
Police: 2 wanted in Wienerschnitzel ATM heist
Flaming potatoes lead to frying-pan assault
Police remove woman who yelled 'Boring!' during symphony
HP printers can be remotely controlled and set on fire, researchers claim
Bizarre tofu explosion has firefighters stumped
Winter vomit virus 'in oysters'
Toilet technology targets boredom
Zebras get loose from zoo, roam neighborhood
Couple held in bloody electric saw slaying
Dog steps on gun, shoots Utah hunter in butt
Amazing video of 18-ft. shark circling boat off N.C.
Police say knife, El Camino used in attack
Occupy SF to open a credit union
Saudi cleric in virginity warning
Toads 'smell pending earthquakes'
Larry King: I want to be frozen
Sikh man stabbed at Fresno airport
Dead mother spams kids from beyond the grave
Two-year-old sandwich served fresh
Waterslide benefits cheat jailed
Turkey homes conman jail warning
Three fracking protesters charged
Anger over topless barbers plan
Woman's frozen embryos 'are lost'
Stab man's insides 'hanging out'
Financial star picks Tang
Fla. woman found slain under Christmas presents
Runner who froze feet told police he was upset
Texas model has 'long road to recovery' after walking into plane propeller
Obama confuses Texas with Kansas
Alec Baldwin kicked off LA flight for playing game
Nancy Pelosi provides Newt Gingrich ethics report
Doc warns smoking could cause nipples to fall off
Mich. woman's lawsuit says SUV smells like corpse
Martha Stewart makes condom jokes (video)
Sony offers goat sacrifice to 'God of War'
Docs can't reattach guillotine-severed arm
Bachmann: Girls don't ask boys to the prom
L.A.P.D. kills man shooting at cars in Hollywood
TEPCO considers dumping more tainted water into sea
Bowel screening 'does cut deaths'
Death family officer just sacked
Toddler accused 'not monster mum'
'Predator' jailed for nine years
Praise for sex attack victim, 84
Sheep killed by 'unknown animal'
Police bottom pincher sentenced
Police: 2 Mich. kids used toy gun to steal snacks
Man in wheelchair shot dead by Visalia police
Plea expected in Barstow bondage sex fatality
Faecal transplants: The most disgusting procedure in medicine?
Bookseller guilty of terror crime
Turkey theft raid prompts appeal
Turkish baths stop male sessions
'No decision' on snooker return
Racist attack girl must wear tag
Oxfordshire man finds lost Bowie
Father and son share medical dog
Gun in carry-on accidentally fired
Lowe's in Muslim flap
End of a Fisherman’s Wharf era: Hooters is closing
Chuck E. Cheese fined for breaking child-labor law
NJ woman denies causing penis injection death
Ohio landlord fights 'White Only' pool sign ruling
Sandusky's lawyer gives phone number for gay sex line
Facebook launches suicide alert button
Thousands of birds die mistaking Walmart for water
Cat's 26 toes save Wis. animal shelter (pics)
Cops reassigned pending beanbag probe
Study: unattractive men think women dig 'em
Physicists use lasers to entangle diamonds
Spain opens border with the Rock
Foot-and-mouth slaughter rate soars
Stones guitarist escapes jail for drugs
Drink-drive limit to be introduced
Family about to bury dog finds surprise
Israeli changes his name to Mark Zuckerberg
TSA lets rapper keep his weed
Hairy limbs keep bed bugs at bay
Breast cancer women 'stop drugs'
Duggars share photo of miscarried baby
Man locked in cellar: Never saw my gov't checks
Canadian man drives with dead wife in car
Cocaine found on most public baby-changing tables
Oracle blows earnings, stock plunges after hours
Paedophile ring couple are jailed
Pensioner battles dog-attack hawk
Man to face explosive charges
Wolf fetish man groomed girl
Wards close due to vomiting bug
Deep fried butter served in Edinburgh
Spike through throat traps woman
Mail lorry stuck in narrow road
Butcher robbed of Christmas meat
Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Butt, Dies
Man cleaning gun kills Amish girl a mile away
Man crashes Lamborghini 6 hours after winning it
Sumo wrestler crime prevention team patrols streets of Tokyo
Hell mother jailed over kids' living nightmares
McDonald's tries to usurp KFC as Japan's Christmas chicken king
School accused of putting autistic student in bag
US rep apologizes to first lady on 'big butt' quip
Woman charged with defrauding nuns
Elon Musk says he will put millions of people on Mars
"Hacker Proof - Secured by GoDaddy" Site Hacked. Passwds, CCs Leaked.
Marijuana use is on the rise among pets
Wal-Mart in huge baby milk recall
Dog tease beats royals on YouTube
Wanted: $106,349 from Radical Reptiles owner
The road to Canada is paved with cheese
Laguna’s Goat Lady looks forward to new year
Man tried to take 247 animals on plane
Texas police: Man in Santa suit killed 6 relatives
Bon Jovi produces evidence he isn't dead (photo)
50-strong brawl turns to melee at Mall of America
Singer Sinead O'Connor ends marriage after 16 days
Man sued over Twitter followers
Desperate housewives receive advice from your agony uncle
Body of Canadian found in toilet
Not guilty plea in bogus liposuction case
Occupy Geeks Are Building a Facebook for the 99%
Breastfeeding flash mobs hit Targets
Occupy protesters arrested at Paul campaign HQ
Milwaukee oranguatans may chat with mates via iPad
Armless archer owns record
ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion
Expert: Mountain Dew can dissolve rodents
Police kill armed 8th-grader at Texas school
Police: Illinois man gouges out uncle's eyes
Poisoned cat stew 'killed tycoon'
'The Hoff' crab is new ocean find
Man uses iPad to cross US border
Macau's Ho splits gambling empire
Alleged fake lipo doc faces sex charges
How fracking wastewater might be tied to quakes
All Major Labels Are Suing Grooveshark
SEE ALSO: Ron Paul Confused By His Own Tweet
Pro skateboarder accused of naked NY hotel ruckus
Microsoft patents "avoid ghetto" feature for GPS
New Jags owner Khan axes senior VP Vance
Ubuntu TV unveiled
India Reports Completely Drug-Resistant TB
Rape suspect tries to pick up S.F. cop
Wells Fargo-hating skateboarder gets 8 years
Skateboarder in naked ruckus: I was 'like Hulk'
Peanut butter Cheerios met with parent outrage
Cookie boycott urged in Brownie transgender flap
Now you can recharge your cell phone with urine
A touching campaign to make a bald Barbie
Assault women in Facebook poses
'Urination' US Marines identified
Japan 'to sack gaffe ministers'
Turkey charges Duchess over film
Risky viruses found in bushmeat
Many stars seen blowing 'bubbles'
Gurkhas hit in latest MoD purge
Monkey cruelty couple sentenced
Festive sales blow for Thorntons
Headless body found at hospital
Surgeon to 'develop breast care'
Man with shoe fetish sentenced
Woman moves pony into her lounge
Crossbow fired at nightclub staff
Starbucks forbids dumb-blonde jokes
420 pounds of cow brains seized at Cairo airport
Man decapitated when wood chipper sucks up rope
Samsung Looks To Deliver Convergence Umbrella
8 men arrested for smuggling gold from S Korea to Japan in rectums
Body spends 5 days in theater restroom
Sexually explicit tattoo triggered tire-iron beating by yogurt exec
Indonesia giant balls deter train surfing
Indian TB cases 'can't be cured'
Cheetah seized by Heathrow staff
Christian census rebel fined £75
Head admits reputation 'damaged'
Gay death leaflets 'no problem'
Head wants catchment fraud powers
Romney parks millions in Caymans
Arrest over Saddam 'buttock' sale
Expert calls for Skegness rebrand
Officer scissor attacker detained
Judge dog attack charges dropped
Man cleared of body parts death
Virgin worst Christmas performer
Utah boy shot, killed by miniature toy cannon
Texas woman found dead in tanning bed
Rand Paul stopped by TSA in Tenn.
13-year-old baffled by vinyl record (video)
Man in underwear swims palace moat 'to meet emperor'
NZ police alarmed at breastfeeding motorists
Fresno mom very high on meth before killing
Man videotapes wife giving birth as he drives
Gingrich vows to establish a colony on the moon
Bill Gates stuns students at UK school
Whisky biofuel company launched
Bees trialled as park wardens
Viking mercenaries in mass grave
'Feral' attack on witch-case boy
Cockle boat to sail in jubilee
Bottle attack club keeps licence
Farms report increase in rustling
Rapist psychic found dead in cell
Pat Sajak: Vanna White and I did 'Wheel' drunk
Girl collapses after 15 years of eating nuggets, fries
Monster's Lee Comments On Beats Split
'Tween' lingerie walks Lolita tightrope
Man shoots self in leg waiting for haircut
Tourists in L.A. deported for Twitter jokes
Report: Cannon projectile didn't kill Utah boy
Ill. nuclear reactor loses power, venting steam
Gingrich sued for playing 'Eye of the Tiger'
British pair denied entry into U.S. over tweets
Obama planning $100-a-head fundraiser in SF
Ketamine: a new anti-depressant with promise?
Smart toilets try to break into U.S. market
Cannibal who ate head of former lover proposes to Satan-worshipping vampire
Stomach bug closes S.F. high school until Monday
Cleveland Police: "Faggots Don’t Deserve to Wear Pants"
Univ. of Conn. TV airs ‘rape is funny’ video
Blogger removal now 'per country'
German eats 64-year-old US lard
Boss accused of punching employee he was firing
Beckham's sons cringing over latest underwear ad
2 gay men: We were jailed without our pants
Fifth-graders get caught playing 'rape tag'
CNN sued over lack of closed captioning on website
David Beckham red-carded at kid's soccer game
Obama ignites firestorm among Catholics
Mo. teen describes killing as amazing, enjoyable
Vatican summit tackles sex abuse
'Witch' killing man 'brain damaged'
Lost mushroomers mulled eating dog
Testicular zap 'may stop sperm'
Berkeley gobbles up .xxx domains
Chinatown streets reopen after manhole fire
Bug found in more hospital taps
Naked man lured down from L.A. tower by burgers
Marines posed with Nazi SS logo in Afghanistan
Tsang goes for mom curbs
Banks bag breathing space on capital rules
Pizza Hut offers $10K proposal package
Man attempts suicide after police find mother's corpse hidden in vacuum bag
Two tree rule for Sumatra weddings
Embalmer loses license after comments about fat people, dead baby
'Speed Freak Killer' tip leads to skull, bones
Bullet still in head, says victim
Toilet instruction posters put up at university
Prosecutors to examine wind death
Siege man died from gunshot wound
Donald Trump makes Salmond attack
A Thousand Dildos For The Military Wives
Female 'emotions' worry Santorum
Genetic weapons could kill only the people you hate
Police: Houston underwater when found
Britain's first 'male mother' gives birth
Ram and deer 'to marry' in China
Malaysia deports tweet row Saudi
Fog theory in cyclist crash death
Woodland airlifted on to fellside
Starbucks Barista Draws Chink Eyes On Customers' Cups
Journey rocker hit with $50 mil suit over affair
28 lbs of cocaine on cruise ship in S.F.
Pilot 'extraordinarily' high before crash
'Speed Freak Killers' search yields 1K bone pieces
Spies: Scary Stoner can be beaten
Major Bitcoin exchange shuts down, blaming regulation and loss of funds
Monsanto court blow on poisoning
Science behind ponytail revealed
Man allegedly cooked, ate cats in Bakersfield
Underwear bomber sentenced
Lovers busted for vehicular V-Day bondage
Slow walking 'predicts dementia'
2 held in Petaluma robbery of Yu-Gi-Oh cards
Rio giving out 3 million free condoms during Carnival
Hash-oil blast defendant lashes out at girlfriend
Ex-wife pleads not guilty in fatal boiling attack
Man tries to evict mom, 98, on her b-day
Josh Powell had 400 cartoon sex and incest images
Witnesses: Jilted man drove over lover 3 times
Dive master: Didn't check Ala. bride on fatal trip
Paris Hilton Now Dabbling in Spoken Word Techno Music
Sinead O’Connor eyeing Playboy shoot
Germany criticised for castration
Branson wins porn domain battle
Naked woman stomps on Volvo in Noe Valley
Rowling to write first adult novel
'Aggressive chuggers' criticised
Transgender bet TV advert pulled
Vehicles vandalised 'by catapult'
Comet merger threatens more jobs
City park swans 'killed for meat'
Antipsychotics death risk charted
Can Lady Gaga crack India?
Woman held for killing mother over 'nutritional breakfast' argument
'Floppy babies' muscle drug hope
Church 'sickened' by NoW hacking
Star Church settles over hacking
Gov't enlists AKB48 as 'gatekeepers' for suicide prevention
Murder charge for naked man who stole fire truck
NC man drinks gasoline from jar, lights up, dies
Pastor calls breastfeeding mom a stripper
Stomach fat reshapes man's head
Stomach fat restores man's skull
Six-year-old child cannot smile
Chinese duo held for bridge theft
Profit crawls up at local bourse as global ills bite
Man sentenced to 2 years for semen-tainted yogurt
Mob forces Sarkozy to hide in bar
Witchcraft murder couple guilty
Arrest in buttocks-injection case
Apes 'advertise' homosexual bonds
Gay wedding plans 'nuts', says MP
Son is 'disgusted' by knighthood
Humperdinck is UK Eurovision act
Pelosi rips 'slut' rant
Mormon church to warn members of proxy baptisms
Peels of laughter as shop thief slips up in giant banana drama
Wildlife official: Cougar tasted like pork
Obama's transgender ex-nanny an outcast
Finding Prince Albert in 88 cans is no pipe dream
7 hurt hands in separate Wisconsin snowblower accidents
Next in the dead cougar flap
Nikki Sixx blasts Kirk Cameron for anti-gay beliefs
Grace Digital Debuts Floating Boombox Case
Turtle Beach Launches Site To Share Headset Presets
Disneyland and AIDS Charity Sued for Darth Vader Swinging at Angry Bird But Hitting Lady
'Deep' layoffs expected at Yahoo
Brain metal level 'beyond belief'
Dead Skegness whale to be moved
Cable blamed for cockle shortage
Last oatcake shop to close down
The Benefits of Boosting Your Facebook “Likes”
Police: Dad's body kept in ice chest 2 years
Palo Alto teen thwacks three with stapler
Taco Bell "Doritos Locos" Tacos Launch At Midnight
London canal torso could be actress
China 'hole' building divides opinion
Bat invasion threatens Australian town
Kate Moss hoarding hits shoppers
Hulk Hogan Sex Tape
Charlie Sheen teams with FIAT
Cops: Man used transmitter to track wife's sex
Imaginary banjo player cleared of public indecency
Study: Dessert for breakfast good for your diet
Owl swoops on dogs on Berkeley hiking trail
Greece: 12-year-old, relatives sell baby... to cops
Man, 67, punched in brawl in symphony box seats
Cheney deems Canada too dangerous for visit
IT guy who claims he was fired due to his Intelligent Design beliefs sues NASA
500 piglets burn to death in blaze
German celebrity bunny crushed to death by cameraman
Calif. church regrets pig rodeo, pork BBQ
Officials: Dead cows, violations found at CA dairy
Police say Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell was drunk, masturbating in public and vandalizing cars in San Diego.
Thieves steal 5,000 honeybees from Houston restaurant
Mom gets 6 years prison in meth breast milk death
Japan logs surprise February trade surplus
Ranting JetBlue pilot tackled on flight
Emergency pizza button debuts in Dubai
Man cuts off foot, throws it in furnace to avoid job assignment
Jeff Bezos Finds Apollo 11 Rockets
Prize for 'sea snake' inventor
Extra smoking help 'doesn't work'
Fake front lawn taken by thieves
Toads moved for new Jaguar plant
Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in U.S. film
Furniture made from the Golden Gate Bridge
Hair attack man in scissors ban
Killer 'left house bloodstained'
Windass admits depression 'shame'
Windass reveals suicide attempts
Kate Upton's 'Stooges' bikini riles Catholic League
Nazi Party gets its first Washington lobbyist
Breasts lead to arrest of Anonymous hacker
Kayaking caretaker attacked by swan, drowns
Company backed by James Cameron & Google founders may mine asteroids
A's Colon throws 38 consecutive strikes in win
Minister throws down incineration challenge
Truck carrying ammo takes 'wrong turn' to Mexico
Starbucks won't use crushed bugs for drinks
Bollywood actress kidnapped and beheaded by actors
Jesus 'would like beer festivals'
Are Facebook's hip days over?
Oreo breastfeeding ad wasn't meant for public
Man charged in Cheez-It attack
N.J. State Police Investigate 'Death Race' Sport-Car Caravan
Miniature honeycomb 'grows nerve'
Club probe into rape case tweets
Dog microchips plan for England
Saudi boy, 4, kills father for refusing to buy him PlayStation
Teens drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk
Teacher fires blanks at terrified kids
Romney eyes clean primary sweep
Inquest sees video of MI6 spy in bag
Gayety steps into wedding banquets
Silverstone: No regrets about pre-chewing food
MI6 spy 'didn't lock himself in bag'
'Terminator' takes Congolese towns
Gang robs 66 residences to get money for maid cafes, AKB48 concerts
Car crash victim thanks heroic Patrick Dempsey
Lady Gaga auctions teacup to help Japanese artists
RIM, Not Samsung, Orchestrated Phony ‘Wake Up’ Protest at Australian Apple Store
Gay Romney spokesman resigns
Zookeeper licks a constipated monkey's butt for over an hour to get peanut out
Stray parakeet tells Tokyo police where he lives
Toilet breaks world speed record
Mom gets life for molesting her baby with CSU prof
Facebook in organ donation push
World’s first snaggletooth girl group formed
Golfer nearly eaten on Florida course
Michael Jackson resurrected for Pepsi commercials
Hundreds of Armenians injured as balloons explode
France jails physicist for terror
Your field guide to S.F. sex nerds
'Penguin' beats Lib Dem in election
Massive rise in Asian eye damage
Dolphins die of heroin overdose at zoo
Pressure grows on head of Yahoo
Another testicle ticket written in South Carolina
S Korea 'to target powdered human flesh capsules'
Octomom - porno shoot set report
Hundreds of thousands are too broke to go bankrupt
Ind. man arrested with 4 kids strapped to car hood
Environment chief backs fracking
Tattoos for your dog?
Clinton pushes Pakistan on terror
Can snooker afford to lose Ronnie?
Mom seeks 'hot male teen' for daughter's prom date
Michele Bachmann becomes Swiss
SA seizes $7m from 'rhino gang'
WH Smith's Queen's Knickers error
Jaguar workers reject proposals
6th graders make porn video at school
Sheryl Crow forgets lyrics during show
Officials: Mom pimped out daughters, 7 and 14
Fla. teacher faces dismissal over 'cone of shame'
Guy implants magnets in his arm to hold iPod
Rep. Bachmann drops Swiss citizenship
Man in underwear stabs his PC with samurai sword when cops look for child porn
Calif. family wakes to find Lexus in their pool
Light-powered bionic eye invented
Smallest mammoths found on Crete
Zodiac book fingers Solano man
Horse makes opera debut in Falstaff
TSA gives Henry Kissinger 'full Monty' pat down at airport
Dancer: Buttocks enhancement damaged lungs
Man pickets all-you-can-eat place that cut him off
'Ganja-preneur' charged in wide-ranging frauds
Gonorrhea superbug spreads in Japan
Flesh-eating bacteria victim OKs more amputations
Researcher apologizes for study of gay therapy
Row dogs dinosaur skeleton sale
Body parts kept by police forces
Space launch for chicken outfit
'Cursing stone' found on Scottish island
Limbless man hits swim landmark
Is facial detection in S.F. bars creepy?
Man who dressed as dead mom sentenced for fraud
Hitler's very own hot jazz band
Mich. police: Grandmother shot grandson 8 times
Ultra-orthodox Jews rally over dangers of the web
Woman says she was fired for being 'too hot'
Anger over 'Reagan blood' auction
Cops collar dogs' tormentor
Korea hand seen in snatch
All eyes are on Ryan Braun's groin
'Bonk taunt' knife wife released
Apology over brain-damaged baby
'Don't win Eurovision' Spain told
No trademark for chocolate rabbit
Doctors report rise in kids eating detergent packs
Cows chase away party guests, drink their beer
Is Trump the birther worth the baggage for Mitt?
Mad Fogheads go off on Facebook
Police say severed foot sent to party office
Probe: Weak soil led to Hawaii zip line death
'Foot' posted to Canadian party
Ketamine Improved Bipolar Depression Within Minutes, Study Suggests
Kathie Lee keeps asking Martin Short about late wife
Waking up to major colonoscopy bills
Trucker trades most of fish load for $400 in crack
Staff anger over Kit Kat reward
Miami's 'growling cannibal' named
Male contact makes woman 'glow'
Old-people smell preferred over young B.O.
Bear euthanized after eating Canadian murderer
Parents will not get kids back after Nazi naming
Salmond hails affection for Queen
Fremont man severs genitals with X-Acto knife
Woman says face-chewing attacker was religious
21.3-meter-long dock found in Oregon is tsunami debris
Police: Teen accidentally shot self in webcam chat
Man tries to sell bear cubs at gas station (pics)
Teen computer burglars betrayed by the Cloud
Wealthy Texas woman faces child porn charges
Mom puts PCP in child's lunch meat. Tastes like "fireworks"
Iran talks disappoint watchdog
Hitchhiker writing 'Kindness' book shot in Montana
Woman doused in gas, set on fire at 7-Eleven
'Perverted' penguins shocked biologist so much he hid results
Pizza vending machines coming to America
Alaska bear victim pleads for help in 911 call
Doctors: Face-chewing victim 'awake and alert'
Booze and fags fine for fertility
Believers swallow live fish as asthma cure
Adult chaperone tricks students into eating moose droppings
Sweden goalie's bare backside used for training
Sperm 'not affected by lifestyle'
'Thrones' bosses apologize for Bush's severed head
Tourist's car blown up by police
Goodfella's guy 'had IQ of an ashtray'
General Mills charged with declaring war on marriage
NYU student builds robot that makes burritos
Destructive moth intercepted on U.S. military plane
HBO sorry over cut off head
Man calls 911 to complain about ham sandwich
Naked hood surfer clings to car for 4 miles while hallucinating on bath salts
'Flesh-eating bacteria' kill Sacramento pastor
Spear removed from teen's brain (photo)
Survey: Many would give up sex for iPhone
Report: VW gains control of MAN with stake increase
Cops: Man shot in the penis
Twitter blames 'bug' for service disruption
Why parents are serving banana splits for dinner
Man held over Derby fire deaths
Mystery of Goodies' fan laugh death 'solved'
Call to ban dead baby joke group
Car bonnet woman's year sentence
Jail for 'potato bribe' scammers
Date is set for child sex trial
Man claims he was sent by Pope to stop Brad Pitt from becoming a Scientologist
Giant cactus crushes US water worker
Pickle jug pull decides S.F. panel vote
Deputies: Rape attempt interrupted by truck
Texas man barks at neighbor, eats dog
Man allegedly turned triplex into 44 units
Police investigate man who cooked his own genitals
Bored drivers in Iran turning to drugs
Pakistan's fat cops battle the bulge
Early human ancestor chewed bark
Woman, 82, hurt protecting goose
Bone-eating worms drill with acid
Tiny fly may decapitate ant heads, live inside
Mermaids don't exist - US government
Scrumpers scupper peach project
Yammer buy boosts Jive appeal
Woman dies after serving Obama
Pigs! Men arrested for climbing in sty
Testicle-eating fish found in Ill. lake
Lion City in bid to ease executions
Footballer faces race abuse rap
Cops: Naked man kills Tracy motel owner
Russell Simmons launching yoga line
Woman tended corpse, watched NASCAR
Breastfeeding vampire coming to TLC
Amazon set to get faster, shoppers
Judge gives Miss. abortion clinic more time
Bruce curfew 'not safety related'
Nut harvests 'risk fresh growth'
Noel nut nixed by gnawing agoutis
Probe into Cole 'choc ice' tweet
'World’s biggest penis’ stopped at SFO
Cool for Jools - Gong joy for ex-Squeeze tinkler
Three accused of killing Marine wife had sex dungeon, warrants say
Accused child-foot licker blames Obama
'Goat man' spotted in Utah mountains
Man who traded fish for crack avoids jail
Baby heart risk for beauticians?
Microsoft fixes 'big boobs' gaffe
PBS had to move fast after Willard arrest
Man shoots at cops, helicopter in Utah
'Trump Turbines' could get bigger
Forced marriage help 'struggling'
Staff 'did not notice dead girl'
Tweddles 'hard graft' celebrated
Birdwatcher hide in arson attack
Missing red kite at 'love nest'
Illegal cockling summit planned
Coroner psychiatric care concern
Blatter warns Africa over coaches
Towel revolutionary: the man who tested his sanitary pads on himself
Naked Randy Travis charged with DWI
Official in cougar-killing flap replaced
Careful black bear raids candy shop
Celebrating discus medalist goes 'Hulk'
Cops: Woman stole baby to support lie
Shakespeare goes steampunk
Doctor accused of 'waterboarding' daughter
Hockey mom convicted of sex with minors
Owls check in at SFO hotel (Photo)
Worst McDonald's parfait thief ever
NEWS: Wi-Fi Fridge Suggests Recipes
John Daly's prostate awareness pants
Belarus KGB summons teddy bear team
Chimp escapes Vegas backyard — again
Motorcyclist drives off La Honda cliff, dies
Rancher cleared in Burning Man torching
Woman injured in toppled toilet
Body parts killers are to appeal
M6 closed after horsebox crash
Son killed his 'BBC man' father
Rafters Gone Wild leads to alcohol law
Man attacked with toilet plunger
Miley Cyrus shocks fans with new pixie crop
Anti-Semitic leader finds out he's Jewish
Woman on way to a bar with 8 kids held
Yahoo senior execs expect to be replaced
World Peace to play TV vampire
Metta World Peace to play an ‘overtly sexual vampire elder’ in TV pilot
60-year-old man attempts to shoot acquaintance with harpoon gun
Crushed U2 fan speaks
Bill Gates backs 'future' toilet
Hermits 'work to building codes'
Drink-drive bowler banned again
Elvis Presley bible to go on sale
Burning bed lover murderer jailed
Child allowance to be reviewed
Dad 'has no memory of killings'
Man killed on farm was 'amazing'
Suit presses state on chromium-6
Woman steals 42-inch TV under her skirt
Love potions, spells banned from eBay
Arsonist guilty of 5 heart attack deaths
Lebanese protest anal exams on suspected homosexuals
Best option for some tumors: Watching
Israel sperm banks find quality is plummeting
Teen in racy school pic flap busted
Crash band's Alice Cooper message
Murder grenades 'from Yugoslavia'
1847 law used to hold Trott party
Driver hits bear after trying to avoid moose
Photo: Worker survives bar through skull
Clown had iPad stolen from Jobs' home
Seal population 'exploding' on Nantucket
Man fights to keep wife buried in front yard
Rape-gaffe Republican told to quit
Congressman 'sorry' for nude swim
PM denies 'gongs for golds' quota
Marriage Makes Women Drink Way More, Says Science
S.F. nuts for Woody
Man grabs woman’s buttocks in Palo Alto
A's Colon suspended for drugs
Rape-gaffe candidate on the attack
Mother, child dead in decapitation-suicide
A's shake off Colon news
Colon's steroid connection
Gay Tampa bathhouse offers free admittance to GOP delegates
Twisted Sister demands Ryan not use song
Secret menu at taco truck: pot, meth
'Brush' sweeps human lungs clean
Sand sculpture of Queen beheaded
100 couples say 'I do' at Mexican prison
Billionaire unveils 'Titanic 2' plans
Digital Underground’s Giant Humpty Hump Head Needs a Home
Nailin Paylin star Strips for RNC Delegates at GOP-Themed Club in Tampa
Congo ebola outbreak 'kills 10'
Super Marino Bros: Fish play video game
Mock funeral for research beagles
Paralympic lantern tours Suffolk
American crayfish invade river
Cow blessing service published
Slash caught his mom with David Bowie
Nurse plagued by up to 100 orgasms a day
Romney anointed by Republicans
Naked prince complaints hit 3,600
Code Pink tries to arrest Condi Rice
Underwater wheelchair put to test
Woman found scalped, other clues scant
Acupuncturist charged in HIV infections
Marine wife killed after refusing S&M
Ryan accused over speech 'errors'
Pussy Riot daubed at murder site
Isaac forces dam evacuation order
Chocolate may be 'stroke shield'
All-Ireland heart surgery call
Tuning a piano 'moulds the mind'
Chimp grooming postcode lottery
India 'tightening cream' sparks sex debate
Cops: Man on drugs stabbed kids in sleep
Cops: Stepson killed over car damage
Breaking: Bob Denver, still dead
Gavel-banging opens convention
S.F. bathroom seeks hall of fame
Farm shooting probe couple bailed
Dead boys meant everything to mum
Hacker Group Claims to Have Romney’s Tax Returns, Wants $1 Million in Bitcoins
Former “Seasteaders” Come Ashore To Start Libertarian Utopias In Honduran Jungle
Quantum test pricks uncertainty
Arizona’s Birtherpalooza Canceled Over Low Ticket Sales
'Super soup' test in asthma trial
Smugglers 'hid primates in pants'
Nurse's 'love letter' to rapist
Boy's death due to 'low staffing'
Cheesy chips row killer is jailed
'Body parts of infant' uncovered
Television set hurled at train
Love rival killed with frying pan
Underpant 'drunk' sparks sea hunt
'Freak' death of steam fair girl
Hurricane pulls out of air show
Public offered waste plant tours
MP hits four cars while parking
South Africa ends fracking freeze
Foul smell reported across SoCal
Taggers hit Berkeley after graffiti event
Giants' butt-slap video popular
Judges skeptical in penis-removal case
Men caught with monkeys in underwear
Can pot help with parenting?
Did youthful tasings toughen Redskin?
'Today' skips 9/11 moment for Kardashian
Fisherman adrift for a day in bin
Thief steals stove, causes house explosion
Colon Injured in Athletics’ 2-1 Loss to Padres
Propeller boy needed 700 stitches
Chute baby pair still questioned
City shows off one day of rubbish
Suicide link to magazine
Woman discovers ex living in her attic
Methanol booze killing, blinding Czechs
Teens beat men with gardening shears
Body found in car at Gonzales Walmart
Cowboys tight end feeling like himself again
San Antonio police arrest man accused of robbing taco truck
Woman says she was burned during hot stone massage
River Authority spends money on birthday cakes, dice
Bomb threats, hoaxes wearing thin
Police arrest man for stealing golf clubs then trying to sell them to cops
Van crashes into home, driver flees scene
Texas rape trial fugitive found sitting on toilet
Father test-driving son’s motorcycle crashes
Cheerleader’s mom arrested at teen drinking party
Hunger pangs drove man to strangle pelican
Man chokes mother in argument over air conditioning
Woman bites sister’s nose off
Woman shot in face while jogging in park
Non-specific threat made to inbound flight
Rare spider halts highway construction
South Side tire shop run, operated by women
Mayor Castro talks to Siri
Local environmentalists sweat spaceport proposal
East Texas man enjoys custom guitar-making
Woman finds shooting victim on bus bench
Wipe electronics clean before recycling: experts
Woman says she found mouse in spinach
Home catches fire twice in one week
DWI suspect leads police on 70-mile-long chase
Deputy accused of beating wife with refrigerator door
Mother pleads for deceased son’s laptop
Exotic dancer gives state custody of kids
Old organs give new hope
Text message dispute ends with cutting
Man accused of posing as UPS deliveryman, pepper-spraying resident
Proton therapy with Dr. Bradley
Apple introducing new gadget
Business confirms cleaning woman stole lawn furniture
Stopping storms in your brain
Petite woman sought in Walgreens robbery
Man accused of punching, spraying 99-cent store manager
Pregnant woman run down by bus gives birth; expected to recover
Man shot in face at convenience store
Police find electronics inside suspicious box
Man shoots identical twin for $20
Man who claims he stopped stabbing posts in online forum
News team searches for gas in Louisiana
Mothers angry about bus driver mistakes
Escalator malfunction injures several
Gas leak causes tense moments at Catholic school
Sudden cardiac arrest
Woman charged in drag dogging case
Special-needs boy stabs father in front of school
Photographer outside of boarded-up CVS
Randy Travis’ truck found abandoned in field
State may reconsider sending prostitutes to prison
Woman injured when gun fires in bed
Electrocuted Sea World employee honored
Man dies after being run over by two cars
Physician’s assistants growing in popularity
Man cries after murdering mom
Judge taped beating daughter to get pay cut
Cardiac advice for kids
Woman steals iPad from 3-year-old
Man arrested for robbery after owner spots stolen sword
Woman charged in drunken tubing incident
Disabled parents enjoy water-ski adventure
Man proposes to girlfriend while being arrested
Dozens attend bat party
Teen showing off slams car into tree
Deer shot with arrow killed by police
Experimental treatment helping people with bad bones
Man fights to keep wife buried in yard
Another all-boys school opening
Teacher convicted after sex with 5 students
Mom & son held in multi-million-dollar toy theft
Woman sues Cowboys for burns to buttocks
Man gunned down, run over
Bus leaving town bursts into flames
Two year old run over by a car and raped in the same week
Inmate: I'm too obese for execution
Where preschools promote baby-making
Calif. man blogs about murder, arrested
Romney’s top 20 gaffes of the year
Grandfather wrestles dog away from gator
German cops hunt HUGE ERECTION-inducing SPIDER
Biennial boner blights Beemer biker
Woman’s LOL about DUI lands her in jail
Dark energy camera opens its eyes
Orca menopause helps protect sons
Amish Mullet guilty of hair hate crimes
Springsteen buys daughter Olympic horse
Fiona Apple arrested on hash rap
'Dark Prince' scammer jumps bail
Report: Audi distances itself from Chinese dealer with 'We Must Exterminate The Japanese' banner
Ann Romney makes emergency landing
Man leaps into tiger exhibit
Lynyrd Skynyrd to cease use of Confederate flag because of racist undertones
Bill Clinton wants Wal-Mart in Libya
Cat goes in for flea bath, euthanized instead
Cops: Man tried to slow-poison girlfriend
Investigator: Butt implant killed woman
Owner of finger found in trout traced
'Zombie bees' reported in western state
Woman charged with stick-figure threat
'Hockey mom madam' pleads guilty
Pizza Hut Middle East now stuffing Kit Kat bars into pizza dough
SupportBee launches web tool for headache-free email support
Rogue sperm sparks Danish action
Property heir Gigi Chao has laugh over father's bounty on her heart
Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ found by Nazis is from space
Canada 'cheese smugglers' busted
Nazi Buddha 'came from outer space'
Comic 'pushed lover into traffic'
Bug kills two premature babies
Mystery smells prompt complaints
Death nursery to remain closed
Paralympic goal of tube-fed woman
Boy struck by lightning 'stable'
Funeral for party stabbing boy
Crab name protection bid scrapped
Plane seats' come loose during flight
Women deleted from Saudi Ikea catalog
Study: Cute animal pics aid concentration
Up to 100 starlings fly into car, die
Farmer eaten by his own hogs in Oregon
Dog in car's grill survives 11-hour ride
No butts about supe's nudity plan
Charge: Ex-fire chief choked wife with belt
Cynar can add nuance to drinks
Strawberry Farm regeneration plan
Seagulls' training plans approved
Wind halts cockle beds reopening
Funeral feud fear shuts every pub
Abortion boat heads to Morocco
Bee brains to make robots smarter
Child porn studio dad pleads guilty to unspeakable sex crimes
Starved boy's sisters knew only of screams
'Killer' shrimp spread on Broads
Wave of autistic adults nears
Cops break up huge wedding brawl (video)
Mom arrested for daughter-tattooing
EBay pulls Colo. shooter Halloween mask
Italy smashes transsexual ring
Teen loses stomach after nitrogen cocktail
Two charged over Evans rape tweet
Man dies after live roach-eating contest
Cops: Man tries to rob bank of $1
Teen back at school after Romney shirt flap
'Brain-eating amoeba' kills 10 in Pakistan
Call from 'burglar' actually came from dog
Gandhi visits India rape family
Big fireball as ether cache is detonated
Man in body armor arrested at LAX
Zumba prostitute case rocks tourist town
Explosive growth in sudden oak death
Sister pleads for mom who glued child
Tot-gluing mom: 'I'm not a monster'
Plus-size model wearing bikini causes stir
Colon cleaning company sues WordPress
Researcher: Planet covered with diamonds
UC vets examine snout-less hero dog
Star of 'Bad News Bears' remake killed
Glued tot's mom says kids stressed her
‘Diversity officer’ in gay-marriage flap
Softball-sized eyeball washes up in Fla. (pic)
Stoner's return complicates MotoGP
Yoko Ono awards Lady Gaga peace prize in Iceland
Wiggins says Armstrong case isn't a 'hatchet job'
Squirrel dinner prep may have sparked fire
Woman gets 16 years in fatal fight over best Mexican state
Ideas about giant eyeball on beach
City bee hive numbers 'too high'
Turtle passes waste through mouth
Dogs' breakfasts 'boost accuracy'
Baby heroin attack father jailed
Walls torn down in bleeping search
Howe leaves Burnley for Cherries
Mathematical shape given to Queen
Out-of-sight plan for super booze
Slutty Sesame Street costumes a new low
Halliburton VP nabbed in prostitution sting
Tragic cooking of tuna worker
LAPD vs. rampaging skateboarders
Dean aghast at Vegas bird beheading
'Shocking pants' stop bedsores
'Wonderful family' killed in fire
Mum tells of girl's wall death
Police release 21 names in Zumba sex case
Groping allegation for candidate
The women clearing landmines by hand
Snoutless 'hero dog' needs chemotherapy
Foreclosure bus tours get more popular
O.J. selling ‘murder knife’ for $5 mil
Sunscreen recalled after people catch fire
Police: Costumed Pa. girl mistaken for skunk, shot
HS warns parents of "fantasy slut league" among students
Cyclist in turkey crash in critical condition
Court: Lap dance isn't art, is taxable
Hunx whacks it out
McDonald's staff trained to throw tracking balls at armed robbers
Tycoon sold on need for Macau hedge
Trail of stolen money leads to arrest
Teens held in woman's death, fire
'Frankenstorm' barrels toward US
Fister seems fine after line drive off head
Dropped McCririck denounces C4 'ageism'
Child porn teachers struck off
Boy was mad at his dog so he killed it
Woman jumps in creek to 'save' ducks
Bush’s FEMA Director During Katrina Criticizes Obama For Responding Too Quickly
Rape suspect called 'knight in shining armor'
Roach-infested Marin cafe turns itself in
S.F. scare ends - suitcase in tree harmless
Candidate backs law to screen for Communists
PETA wants sign to memorialize fish killed in crash
Candidate: 'Rape thing' not cause for abortion
Impaled deer roaming Berkeley Hills
Surfer says he punched shark till it let go
'Naughty' goats outfox town councillors
Man killed by 'agitated' horse
Storm over Cardinal 'bigot' award
Carbon monoxide decision welcomed
Fire crews attacked by fireworks
Woman new Cumbria lord lieutenant
Grenade gang appeals dismissed
Lawsuit: Cop Tased boy on career day
Cops kill naked man chasing wife
Arrest after fan 'monkey gesture'
Tweeters told to pay rape victim
Fifty Shades of Grey to be 'toilet paper'
Boehner to Obama: Let's make a deal
USC manager fired for deflating balls in loss
Taco Bell launches 'restaurant-sized' nachos
Breast Milk doll makes Bill O'Reilly uneasy
Oops: Romney team posts victory site
Woman killed with sword is identified
'Black Friday' starting on Thanksgiving
Woman summoned over Wiggins crash
Minister: Ash killer here to stay
Wheelie bin killing woman guilty
Man jailed for trying to kill PC
Bodies 'may be in wrong graves'
Triple title woe for worst dumper
Queenies gain European protection
Deadly mushroom soup lead to warnings
Sex at the office: How often?
Thief steals Tower of London keys
Voice of Elmo denies relationship with teen
Tiny sharks provide glowing clue
Crab price set; fishermen drop pots
Armstrong's cancer charity drops his name
Oakland tree saga may finally be over
Lap-dance flap at teen's b-day party
New cougar sighting in Berkeley Hills
Flunking 4th-graders have faces marked
Plane catches on fire after hitting deer
No hockey? Canadians turn to sex toys
Scots 'most likely' to die early
Abseiling Santa in beard drama
Bee decline action plan meeting
Irish tweets 'brought to the edge of space'
Judge blasts lawyer while jailing clients
Man: Didn't neglect maggot-infested dog
AP: FL man choked to death in roach-eating contest
Roach-eating death autopsy results
Macy's parade confetti had sensitive info
Nude activists protest in Boehner's office
Dolly Parton: ‘I’m not gay’
A confused Bill O'Reilly calls in a psychiatrist to explain Gangnam Style
Man kills spider with brass knuckles
Black family hazed, flees Orange County
Sneezes cause big-rig demolition derby
Body needed to curb press 'havoc'
Gas supplies returning after leak
Ball death was 'tragic accident'
Facebook comment leads to arrest
'Do not eat the flowers' mystery
'Super Puma inquiries' combined
Phone found in prisoner's bottom
Police probe sheep 'dissection'
Bird poisoning toll 'depressing'
'Goofy' mystery bird spotted at NM refuge
Pope will tweet as @pontifex
Inmates: Had to put hot sauce on genitals
NKorea strikes after U.S. Bigfoot claims
Stem cells being made from blood
Poo powered robot invented
Paedophile seeks Facebook damages
Water man killed in wall collapse
Terriers investigate chants claim
Rantzen launches elderly helpline
Giant scorpion for factory gate
Gwyneth Paltrow devours burger on rollercoaster
Octomom Porn Grabs Four AVN Nominations
Anaheim Man Shouldn't Have Used VW Beetle For Methamphetamine Delivery
California Magician's Head Set On Fire By Dominican TV Host
Denny's opens flagship unit in Vegas with cocktail bar, photo booth, wedding chapel
Morgan Hill couple kidnaps handyman, forces him to do home repairs
French sperm count 'falls by a third'
Russian men ate their friend to stay alive after becoming lost on a fishing trip
Poots wants Stormont flag review
Eye of Diablo to be lit
Mascot told to stop hunting with musket
Fla. police: Man left baby in pit bull's care
Outrage over ‘boobies’ card for teens
McAfee wants to return to U.S., 'normal life'
Wrist slap for coke-smuggling architect
Bobcats president Rod Higgins waives son
'Falling man' still a mystery
Cops: Suspect lived with woman's corpse
Delta buys big stake in Virgin
Amsterdam to ban smoking pot in school
Mysterious squid-suicide frenzy
Mourners gather at funeral for Chiefs' Belcher
Police foil plot to castrate Justin Bieber
Hundreds watch the pope tweet for the first time
Man dies doing Gangnam Style at office party
Woman realizes cat she rescued is bobcat
Marilyn Manson's ear severed, reattached
Oakland officials' lame strip club excuses
Feds: Texas cops guarded coke shipments
Pot proponents after Obama comments
Morgan Freeman Conn. statement a hoax
Tea Partier's Blog: George Zimmerman Would Have Saved Sandy Hook Children
Mind-controlled robotic arm gets closer than ever to human limb
Air Force to Unleash ‘Gorgon Stare’ on Squirting Insurgents
Germany backs away from using a Trojan on its citizens
In Last Ditch Effort to Save Marriage, Man Forces Wife on Date at Knifepoint
Northern Nevadans Don't Seem Worried about "Doomsday"
Boehner to pursue backup bill
Florida man shot after complaining about slow service at Little Ceaser's
Spider That Builds Its Own Spider Decoys Discovered
Hamster association angry with Justin Bieber
Twitter offers scrapbook of past tweets
Kim Kardashian Sizzles in Bikinis
Boeing uses potatoes to test wi-fi
Marine sentenced for urine video
Deadly snakes in toddler wardrobe
Jail Christmas for naked rambler
Bug causes hospital restrictions
Festive turkeys trapped by flood
Pet chicken alerts couple to fire
S.F. robbers steal wigs, punch elderly woman
Doctors save man by using alcohol
New pregnancy trend: Ultrasound parties
House re-elects Boehner speaker
Teen busted after posting ‘Drivin drunk’
Subway testing a new spicy cream sauce
Nobody schmoozes like Joe Biden (video)
Cops caught egging superior officer's home
Ketchup on cheesesteak request causes ruckus
Teen who used laser on Giants sentenced
Lawmaker to bring back rape loophole bill
DarbeeVision Adds Cobalt Depth Enhancer
Panasonic Unveils 32 Plasma and LCD TV SKUs
Woman arrested for stalking herself
Gator found guarding local pot stash
'Mark of the beast' pupil loses case
BART riders to go pants-free Sunday
Union City man jumps in mineshaft for 'gods’
Tiny machine apes production line
MGM is rebooting BEN HUR
'Stand closer to the rhino' ends in grave wound
Chicago customs seizes 18 human heads
Pat Robertson blames marital woes on ‘awful-looking’ women
Skrillex's hair catches fire
Cross-dressing meth priest liked sex in rectory
Storms wash up WWII lard on beach
Prince Harry: I killed Taliban
Family-slay suspect: Mom annoyed me
Michelle Obama wears Wu to the balls again
Ore. man accused of putting dog in oven
Marines beat a retreat in Beyonce lip-sync flap
Taliban says Prince Harry has mental problem
Justin Bieber tops Lady Gaga to rule Twitter
Man guilty of tortilla-press heroin smuggle
Dream Bear's suicide attack
Mutilated animal corpses still appearing on streets of Kure
Woman throws newborn baby out of toilet window
Subway sandwich scandal inches into court
Security guard accidentally shoots off his penis, faces charges
Politico: Democrats launch plan to turn Texas blue
Naked woman drives car into fiance
Houston researchers are making human hearts out of pig scraps and baby shampoo
Japan sets Guinness record for synchronized mascot dancing
Whale secretion may lead to man's fortune
Silver haul donated to Ashmolean
Okinawa cancels plan to use young women’s thighs as advertising space
McCain monkey tweet called racist
White House defends skeet photo
Twitter trolls attack reporter over SEAL death
Runaway-bus passenger describes terror
Pigeon 'Bermuda Triangle' solved
Plans to 3D print Moon building
Cafe owner defends 9lb breakfast offer
Horsemeat found at Newry cold store
IRA supergrass 'not abandoned'
Knives man Tasered outside palace
Minister wants dead freeze dried
Pol: Make ‘Atlas Shrugged’ required reading
Abe to meet Obama with hands tied
Acapulco rapes at peak tourist season
Asiana Cabin Crew Rank No. 2 in Region for Sartorial Elegance
‘Dog with human face’ captures human hearts
Last-stand Neanderthals queried
Bieber loses lunch during 'SNL' rehearsals
UK lasagna mostly horsemeat
NY cannibalism trial jury pool sees kinky images
Amish beard-cutter Mullet jailed
Row over ownership of 'space marine'
Firms face horsemeat 'disaster'
African torso case boy 'identified'
One newt halts work on police HQ
'Naked rambler' charge dropped
Head teacher gets on her scooter
Child actor Park Ji Bin surprises fans with hidden six pack
Ice mascot condor scares coach, escapes
Romania rejects blame for horsemeat
Man holding chips fights off attack
Soak in a nice hot spring bath with Ted
CA man killed NJ man for laughing at sandwich
Sea slug 'disposable penis' astounds
Blaze-accused father 'hit mistress'
Cregan witness got 'one-eyed threat'
Horsemeat: good news for butchers?
Matt Damon Goes On Toilet Strike
Why Prius owners drive like that
Bunnies feast on cars at Denver airport
Hatchet attack in Noe Valley
Mexico: Bird flu outbreak hits 582K chickens
Kangaroos delay golf tournament
First lady says midlife crisis led to bangs
Sex-with-boys mom back in trouble
Police: Rapist used ChristianMingle.com
North Korean Propaganda Video Features Burning Obama set to Elder Scrolls Soundtrack
Girl who died in fire was ‘always laughing’
Toxic nap mats draw suit in Oakland
'Fibbing' fish supper fighter fined
Tree surgeon's regrets over toe loss
YC-Backed Referly Acquires LaunchGram, Eyes Ramen Profitability
Nicolas Cage buys a pyramid to be buried in
Firefox introduces PDF viewer
Police: Woman, pit bull had sex in yard
Kelly Osbourne sprains ankle in toilet drama
Finger-in-chili woman in trouble again
Wife: Cannibal-plotter viewed disturbing porn
Scientists show off stretchy battery
Kim Kardashian sex tape masters saved from fire
U.S. to air-drop toxic mice to control Guam snakes
Rodman: Kim Jong Un a 'friend for life'
Rodman Confuses N.Korea with South
Holly Madison has plans for her placenta
Lambing to reveal Schmallenberg extent
Death blaze jury hears secret tape
Florida man missing in sinkhole
Florida man pretends to be cop for 6 mos to impress girlfriend, really worked at Pizza Hut
Web searches eyed at cannibalism-plot trial
Baby owl learns what getting petted feels like
Chimp 'girl talk' is more negative
Namecheap now officially accepts Bitcoin
Patches 'may tackle prostate cancer'
Subaru recalls 47,000 zombie cars
J&J recalls 3 versions of K-Y Jelly
Concern over 2,800 pigs dumped in China river
Strip club brawl ends in leg amputations
Golfer swallowed by sinkhole mid-round
Dead fish overwhelm future Olympic venue
Dutch lesbians raising Turkish boy in hiding
Man shoots finger to remove wedding ring
Rabies death was from organ transplant
Beef, wheat may be sacrificed in talks
Del Monte gets banana fine reduced
Horsemeat probe plant can reopen
'Bible' producers dismiss Obama-Satan link
Canada body parts suspect collapses
BBC film 'disturbed polar bears'
Jedi 'could perform marriages'
Roache apologises for abuse comments
Kraftwerk head to Suffolk coast
Canoe couple 'hacking' case dropped
Modified clay 'aids Broads habitat'
Trains to cut 'tosh' announcements
Stolen dog system 'needs overhaul'
Ice blades threaten Europa landing
Watchdog reveals new horsemeat find
Enthronement protester bound over
Cops: Man drank whiskey worth $102,000
Coach facing molestation rap surrenders
School probes urine prank by girls team
Ford apologizes over Berlusconi bondage ad
Abe exploiting chink in base opposition?
Man found in flames on overpass
Man trapped in ‘It’s a Small World’ wins suit
Smoking by mentally ill 'ignored'
Infected burn makes dressing 'glow'
Horsemeat found in primary schools
PC 'crashed into island at 92mph'
Scientists create robo-ant colony
Justin Bieber’s monkey seized in Germany
Stalker held for trying to kill female coworker with poisoned shoes
U.S. to Step Up Pressure on Korea Over Beef Curbs
Woman puts skeletonised brother in trash after realizing he's dead
Experts warn of untreatable TB risk
'Placenta' found by London walker
Balls caught speeding
Pork in Ikea’s moose lasagna
Frog-phobic man awarded $1.6 million
TEPCO may run out of space for radioactive water
La Jolla seeks relief from bird poop
Man Requires Surgery After Rectally Inserted Eel Chews Colon
Circus elephant hit in drive-by shooting
US judge in Philly weighs NFL concussion suits
Netherlands says 50,000 tonnes of beef may contain horse
Japan to let Taiwanese fish near the Senkakus
Victim recalls assailant’s breasts, little else
Goat's head delivered to Wrigley Field
'Britain's Best Dad' attacked wife
Baby ashes scandal widens to Glasgow
Teacher who force-fed custard banned
'Escalator' to help dying fish
PNG leader to repeal sorcery law
Woman holds SoCal popcorn exec hostage
Max Factor heir gets 50 years in rapes
Condom snorting trend hits youtube
Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court
Legislator calls women 'vaginas'
Cops: Slain baby kept under bed
Golden Gate Fields yanks booze promotion
Czechs: We're not Chechens
S.F. 'Healthy Penis' returns
The Healthy Penis comes out of retirement
Airline sues to fire pot-puffing pilot
Marine biologist guilty of feeding whales
Mars Rover draws penis
Jailed gang leader impregnates 4 guards
7 charged with smuggling bladders to China
Obama threatens kids with 'family tattoo'
Drunk Frenchman pulls toy gun on cops
Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her
Store pulls monkey nuts from shelves over 'peanut warning'
Mike Tyson’s ex ate his bird
Rolling Stones rock smal club in L.A.
Everest fight between climbers, Sherpas
Cop-dragging San Bruno gawker sentenced
Sweaty babies 'are less aggressive'
Worker dies in blender at Oregon meat plant
Ice cream man to rival: 'I own this town'
Behind the Scenes with CHICKEN Scheme
Shiny dog bowl sparks Santa Rosa house fire
Black smoke detected from Monju reactor during test operations
Rat meat sold as lamb in China
China tries, fails, to censor jokes about penis-shaped skyscraper
CHP: Flaming limo had too many passengers
Pfizer to begin selling Viagra online
Military sex assault monitor accused of sex assault
Human head found at Oakland recycling center
Cops: Mom checked WebMD after son shot
Weev placed in solitary confinement for tweeting from prison
Nephew: Pressure-cooker arrest a mistake
National child-porn manhunt ends in Salinas
NASCAR's Dick Trickle found dead in cemetery
Thousands of Chinese sign up for one-way ticket to Mars
Nikki Sixx blasts Kim Kardashian for tornado tweets
Kumamoto baby hatch says it received 9 infants in fiscal 2012
Porn star's calligraphy irks China
S.F. car break-in turns into tomahawk attack
JC Penny Denies Tea Kettle Looks Like Hitler
Police: Driver drove drunk while having sex
Canadian high school creates all-hockey curriculum
PNG expands death penalty usage
Missing organs girl 'had infection'
100 teens ejected from flight
Foie gras doughnuts spark death threats
'Bunga bunga' woman loved Berlusconi
Arson, fear grip Fla. retirement community
303-pound shark jumps onto boat
Study: About 20% of designated drivers drunk
Woman ordered to get help after 396 arrests
Temple: He's a patriot | Boehner: He's traitor
Woman approaches kids with chain saw
8-month-long erection subject of lawsuit
Eyeball-licking fad spreads pinkeye
Scientists seek permission for experiments with animal-human embryos
Avril Lavigne pulls out of Hiroshima A-bomb concert
Facial 'suicide disease' often misdiagnosed
Cops: No-pants dad driving kids crashes
Trend alert: Cabbage Patch baby wigs
Stolen car sets two San Jose homes ablaze
Smithfield Hams cans Paula Deen
Obama climate plan ignites Washington
Maggots eating woman may have saved her
Alicia Silverstone launches breast milk-sharing service
US immigration officer charged with accepting bribes of cash and egg rolls
Obama, Bush in chance Africa encounter
Strawberry driving Tebow bandwagon
Lettuce Bot tested at nearby farms
NTSB intern in KTVU flap out
Geraldo’s half-naked tweet induces squirms
Woman takes horse into McDonald's
More lewd pics from Weiner
Lobsterman survives in sea, thanks to boots
Consumer Reports stunner: Chevy best sedan
Developer: Bulger stuck shotgun in his mouth
Plague squirrel closes SoCal campgrounds
Kate applauded for new-mommy tummy
German cops pull over a car pool - literally
Record holder for shoes is killed in CA
Feds: Pot farmers kept rape victim in box
Man 'too fat' to live in New Zealand
False memories implanted into mice
Man with 132 lb. scrotum gets Reality Show
Dog eats paralyzed man's testicle
Spectators injured at implosion
Illegal buttocks injections kill, maim women
Turkey: Telepaths may be killing our military engineers
Soylent now accepting Bitcoin for preorders
Evergage, The Disrupt Finalist, Launches A B2B Service For Improving CTR
Tara Reid's theory of whale-shark sex
Woman believes dead husband sent heart shaped potato
Animal group vandalizes Iowa butter cow
Instructor shoots student in gun safety class
Oprah 'sorry' for Switzerland's flap
Ants fitted with tiny radio backpacks
'Breaking Bad' fan loses cable, calls 911
'Ghostbuster' arrested for conducting exorcism with penis
Pantless intruder on German leader's jet
Spontaneous goat manure fire stinks up town
Jacko fan acquitted in dubstep bottle assault
U.S. man pleads guilty to stealing father's body in hope of raising him from the dead
Artist who painted Putin, Medvedev in women's underwear flees Russia, hopes to find asylum in France
Calif. DA scrutinized in fire, affair with escort
Tokyo chef who likes a good breakdown
Victim's mom rejects judge's rape apology
BlackBerry Q10 "Just Hit the Ground and Died" - Wireless Exec
Pot grower killed by his piano wire booby trap
Smart watch already doomed
Weiner in shouting match with heckler (Video)
Videos show SoCal cops clubbing man
TechCrunch sorry for 'joke' presentations
Mom breast-feeds while riding moped
Oakland 'Stormtrooper' robber was track star
Cops: McDonald's manager robs own restaurant
Voters pass judgment on Weiner, Spitzer
Small testicles, better dad?
Weiner ends campaign by flipping off press
Wife: Zimmerman smashed my iPad
Cardboard cutouts deface 9/11 memorial
Courtney Love: ‘Miley Cyrus is hillbilly’
North America's tallest peak may be shorter
Calif. authorities investigating raisin theft
Friday the 13th: Take flight 666 to HEL?
Great news for stoned gamers
'Hiccup Girl' on trial for murder
Hospital seeks virgins' blood
Nude SF climber returns, this time with a knife
Reasons to be leery of palm oil
GOP Congressman To Staff Aides: Stop Whining, I'm Stuck Earning $172k
Ron Paul: More women should sacrifice career
Brain-eating amoeba rattles nerves in La.
Rihanna pics lead to poaching arrests
Teens can delete digital skeletons
Bad combo: Concussions, tweets
Bitcoin-Infused Accelerator Boost.vc Launches Second Batch
John McAfee to make Internet "impossible to hack"
Walmart pulls sexy toddler outfit
Boehner demands concessions
Scary chicken nuggets 'autopsy'
'Fukuppy' firm rethinking mascot after Internet ridicule
Early Britons likely ate roasted toads
Study: Oreos just as addictive as drugs
San Francisco gets its first baby stroller spa
Man acquitted of sex with BART seat
New bra tweets each time it's unclasped
No damages after Army indirectly kills baby
Prosecutors: S.F. cop who crashed very drunk
Cops: Couple used dog shock collar on kid
Police: Angry driver KOs 'Superman'
Toronto mayor admits he smoked crack while drunk
Man crushes son under truck for insurance $
Cops stun stepdad trying to save son
NZ boys investigated for running rape club
140,000 pounds of walnuts stolen
Robotic backpack for cockroaches draws criticisms
Tracy man fingered as Contra Costa firebug
White supremacist discovers he's part black
Muni train takes off without driver
Pit bull likely ate owner's hands
Milpitas man sentenced for too-small sharks
Cops: Pa. man stole backhoe, drove to Philly
Judge orders woman to stop breastfeeding
Aldi confirms up to 100% horsemeat in beef products
Turkeys run wild, spur tension in NYC
Jury: Peeing in park wasn't perverted
Patriots' Cannon fined $15,750
Cops: Mom prostituted girl to pay utilities
Lawyer pumps up landlords at boot camp
Twitter battles army of fake accounts out of Vegas
SFPD: Man beat guest for peeing on carpet
Houseboat deaths tied to on-board meth lab
Russia outraged by giant Vuitton suitcase
A's pursuit of Colon ends
Crush death museum told to improve
Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed
Body piercing controls wheelchair
Balding reveals grandma's gay insult
Spain 'promises no more bag opening'
Pregnant horse in river rescue
Brunel shed opens as technology hub
Turkey plea after hotel shuts down
Illegal home had toilet in kitchen
Comedians stoned at Mike Huckabee's show
Mountie told 'no pot-smoking in uniform'
Toilet TV show invoked in Ukraine row
'Cannibal sandwiches' linked to E. coli
Law profs blast bid to crack Calif. egg law
Asda car park death punch 'madness'
Demi: 'I couldn't last an hour without cocaine'
Backseat driving son bit off dad’s eyebrow
Hacker: Queen annoyed by nut-eating cops
'Affluenza' gets teen off in fatal DWI
Boehner blasts GOP groups
Police 'told to leave Queen's nuts alone'
Snuggle therapy center closes
Critics take on NORAD Santa tracking
Ford sorry for 'paedophile' comments
PR exec tweets: "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!"
Cook-shortage 'epidemic' hits SF
70 injured in carnivorous fish attack
Man doesn't bring home beer, gets stabbed
Police: No beer led to ceramic squirrel stabbing
Hunch reveals genuine Van Dyck
Robots 'to work in supermarkets'
Outpouring tries to save hacked Dogecoin
Cops: Mom tried to poison kids on Christmas
Beaverton man on meth masturbates in bar, shrugs off taser, fights 15 police officers
'Polar vortex' to blast frigid air over U.S.
Naked man stuck in washing machine freed
'Sticky balls' stop cancer spreading
Man says he gave stepdad fatal wedgie
'Magnetic man' breaks spoon record
Honey Boo Boo hospitalized after car crash
Berkeley High pool causes kids to lose hair
T-Mobile CEO: “This industry blows,” biggest carriers offer “horseshit”
CES 2014: Voyce is a Health-Tracking Smart Collar for Dogs
Belkin Introduces iPhone-Enabled WeMo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker
Kim Basinger apologizes for making bad films
Christie sorry for revenge traffic
Police find treasure trove in teen’s bum
Reaction to Christie's apology: Way bad
AI journal caught in sexism flap over robot cover girl
'No Pants' on BART
CAR cannibal 'ate man as revenge'
Hollande ducks first lady question
Feds: Blue meth seen in New Mexico
Topless skyscraper photos spark suit
Man shot dead in cinema texting row
Roache 'sent autograph after attack'
Monkeys banned from eating bananas
Spies to be allowed to speed
Catholic orders in abuse apologies
Cull police 'cost £1,311 a badger'
'Stay away' from norovirus hospital
Flirting monkeys 'stone' their mates
Black hole to 'eat biggest meal'
Re-education for Dream Bear
Bitcoin spreads tentacles as Octopus sniffs the bait
Enraged players turn up heat on Australia and denounce inhumane Melbourne tennis furnace
No yolk: Cocaine in Bieber house
Search for Bieber eggs, find drugs
Comedians 'have psychotic traits’
Roache 'raped girl in his two homes'
Pregnant woman chews on dirty diapers
Can we teach a machine to recognize death?
Man with machete rips out lip ring of woman
Federal judge sent hundreds of racist emails
HK raid on 'public toilet brothels'
Comet-chasing probe wakes up, signals Earth
Cyber attack that sent 750k malicious emails traced to hacked refrigerator
Sex assault jacket image released
Police investigate A&E wait death
Murder home could be knocked down
Slurring Ford tries to 'speak Jamaican' (video)
'Jelly doughnut' rock on Mars appears
Driver didn't see biker stuck in windshield
Alaska is warmer than the Lower 48
Whoops! New Yorkers slip on ice, fall on butts
Vallejo police nab naked shooting suspect
Hong Kong tycoon now offers any man $120 million to marry his lesbian daughter
NSA 'gets data from Angry Birds'
Windy cows cause Germany blast
Body boarder dies in 'toilet' waters
Cow flatulence blamed for barn explosion
W.Va. official: People inhaling formaldehyde
Cops: Counselor sold pot to students
Ship drops anchor on BART tube
Feds: Equip cars to talk to other cars
Corruption across EU 'breathtaking'
Catching the mother of all bed bugs
Too much drama in nudist arrests
North Korea calls Abe 'Asian Hitler'
Deer head man in Porsche axe rampage
Reward over toddler hit-and-run
Council memory stick goes missing
Iguanas in socks seized at airport
Young people 'desperate to leave'
Another naked, Florida man with "superhuman" strength attacks 3, bites face
Henlow car dealership attacked by Tesco deer head man
UK tragedy haunts Chinese cocklepickers' families
NorCal man dies in burning wheelchair
Subway: Bread losing shoe rubber chemical
Bay activist: I made it rain with acupuncture
Joe Biden on LaGuardia Airport: "I must be in some third-world country"
Koreas work on joint dictionary
Toddlers take up extreme sports
Dog designer: 'I've done damage'
Roache cleared of rape and assault
'Insect bullying' of 'rape' soldier
Police probe 'Tesco horse dare'
Head removed from failing school
'Bag a slag' event forced to cancel
Police at voyeurism teacher school
Ex-McGruff actor gets prison for pot farm, guns
NY police break up cockfighting ring
Former "McGruff the Crime Dog" gets 16 years for 1000 pot plants, grenade launcher
Store Owner: Employee Wore Banana Suit To Look 'Less Alarming' While Carrying AK-47
Sinkhole collapses part of Corvette Museum
Silk Road 2 Hacked, All Bitcoins Stolen
Stripper sentenced in buttocks-shot death
Belgium approves child euthanasia
Tweets attack death crash footballer
Dog death baby was 'cherished'
Neknominate death person questioned
Guy with flower pot on head robs gas station with chainsaw
'Japan's Beethoven' says he can hear
Pussy Riot members whipped by Cossacks
Study: Homophobic people die earlier
Which state is having the longest sex?
Fired for using forklift to get Twix
Dogs in scanners reveal vocal skills
Police dogs 'attack 150 bystanders'
'Toilet tax' approved by Tynwald
Deepdale start for Finney cortege
Van man 'wrongly named' most wanted
Ear-bite TV actor felled by 'hyenas'
Smoke bomb fans banned until 2017
Flood-hit horses field unacceptable
Raw sewage follows winter floods
Ear-bite TV star like 'big monster'
Kurt Cobain honored with weird crying statue
Woman arrested for using 911 to hit on cops
Child dies after bite from Petco rat
Bay Area woman will 'marry' her bike
S.F. supes slam anti-gay Arizona law
Are selfies leading to lice infestations?
Classic Corvettes pulled from Ky. sinkhole
Cerberus to buy Safeway
Chipotle warns of possible temporary guacamole/salsa shortages due to climate change
Cops: 2 OD on heroin as kids play at McDonald's
Police: Phoenix man 'just felt like killing'
Planners OK legalizing 'in-laws'
Man who woke up in body bag dies for real
German football boss Hoeness guilty
Enjoying a stroke and a grunt at 182
Gaga storms SXSW with hog roast, vomit
Demi: 'Gaga vomit gig glamorizes eating disorders'
China baby hatch forced to close
Japan drags down global music market
Jerky recall after slaughterhouse problems
Ukraine bows to Crimea seizure, plans pullout
Study: Titanium golf clubs can ignite fires
Man's 'gun' turns out to be stomach tattoo
Fluke Networks responds to SparkFun seizure
Police seek man who sucked toes at Wal-Mart
Bat-eating ban to curb Ebola virus
Judge: Don't be too sexy for this court
Facebook drones to offer net access
Java prisoners learn sewing skills
Pagan blast completes Giants' late rally
Mozilla boss quits in Prop. 8 flap
Dad guilty in tot's creek-tossing death
Should anyone have to explain being a 'larper'?
Baby accused of 'planning murder'
Geep: Rare 'goat-sheep' born on Irish farm
Darth Vader 'out' of Ukraine election
US man fired for corpse mistake
GOP guv hopeful Kashkari loves his slobbering dogs (Video)
France just banned work emails after 6 PM
Laboratory-grown vaginas implanted in patients
Motorcyclist splitting cars killed
Conviction upheld in sex act with BART seat
Boy born with mouth locked shut baffles docs
Pen-wielding defendant shot dead in fed court
Fatherhood follows innovative penis surgery
Mayor Who 'Kind Of Agreed' With Alleged Jewish Center Shooter Resigns
Naked man flips out in Tesla on Los Angeles-area freeway
Oregon generator runs on fetuses
Russia's Putin calls the Internet a 'CIA project'
Sonoma supe: I was wooing, not peeping
Suit says Vallejo cops wrongly shot nude man
Pakistan PM gas cut-off amid arrears
No more free petrol for Turkmens
Food poisoning at... food safety conference
$90K jury award in S.J. brutality suit
Spain may legally require kids to do chores
Ben Affleck banned for life from Hard Rock Casino for counting cards.
Gay gets one-year ban for doping
News Corp buys 'bodice ripper' house
Swarm 'delivers on magnetic promise'
Cry for help in Saks shopping bag
Fire causes explosion of rotten fish
Matt Cain comes clean on sandwich caper
13 Amish money secrets
Coke to drop controversial ingredient
'Skull Cracker' sighted in London
Patient given vasectomy 'by mistake'
Arsonists blamed for recycling fire
Mothers breastfeed at Sports Direct
Comic's wife 'in love' with pig
Humans warned away from plovers
Russian 'swearbot' to patrol the web
Shorebird wood chipper massacre reported in Oakland
Clay Aiken's primary opponent dies
Prince downs rum on submarine visit
Monkeys tackle airbase 'bird threat'
Camel-kissers defy virus warning
Forecast for deadly jellyfish blooms
Ice Age teen offers unique time capsule
Hero cat to throw out first pitch at ballgame
Sperm problems tied to earlier death, study finds
Massive PNG gas project loads first shipment for Japan
CHP forced to herd goats off Oakland freeway
New Zealand: Cat brings home bag of cannabis
Entire German family hit by lightning
Man pepper sprayed by police drowns
Top spiders compete in 'Crufts'
'Troll sent rape threats to MP'
Giant condom in Santiago suburb
Diet of worms for Chinese astronauts?
Craze for hamster bottoms hits Japan
Mom: Sitter filled baby's bottle with vodka
Depressed goat reunited with best friend
Surviving flesh-eating bacteria
Mother criticises German death probe
Appeal after iguana found wandering down a street
Cadbury tackles Malaysia pork debacle
Researchers on a high-tech quest for the perfect nipple
No charges in urination-related stabbing
House Republicans gorge on junk food
Sting cracks airline cash-smuggling ring
Study: World on brink of 6th great extinction
Rat lady 'breeds' rodent army
Goat unemployment rate at all-time low
How much money can we make from fracking Britain?
'Explosives man' held after manhunt
Jesus Christ Superstar US tour axed
Soccer-playing sheep face off (pics)
Black Country family shop sale includes faggots recipe
US seeks Twitter sarcasm detector
Mudslide kills 'parrot of the night'
Migraine leaves woman with accent
Osborne and Balls trade pre-Budget blows in tabloids
Police investigate after Balls hits parked car
Balls 'daunted' by chancellor task
Jane Fonda gives Conan sex advice
Nobody really knows how many children are missing
Sheep 'cruelty' probe at university
Men in homophobic 'ammonia' assault
Shard evacuated after smoke alert
'Stoning' books found at school
'Hamburger' work begins on city ring
Cops: Teacher abducted 3 for fast-food run
Male faces 'buttressed against punches' by evolution
China ships 'rammed 1,400 times'
Boy killed in slurry tank accident
Two jailed after dog 'ate man alive'
Billionaire Netflix CEO survives split attempt
Man found eating love rival's heart
'Brain dead' US teen to get diploma
No food or water for ailing DJ Kasem
Cat watched people for 9 hours
It's Time For a Hard Bitcoin Fork
Open prison 'loses 89 inmates'
Venue may ditch slave trader's name
Sunbed neck cut teen in death fall
Canal fish 'no longer in danger'
Robin Hood park deal axed over cash
Bees break boiler by building hive
Man guilty of historic rape charges
Bloodhound unveils '1,000mph office'
Crustaceans experience 'anxiety'
Buzz surrounds citizen bee survey
Concern over phone 'sperm threat'
Russian boy invents 'lard-o-meter'
UN urges PNG 'witch attacks' action
Pandas denied World Cup pundit role
Fraud woman 'invented' six children
Bee thieves 'putting lives at risk'
Pupil returns with teacher's kidney
Rick Perry hammered by conservative on gays
Scientist Names Blind Fish with Neck Anus after His Favorite Team
Vagina sculpture traps U.S student
Bank like 'unreliable boyfriend'
Court: No bias with hated teacher on jury
QUIZ: What tech company are you most like?
What are the biggest dangers for iPhones?
Nepali trafficking victims form circus
Poop stains reveal penguins migrate with climate
Girl with 3 legs in Calif. to get 2 removed
17 locals who should be in wax museum
GM recalls 428,000 more US vehicles
NFL lifts concussion suit payout cap
Fat-loss woman dies in hair clinic tragedy
Perv star had `sex with corpses'
Dog finds buried skull, doll, knives in yard
11 rescued after boaters forget to insert plug
Evacuation slide deploys mid-flight inside jet
Death metal band to play in an airtight cube until they pass out
Berkeley won't kill its squirrels after all
Slenderman schoolgirl 'incompetent'
Rob Ford: I've used nearly all drugs
'Fizzy' conman jailed for £30m scam
'Jam Butty' camp wins reprieve
Force refers complaints to watchdog
Colostomy bikini photo 'goes viral'
Hundreds of tennis balls block sewer
Thousands of 'dead crabs' wash up
Toilets too small for 'portly' women
Hot-car dad traded nude pics
Cop: 2 in suitcases died after rough sex
Intel removes 'blood chips' from supply
Butts Fire: Evacuation orders lifted in Napa
Contractor charged with 2 deaths blames nest
Uganda cop shoots 'aggressive' tortoise
Another accident blamed on driver who inhaled loophole drug
Airbus: Pilots don't need windows
'Banana Pants Bandit' caught on video
'Forgotten' US smallpox found in box
Six-eyed spider stalks Moravia
Yellowstone road melts, sites closed
Myanmar: No map tattoos below waist
Boatload of cliches for newspapers to avoid
Call girl tied to dead rocker
FBI seizure slams sex workers
Stolen cheese mobiles are found
Pilot error rains pingpong balls on highway
Judge tells Detroit teen he needed a beating
Woman Convicted Of Shooting Lover for Not Having Enough Ejaculate
Petition to move 'sad' bear to Canada
Bad rap bums daredevil heiress
3 after-work activities that can get you fired
Doc taped pelvic exams; Hopkins out $190M
BART enforces ban on sitting
Queen Elizabeth's race horse fails dope test
Drunk guy's really short Uber ride
Silicon Valley = valley of death?
Urinating dog 'upstages' forecaster
Boy in India has 232 teeth removed
The beaches where Lego keeps washing up
Sierra Leone chief Ebola doctor infected
Decaying body causes Oakland evacuation
Husband Throws Wife Off Of Jet Ski After Fight Over Oral Sex: Cops
Guinea pigs go from the classroom to the cooker
New fears about Ebola spread
Police in skinny dipping warning
Poptip Joins Palantir
Senators in campus sex assault push
Poles eat apples to annoy Putin
Woman tries to pet lion, loses fingertip
Bishops agree sex abuse rules
Xamarin Acquires Petzold
Los Angeles police detain tortoise after brief chase
Horses' ears 'communication tool'
Russian hackers steal 1.2B passwords
House fire after spider set alight
Car wash man's 'teeth dissolved' in acid
'Holy Grail' raid finds salad bowl
Cops: Half-naked teacher arrives at school drunk
Cops: Ex-gov. candidate shot man, horse
Boy has ears created from ribs
Child in buggy blown on to Tube line
Argentine 'stolen grandson' speaks
Ten injured as storm hits dinghies
Mexican Christ statue has human teeth
Heads warn about Trojan overreaction
Texas teen allegedly kills 'strict' parents
"Terminator" fish worries scientists
CHP: Drunk taxi-jacker causes Hwy. 4 chaos
100-plus 'tuxedo' cats dumped at Marin shelter
Calif. bill tackles odd crime of grease thievery
Ohio morgue worker admits to having sex with 100 corpses
Pakistan anit-government protest led by crane
Albino crocodile named for Michael Jackson shot dead after eating fisherman
Iowa Sinkhole May Be 150-Year Old Beer Cave
Mom: Gov't needed in hot car deaths
Five ways to avoid Ebola
Man charged over Murphy egg incident
Monkey leaders have different brains
Action films 'may make you fat'
Russian sex geckos die in orbit
Dead stars 'can re-ignite' and blow
A sheepdog's 'two rules' for success
Woman finds 3ft wasp nest on bed
Huge Russian warship fascinates French
Boles Fire roars through Weed
Missing driver: I awoke in field of donkeys
S.F. scientist tells how to 'hack your brain’
Butt: Don't expect a miracle
Farmer: Missing bull flipped over fence by buffalo
Popularity of adult erotic museums bottoming out
Groundhog dies after escaping NY mayor's grip
Dad hopes pic turns teens away from Molly
Can Balls be just austere enough?
Balls draws blood in clash with football opponent
Tesco crisis, Ed Balls's hair shirt and Bake Off 'smut' complaints
Police: Driver dies after pulling down bridge
Food Babe’s Ingredient Attacks Draw ‘Quackmail’ Backlash
Uber driver accused of hammer attack on S.F. rider
Many wives have 'backup husband' in mind
Uber attack victim may lose eye
Arrests in chicken massacre
Mom sues over sperm mixup
Devil worship on the man-eating mountain
Burning deer guts blamed for Sierra fire
Internet dating freaks out NY neighborhood
Cyclist recalls being 'torpedoed’ by squirrel
Spain kills Ebola patient's dog
Man killed by 300,000 bees hiding in the attic
Turkey action in Syria "unrealistic"
Beauty DIY: the 'butt facial'
Tricks or treats at erotic haunted house
Teacher whose gun fired in bathroom changed story
Police arrest tar-covered man on gas station roof
Gwyneth to prez: 'You're so handsome I can't speak'
Russian air 'purified Gérard Depardieu of homosexuality', says anti-gay politician
Parrot missing for years returns speaking Spanish
S.F. rant: Stop eating my chicken's 'sisters'!
Jet returns to SFO after cabin buckles
Disgruntled employee takes off with Wyoming train
Health officials urge hospitals to 'think Ebola'
'Love drug' key to sexual behaviour
Woman finds three-inch leech in nose
Man named after body found on road
Police cow shootings criticised
Horse found shot in face in field
Man held over Eric Morecambe statue
Flower faces minimum eight-game ban
Vicars to train in former pit areas
Student necrophilia chant criticised
Students urged to urinate in shower
Demolition at gym death school
Silver surfers get advice on scams
Toys R Us sells 'Breaking Bad' dolls with pretend meth
Nancy Grace 'Honored' to Receive Pink Underwear From Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Undercover duck farm video doesn’t sway authorities
Visiting the Bigfoot Discovery Museum (seriously)
High Court judge baffled by cricket
Sewage floods return to houses
'Mouth of hell' to be demolished
Thousands queue for 'meat stone'
Man guilty of fake-girl webcam sex
Australian scientists track sex to ancient Scottish lake
Walmart offends with website section for 'fat girl costumes'
Hawaiians get ready to flee lava
Flight delayed due to Wi-Fi hotspot name
Stoned heroes gain super powers from pot in comic
Fight over alcohol ban ends when town learns it doesn't have one
One-armed man hits drunk man with hammer, police
How to prevent your Linksys router from getting The Moon malware
Top China body axes HK tycoon
Witness: Space tourism rocket explodes in desert
Christian Bale Pulls Out of Upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic
Police: Teen killed man for not buying him beer
French town bans clown costumes after terror wave
Man Immediately Regrets Jumping Onto A Dead Whale Being Eaten By Great White Sharks
"Cop of the Month" arrested for raping woman at gunpoint on hood of patrol car
Boynton Beach Police Officer of the Year Arrested as Alleged Meth Salesman
Boynton Beach Cop Accused of Faking Report; Fourth Department Officer Arrested in 30 Days
Boynton Beach Police Caught on Video Using Chokehold, Kicking Students
Limb cells turned into genitals in lab
SF hipster office photo takes Reddit by storm
Newt flesh fungus 'brought by pets'
'Gay cake' legal challenge to begin
Head bars 152 'wrong uniform' pupils
'Mountain goat' saves tourist centre
Utah Paperboy Headbutted, Tackled, and Trapped in Tree by Goat Named Voldemort
Rising inflation keeps downward pressure on Vietnam's dong
Plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus
'Lemming' fans claim 'was offensive'
Care shortcomings before beheading
Crossed wires gaffe causes phone woe
Hungary sandwich staff 'no answer'
Uni probes student 'rape comedy' play
Brothers won't finger each other
Facebook using animated dinosaur to explain new privacy policy
'Revenge rape' organiser locked up
Dog death mum 'paid ultimate price'
'Sleep driving' jockey banned
Dyke demands full Garcia findings
Hotel hammer attack man jailed
Brands Hatch rogue driver jailed
Hillsborough chief's 'total failure'
Jury put in handcuffs in death trial
Police make hare coursing warning
'Infected' kidney transplants family grief
Severed ear chunk found after brawl
Happy ending for dog found hogtied
Petting-zoo stabber held in crash that killed boy
Not feeling sexy? Try frogs in a blender!
2 drunk men found dozing in Highway 101 lanes
Toilet rape bid victim, 12, traced
Man jailed for raping boy in toilets
Dragons back school sweet seller
Body found after wheelie bin fire
About 100 brains missing from University of Texas
Butts will be forcibly medicated
Mysterious 2008 Turkey Pipeline Blast Opened New Cyberwar Era
Korean Air exec apologizes after nuts incident sparks national outrage
Bill Cosby cursed by supermodel Beverly Johnson
Apple's Zorlu Store Receives 'Supreme Award' at Structural Awards 2014
Ministry Under Fire for Kid-Glove Handling of 'Nut Rage'
Passenger Testifies in 'Nut Rage' Scandal
Korean Air to be sanctioned for nut rage cover-up
Peter Thiel Is Taking Human Growth Hormone In Hopes Of Living To 120
Monkey tasered in France after chocolate-fuelled bender
Blitzed Audi driver: I’m headed to North Pole
Japan's 'solo' weddings
'Injured parrot' was Christmas hat
Kazakh villages in guard wolf craze
Group 'seeks Gandalf' for president
Turkey Will Help Train Moderate Syrian Rebels
John McCain Engaging in 'Ethnic Cleansing' to Purge Tea Party Detractors From Arizona GOP
S.F. morning raves unite moms, techies
Boehner likely to survive another squeaker for speaker
Boehner's Slap on the Wrist Could Have Been Harder
Gaby Hoffman made placenta smoothies
Cops: Shop owner beat employees with live lizard
Billionaire Alki David is trolling CES with an insanely terrible VR helmet
Police thwarted by goat stuck on roof who ‘only respects one man’
France 'at war with terrorism'
Dog overlooked 14,000 times finds new home
Police called to parish geese debate
Family bus launched at Scots prison
Regular naps are 'key to learning'
Boyfriend of war tribute pee woman Wendy Lewis in Nazi salute shame
Suit: Stockton PD fired more than 600 bullets into SUV with hostages
Lick Wilmerding High School evacuated due to bomb threat
Police in Norway: Stop calling us about the snow
Late Edition: Bird goo mystery deepens
Dancing genitals video for kids a hit in Sweden (Watch it)
Ball-tampering an issue for other sports, too
Court bans child being named Nutella
'Miracle cat' rises from the dead five days after burial
Tesco recalls 'foul smelling' drink
'Mystery' beavers permitted to stay
Love rival cleared of pestle murder
Masked tutors 'boost nurse training'
200-year-old mummy found meditating in Mongolia
Taylor Swift says she's 'dead' after a Madonna compliment
Johnny Depp in Japan: 'I was attacked by a chupacabra'
'Stanford douchebags' ruining San Francisco?
Horror, hunt for clues in S.F. body parts case
Palantir co-founder sued for sex abuse, blames 'disturbed’ ex
Mummies found 'floating in sewage'
Footballer's famous 'bouncing bottom'
Why Ireland's heroine had sex in her baby son's tomb
Twitter Confirms New Google Firehose Deal
Lawyer: Slow-cooker killing followed fight over politics
Did a ghost shove this woman? (Video)
911 operator to teen as dad lay dying: 'Stop whining'
What your fingers may say about your sexual fidelity
Fake S.F. cop convicted of sexually assaulting immigrant men (pics)
Mexican officials find 60 abandoned bodies at funeral home
LA supermarket under investigation for selling bagged raccoons ($9.99/lb)
Rand Paul: What If Companies Could Create Their Own Currencies?
S.F. condo's perk: Unlimited Uber
More odd behavior from Joe Biden
See a 92-year-old man hit nine cars in a parking lot
'KKK Wednesdays' - donut chain's unfortunate ad on Facebook
Angie Harmon attacked by pet duck
Goat War: an apology
Colin Kaepernick just destroyed a troll on Twitter
Pepper spray release empties Boudin Bakery at Fisherman’s Wharf
Fire rips through Torch skyscraper in Dubai
Limpet teeth set new strength record
Hackers grab Burning Man tix
Woman hopes to give birth to baby of her dead daughter
Ron Paul: Black Caucus Only Against War Because They Want That Money For Food Stamps
Mommy blogger convicted of killing son, 5, with salt
Red Hat Introduces New Linux OS for Containers
6-way kidney swap: First surgeries finished
Swedish TV Host Starts Fire Live on Air While Frying Cheese Doodles
Republican Butt argues for the creation of an NAAWP
Rep. Don Young: Wolves would solve homelessness
Pat Robertson to viewer: ‘Quit your job so you don’t get infected by Buddhist co-workers’
Mom finds deadly 'erection' spider in store bananas
Pilot draws penis on FlightRadar with his plane
Giuliani blames Obama for Ferguson shootings
Widow 'red cards' soccer player sentenced for killing ref
20 most annoying human habits ever
First 'successful' penis transplant
'Cancer made me want mashed potato'
Disaster chief 'buried head in sand'
Burned husband left in 'searing pain'
Child rape reports increase 37%
Hundreds of sex offenders 'missing'
Pupil bra removal teacher struck off
Starling-shaped murmuration captured
Domino's ends 'degrading' human ads
Claims head 'phoned God' probed
Banned film shown in rapists' slum
Cyclone Pam: 'My hotel is shaking'
Millions at risk from 'Freak' bug
Disco Dog - The smartphone controlled LED dog vest
Russian firefighters take selfie while fire is raging; 17 die in fire
Coke a good snack? Health experts who work with Coke say so
S.F.'s bros crown a new Mr. Marina
Rhode Island Governor Proposes ‘Taylor Swift Tax’
Woman revived after hospital visitors inject her with drugs
MonkeyParking is back and ready to disrupt your driveway
African Moon Moth lays eggs in reporter's ear during live shot
Bill Clinton: House of Cards is real
NSA: Men dressed as women in car that smashes police vehicle; 1 dead
Texas trooper must get counseling for posing with Snoop Dogg at SXSW1
Planet Labs Raises $118M Series C to Cover the Earth in Tiny Satellites
Police seize 'free-range kids' again
Twin toddlers die as mom tries to swat bee
Teen missing for 4 days was hiding at Cupertino school, eating fruit
Bloodthirsty cow starts eating sheep
Balls out by 400 votes
Tom Brady didn't need deflated balls to beat the Colts
Duggar TV series pulled after molestation report
Harden is not happy, possibly cursed by Twitter rapper
Sturgeon condemns leak 'dirty tricks'
Virgin cancels bank holiday trains
Balls 'not dashing back to politics'
Knighthood for ex-minister Pickles
US woman shoots at police robot
Dead hog hoisted up flagpole at Texas high school
Man deemed insane in Berkeley flower pot killing
Granny panties are millennials' preferred undergarments
Huckabee Jokes He Wishes He Was Transgender In High School So That He Could 'Shower With Girls'
Huckabee: Wish I could have showered with girls in HS
Chimps might actually have cooking skills
Teenage driver crashes into military tank
Martha Stewart got high with Snoop at Bieber roast
Shirtless Jim Harbaugh is a thing of nightmares
Alameda teacher in sex-toy flap put on leave
ADP Sues Zenefits for Defamation
Bewigged suspect uses dagger in Palo Alto robbery
Smash Mouth singer gets hit with bread, goes nutso
Teriyaki sandwich dispute in S.F. turns violent
Girl, 10, dies after being found on Magic Mountain ride
Antioch party bus chaos: 12 arrests, 5 guns seized
Unicode Consortium Releases Unicode 8 With Taco, Cheese and Unicorn Face Emoji
Bitterns booming again, say experts
Drone confirms SoCal beach is shark-infested
'Airbag' breasts save Brit mom's life
Stranded for 3 days, woman gives birth, sparks signal fire
Former Nazi training facility to become luxury condo complex
'Shades of Grey' author gets burned on Twitter
Man takes two years to figure out his dogs are black bears
Lawyers: Cosby's drugs-sex admission could help women's suit
Grizzly uses rock to shatter barrier at zoo
19 ways to slowly destroy your career
Police: Santa Cruz driver flees naked and high from wreck
Actor compares Comic-Con to genocide
How do you improve on a God?
Geraldo threatens to punch colleague over S.F. slaying comments
Flames sweep over freeway; motorists run for their lives
Mystery death of victim’s toddler son probed
Bus-pinned tourist seriously hurt
Fears over IKEA chests after tot fatalities in US
US probes gun-firing 'drone'
Coroner lashes staff at death school
All Blacks to blood pair for Springboks clash
Chopped editor unable to identify biker attackers
Call to step up tree checks
LA convent sale to singer divides nuns
Beijing cops give salad boys short shrift
Depardieu gets Belarus scythe lesson
`Coke' peer caught in sex romp
Sweet success for maligned Froome
Model tries to flirt $134,000 of cocaine across border
Morrissey accuses SFO security of sex attack
Man calls police because a cat ate his bacon
NYC Subway Station Recorded At 106 Degrees
Danger increases as fire balloons to 18,000 acres
Donald Trump moves to fire racist adviser
Bin lorry driver 'dizzy for decades'
Woman's leg amputated against wishes
Submarine with eight tons of cocaine seized in Pacific
Cops: Murder-suicide suspect used 'ghost guns'
Report: Lawmaker accused himself of sex with male prostitute
Tesla unveils its ‘Snakebot’ recharger
Trump slams Rosie O'Donnell with 'fat pig' insult during debate
Man talks to space station from shed
North Korea creates new time zone
More than 5,000 earthquakes hit northwest Nevada
All-white Oath Keepers militia in Ferguson for 'peace'
Men guilty of 'cuckoo smurfing' scam
Man arrested for scamming millions of yen with complaints of soggy bread
Firefighters indicted in chorizo sexual assault
S.F. DA blasts mustachioed suspect in Critical Mass attack
Shot pig found to have Smurf-blue innards
Off-duty officer touches bartender’s breast, fires gun at wall during cop convention
China hopes for anime buzz as 'B.E.E' takes flight in Japanese
Ann Coulter's 'f--ing Jews' tweet ripped
Danish man arrested for storing female genitalia
'Gay' Doritos prompt freak-out
'Too high' man calls 911, found lying in pile of Doritos
Toddler's head re-attached after accidental internal decapitation
Nicki Manaj explains Miley Cyrus beef
Corpse tampering charge after date gone very wrong
Scientists Control a Fly's Heart with a Laser
Police: Nude Alaskan woman trashes Subway
Local sports exec's daily home water use: 5,996 gallons
Report: Man dies aboard flight after biting passenger
Hunters shoot two moose before realizing they were firing into a zoo
Justin Bieber: ‘My fans have named my privates’
NYC rat madness: 'It's like the Burning Man of rats'
Dear Abby: Family plays musical beds, and I get no sex
Cop Poses as Woman To Give 60 Men Oral Sex Through A Hole
Bathroom camera cop now faces allegations of abusing teen subjects
Yakuza cancel Halloween trick-or-treat event for kids
Lonely bear spotted walking on Mars surface
Human DNA found in some hot dogs
Indiana Jones arrested in N.Y. car chase
Woman locked inside minus-240 degree cryochamber dies
Man gets fatal cancer from his own tapeworm
Athletics doping chiefs: Ban Russia
Ten dead in Mexico cockfight shootout
Crocodiles 'to guard Indonesia prisons'
FDA approves salmon
Study: Men eat 93 percent more pizza than usual to impress a woman
Sumo horse racing game returns with guest appearances from Street Fighter characters
Woman says gay porn firm trashed her Airbnb mansion rental
VIDEO: Nutella takes on Isis
Woman says Wi-Fi allergy killed her daughter
Nude revenge porn post gets George Zimmerman booted off Twitter
The end of Sears is 'very near'
Attorney: Co-workers made fun of shooter's beard
Glittered armpits are sweeping social media
Navy fires admiral who peed pants, wandered hotel naked
Woman charged with having sex with nephew 'hundreds of times'
Nazi Party Leader: Trump's Anti-Muslim plan is ill-conceived
Swerving 101 trucker arrested for DUI wanted Dr Pepper
Putin pours fresh scorn on Turkey
Is there such a thing as a 'hard man' walk?
Putin praises 'talented' Trump
Strange space balls crash in rural Vietnam
Ben Carson asks kids to point out the class dummy
Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow found guilty on all 162 counts
Foot found on BART tracks 22 days after woman was hit by train
A man's emotional support turkey flies coach, raises concerns
Chipotle is closing all its stores for a few hours
Missing statue of UC Berkeley coach found in pieces
DeLorean restarts car production at Texas plant
Pool of blood, ear led to arrest in missing-man case
Pharma Bro threatens Wu-Tang Clan member
Mourners aghast as funeral screens porn video
Roger Goodell warns of 'risk' in sitting on the couch
Burger King launching grilled hot dogs this month
Hundreds of galaxies found hiding behind Milky Way
No more sex in the stairwell: SF startup cracks down
Cereal is too complicated for 40% of millennials
Neighbor fired air rifle, unaware he hit Salma Hayek's dog
Apple silent on mysterious noises from Sunnyvale complex
Pastor shot in skull after praying with Ted Cruz
Uber driver charged in killings: app told him to do it
'Dodgers Suck' sandwich irks transplanted LA fan in SF
Alaska’s hovercraft-riding moose hunter wins lone fight against federal agency
NFL star recalls the time he saw a UFO
Police: Man stabs wife with fork after she hits him with burrito
Mom's rapping even worse than her anti-transgender rant
Dear Abby: I’m fighting the urge to rape
'I remember... my hip just exploding'
Doctor charged with abuse says there’s a reason his semen could be on patient’s face
Department of Justice drops Apple case after FBI cracks iPhone
Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters
A dog is running for student body president at UC Berkeley
Lagunitas Brewing Co. founder: 'I wake and bake' every day
Too-large bulge in crotch leads to airport arrest
Cuba is running out of beer, thanks to tourists
Wayward goat walks into Rohnert Park Starbucks
Senior U.S official denies reports Iran has bee
City of San Francisco says it's illegal to live in a box
Unearthed Mongolian mummy appears to be wearing Adidas
Nickelback hatred finally explained by science
Man charged over 'sheep worrying'
Football club 'legally does not exist'
Men 'dangerously ignorant' of prostate
Mold woman blinded in attack with beer can on Halloween
'Sweaty billboard' kills mosquitoes
The pigeon doctor will see you now
Sorry everyone: Scientist says you shouldn't hug your dog
Researchers: Dogs' Pooping Position Aligns with Earth's Magnetic Field
Boehner slams Cruz publicly
Bartolo Colón Jacks First Career Dong
Japan vagina artist cleared over kayak
S Korea's Wang wins on European tour
Hundreds suffer vomiting bug on ship
Gang rape case detective criticised
Bereaved girl's cat 'to be evicted'
Trump would make 'exception' for Khan
'Chemsex' party barrister avoids jail
Eagle carries off policeman's kangaroo
Senior French MP 'sex pest' quits
China bans 'erotic' banana-eating videos
Slovenia investigates foreigner over failed Vietnam cyber-heist
Texas GOP platform: Majority of Texans share homosexuality
Japan plans to create meteor showers for 2020 Olympics
Strange noise was fox cub with head stuck in peanut butter jar banging it against a grave
Aggressive spiders cause panic on Canada-bound plane
Study: More Americans are having gay sex
North Korea’s state media praise 'wise' Donald Trump
University offers scholarships to 'Chewbacca mom's' family
Zuckerberg, suspected lizard person, denies it
2,000 chickens killed in 18-wheeler fire
Avocado shortage fuels crime wave in New Zealand
Pistorius walks on his stumps in court
'Facebook spam king' jailed in US
Drug teen suspect was searched 89 times
Woman carries toddler into burning SUV, both are killed
Meth-dealing gang members caught with guns and a rocket launcher, officials say
'Star Trek' actor killed by own car
Abbots Langley 'longbow' horse shooting condemned
Horse shot in head with longbow arrow
Pizza Hut rape and stab suspect charged
Teacher struck off for sex with student
Knighthood for three-person IVF doctor
Huge, growing sinkholes could be 'catastrophic' for tiny town
'Licence plated' bees to be released
Fake beaver attacks for UK clone trees
Head's abuse accuser slams halted trial
Jackdaw swallows pair of tweezers
Turkey charges press freedom activists
Unusually affectionate wombat mourned
Warning signs for 'smartphone zombies'
Giant crab horde gathers in Australia
Pepper robot to work in hospitals
Alarm over wildfire as California tree die-off hits 66 million
Great Blue Herons are eating gophers Golden Gate Park
Important to look at individuals in VW scandal: Lynch
10-bedroom SF mansion offers nightmarish hug-based communal...
TV presenter's hand impaled on nail in failed magic trick demonstration
Police: Man killed after crashing into chicken wing festival
7 gored in hair-raising Pamplona bull run
Dozens of SF cops tied to teen involved in sex scandal
Naked woman caught vandalizing church by Pokémon Go teens
Florida Man Fights to Keep Pizza-Loving Alligator
Police: Man smoked pot soaked in stolen-brain fluid
Study says couples who drink together stay together
Thousands of bees surround truck on Geary Street
Using urine to make drinking water, beer
Lawyers: Stephen Colbert must cease being 'Stephen Colbert'
Scientists break new ground on female orgasm
Police: Drunk pregnant woman runs down friend with car
Main ramp collapses at Rio Olympics sailing venue
Olympic pool turns green overnight, organizers unsure why
Now the Olympic water polo pool has turned green, too
Sex pigs halt traffic after laser attack on Pokémon teens
Teens attacked by five otters in Lake Shasta
Ex-Raider Marinovich found naked in stranger's backyard
North Korea to unveil its Netflix competitor 'Manbang'
Wily Santa Cruz Clydesdale goes on lam, with help from goat
Man charged after Juggalos host blood-drinking ritual, cutting off woman’s finger
Chipotle tweets about sex, pot to win back millennials
'Pharma Bro' auctioning chance to punch him in face
Woman behind 'Cookie' says she doesn't feel safe
Clown: These threats do not represent my profession
How "Zombie" Virus Liquifies Caterpillar Hosts
Ocean Beach swastika coconuts likely not Nazi display
A Spider Across The Room Can 'Hear' You, Study Finds
Illegal caterpillar tax leaves 20 dead in Congo
Reports: Men with clown masks, gun seen at Westfield mall
Drunk student hits cop car while taking nude Snapchat photo
'Rare' and 'unusual' bacteria discovered on MUNI
FBI Investigating Weiner Device
New Clinton Case Emails Tied to Weiner
Face-biting attacker: 'I ate something bad ... humans'
Police: Parents gave kids heroin as 'feel good medicine'
Watch explorers enter 'Jacuzzi of Death' near New Orleans
Report: Allegiant Air forced to make 77 unexpected landings
Knives needed, says man suing Popeyes after choking on chicken
Davis residents calling 911 to report overly-aggressive turkey
Search for toilet leads to amazing archaeological find
Texas cop fired for feeding fecal sandwich to homeless person
Probes continue into Choi's daughter
Bald Eagles Trapped in Florida Sewer Drain Draw Comparisons to Current State of America
'Possessed' salad dressing causes over $2K in damage
Cute 'polar bear petting dog' video questioned after dog eaten
Wife of Putin aide sparks outrage with Holocaust-themed ice dance
California lawyers mull ban on sex with clients
Hunter S. Thompson's widow to clone author's marijuana
Australian Police: 'Breast Implant' was a Jellyfish
Tiger-owning mom says cops took selfies with animals
SFO adds therapy pig to greet travelers
'Bag of sugar' baby heads home
'Thousands' of geese die in toxic Montana pit mine
Huge blaze smokes out motorway
Woman has grandson for own daughter
Shoppers 'drowning in a sea of loyalty cards'
Death truck owner 'disliked paperwork'
Solomon panto clipboard 'sham' slammed
Sheep gets head stuck in traffic cone
'It is time to make' three-person babies
Brothers jailed for hedgehog death kick
Bring back my train kippers, says peer
Study: Nearly 10M Americans are victims of revenge porn
Man in bear costume harasses grizzlies in Alaska, motive unclear
Police: They made him eat cat litter before killing him
Dear Abby: I hate my husband and wish he were dead
Argument leads to samurai sword slashing in SF’s Outer Sunset
Man rescued from under tree in Golden Gate Park
Vegan woman denied Swiss citizenship ‘for being annnoying'
Scientists discover lasers turn mice into vicious killers
Explorers find disease-cursed City of the Monkey God and nearly lose their faces to flesh-eating parasite
CHP: ice road trucker’s hairy Sierra drive was planned
'Millennial commune' Chateau Ubuntu reportedly hit with violation for illegally operating
Pope takes over ancient Knights of Malta after condom dispute
Surge river jumper admits being 'stupid'
Missile 'fired into Wales by mistake'
Taser used after hotel breast flash
Blood scandal 'black cloud over life'
Australian man 'set alight after dog row'
Mexico outlines new goals for Trump era
Scientists announce a new form of matter: Time Crystals
Slain priest begs mercy from beyond grave
Mother 'told to prove lactation' at airport
'Polite' moose falls into family basement
Rolf Harris had 'appetite' for groping
Alien armyworm threatens African crops
Bulk of children worry 'all the time'
'Why munching sounds can make me angry'
'Dr Evil' in court over 'removed ear'
'Leprechaun' tag prompts gauge rethink
Has 'tree syndrome' affected young girl?
Sharks provide inspiration for drug hope
Teen charged over 'Darth Vader' tablets
Breast pumps baffle airport staff
Fiji deports refugee who fled PNG
Rugby ref Nigel Owens asked to be chemically castrated
Adult swaddling therapy fad hits Tokyo
Chinese woman jailed over balloon-popping guns set free
Vintage brands 'a help' for dementia
Thousands 'unaware of sudden death risk'
Report: Trump team baffled by White House light switches
Texas home overrun by 24 rattlesnakes, one slithers up toilet
Cannabis farm found at Legoland cottage
Edible insect salesman using modified pram to steal high value goods jailed
Drive-by yoghurt attack on crochet teacher's haberdashery leaves her shaken
Richmond cop tied to sex scandal to stay on force
Male contraceptive passes monkey test
Van crashes into giant road gap in Santa Cruz mountains
Cockfighting: California seizure 'largest in US history'
Florida man tries to kiss rattlesnake; gets bitten
Clown frightens Highway 101 drivers near Aromas
NYMag: Trump Budget Based on $2 Trillion Math Error
Google co-founder reportedly making $100M 'air yacht' for poor
Report: Flesh-eating bacteria in ocean killed 31-year-old
Faces recreated from monkey brain signals
Pollution victim sues France for bad air
Antarctic base waits on 'Halloween' crack
'Big fluffy T. rex' idea overturned
How dinosaurs delayed Haim's new album
Ramsay father-in-law jailed for hack plot
Man guilty of 'door knock' murder
Uber CEO has started meditating in Uber's lactation room
Flight grounded after passengers see fuel gushing from wing
$300,000 in stolen avocados leads to arrest of 3 Californians
George Clooney and Partners Sell Tequila to Diageo for $1 Billion
Bizarre 'sea pickles' invade West Coast by the millions
Muggers wielding pepper spray steal man’s laxatives in SF
Expect a spike in spiders this season, expert says
Police Shoot Harley Quinn and Joker Cosplayers at Australian Swinger's Party
Overheated dog rescued by helicopter near LA
Police: One-armed, machete-wielding clown arrested
Police: Woman arrested after topless road rage attack
Nightmarish 'Clown Motel' next to town cemetery up for sale
Hong Kong oyster sauce empire pays record sum for death-ray tower
Man loses his pants at SF Zoo in online transaction gone awry
Outback Steakhouse denies wacky Satanic conspiracy theory
Man in toy dinghy rescued a mile off Redcar coast
Daughter-death doctors 'lack decency'
Putin orders 755 US staff to be cut
Missing man's rucksack found at cliffs
Scottish patients 'wait years for discharge'
'Exploding zombie' bug hits caterpillars
Uber's search for female CEO narrowed down to 3 men
Woman shot in vagina in sex game gone wrong
Cable: Young 'shafted' over Brexit
SFPD: Man aims Molotov cocktail at building, sets self on fire
Jeffrey Lord fired from CNN over Nazi salute
Corsica beach shooting linked to nudism
Twin to twin skin transplant hailed as a success
106-year-old Antarctic fruitcake found, might be edible
Protest walk against Ilkley Moor grouse shooting
Rescuers discover body in Modesto creek is Dracula
GM pigs take step to being organ donors
Cannibals engraved bones of the dead
Bats set up home inside dinosaur
Smart gun hacked with cheap magnet
Would you fly in a plant controlled by a machine?
Goose eggs destroyed to stop plane strikes
Paedophile vigilantes 'endangering lives'
Big Ben's bongs to fall silent until 2021
Man drives himself to hospital with nail in his heart
Lawsuit against Costco's golf balls heats up
Nokia launches the 'bothie' phone
Game of Thrones struck by fresh leak
Walnut wipeout whips up chocolate storm
Battle of Britain planes grounded
Snake found on pineapple in shopping
Charles and William to attend Tattoo
Japanese fungus spreading in UK hospitals
Low-crime Singapore investigating man after toothpicks found in bus seat
Chinese officials sacked for casting spells
CHP: Drunk Aptos driver hits "Report Drunk Drivers" sign
Eclipse spectacle set to grip US public
A black bear got punched after entering a Canadian home
Middle-aged told to walk faster
Should we ban nuts in public places?
Sword-wielder held as armed police swoop
19 rattlesnakes found in children's playhouse
Man ravages medical center in drug-fueled, naked tirade
Italy's newly forbidden pasta
Parent hacks: Make the school year easier with these ideas
Man becomes mayor of town called Hell, bans straight people
Woman does pregnancy photo shoot covered in 20,000 bees
Boy finds python lurking in toilet
Tidal lagoon fish data 'optimistic'
The Hoff praises Wales' new footy hero
Giants reliever discloses nature of planned surgery
Navy removes workers who called babies 'mini satans'
Man wrestles rattlesnake to show off, gets bitten in the face
Australian warning over flesh-eating ulcer
Gravity hunters bag fourth detection
Trump's HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns amid travel flap
California schools warn flutes could be tainted with semen
Bottle diggers burned in mustard gas find
Calls for Amazon to ban 'anorexia hoodie'
Beaver kit spotted in Knapdale Forest
Instagram urged to act on sloth selfies
Knife teen family 'not protected'
Time bar on child abuse payouts lifted
CCTV released in sectarian chant inquiry
Final countdown to porridge contest
Barn for 32,000 chickens rejected
Danish inventor 'had decapitation videos'
Passenger blames behavior on butterfly hallucination
FDA: 'Love' is not a real ingredient in bakery's granola
Napa Wine Train crashes into stretch limo bus
Minnesota man lived with bodies of mom, brother for year
Snapchat exhibits giant balloon dogs
Baby positioners axed after deaths warning
Shooter's gambling draws new attention to video poker
Illegal tongue splitting procedures exposed
Cut tax plea to help Welsh winemakers
Claims of semen-tainted flutes roil schools across Southern California